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GMRS/FRS Frequencies
on Friday August 11, 2006
by w2lie print the content item create pdf file of the content item
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GMRS / FRS Channel and Band Plan

The sources for the frequencies are as follows:

Scanner Master NY Metro/NNJ Communication Guide - 7th ed.

GMRS (General Mobile Radio Services) Frequencies
Ch Frequency Use
1 462.5500 Simplex & Repeater Output

467.5500 Repeater Input
2 462.5750 Simplex & Repeater Output

467.5750 Repeater Input
3 462.6000 Simplex & Repeater Output

467.6000 Repeater Input
4 462.6250 Simplex & Repeater Output

467.6250 Repeater Input
5 462.6500 Simplex & Repeater Output

467.6500 Repeater Input
6 462.6750 Simplex & Repeater Output

467.6750 Repeater Input
7 462.7000 Simplex & Repeater Output

467.7000 Repeater Input
8 462.7250 Simplex & Repeater Output

467.7250 Repeater Input

FRS (Family Radio Service) Frequencies
Ch Frequency Notes
1 462.5625 GMRS allowed - 5w maxc
2 462.5875 GMRS allowed - 5w max
3 462.6125 GMRS allowed - 5w max
4 462.6375 GMRS allowed - 5w max
5 462.6625 GMRS allowed - 5w max
6 462.6875 GMRS allowed - 5w max
7 462.7125 GMRS allowed - 5w max
8 467.5625 Not for GMRS Use
9 467.5875 Not for GMRS Use
10 467.6125 Not for GMRS Use
11 467.6375 Not for GMRS Use
12 467.6625 Not for GMRS Use
13 467.6875 Not for GMRS Use
14 467.7125 Not for GMRS Use

MURS (Multiple Use Radio System) Frequencies
Ch Frequency Notes
1 151.8200 Narrowband
2 151.8800 Narrowband
3 151.9400 Narrowband
4 154.5700 Business Band
5 154.6000 Business Band

Posted by Rescue290 on Apr 03, 2007 : 19:23
Reply to this GMRS/FRS Frequencies
[ Just Joined ]
Registered: Apr 03, 2007 : 14:00
Comments: 1
Does anyone use these GMRS repeaters? If so, for what?

Posted by Luke on Apr 03, 2007 : 20:24
Reply to this GMRS/FRS Frequencies
Registered: Mar 14, 2006 : 16:53
Comments: 27
You need a GMRS License to operate on these frequencies. I think they are mostly used for idle chatter around. There are several in use on the island. I cant remember the site that had all of the GMRS repeaters in the area. Im sure you can google it and find something.

Posted by ipfd320 on Sep 09, 2007 : 05:21
Reply to this GMRS/FRS Frequencies
Registered: Mar 31, 2007 : 02:05
Comments: 73
Location: Martin County Florida
we use gmrs and had to get fcc licensed for nassau react ...not as a whole but each indy. radio carrier in the team .as for frs it constantly kicks the repeater off when there is an event at the aquatic center in e.meadow lots of headaches fcc should have thought a little harder on this one

Posted by ipfd320 on Sep 09, 2007 : 05:24
Reply to this GMRS/FRS Frequencies
Registered: Mar 31, 2007 : 02:05
Comments: 73
Location: Martin County Florida
also the chart is wrong....react usea duplex operation.simplex when its truck to truck in the 462/467

Posted by PFD Mike on Sep 11, 2007 : 04:18
Reply to this GMRS/FRS Frequencies
Registered: Aug 02, 2006 : 00:31
Comments: 4
IPFD The chart looks right 462.700 & 467.700 (462 bieng the repeater out and simplex) 467 is the repeater input.

[ edited Sep 11, 2007 : 04:19 ]

Well its not exactly line of sight
Posted by w2lie on Nov 28, 2007 : 03:51
Reply to this GMRS/FRS Frequencies

Comments: 133
Location: Long Island, NY
I just found this out today:
If anyone is interested in GEOCACHING use the following FRS Channels to find other 'GEOCACHERS' while on the hunt -
FRS CH 2 - GEOCACHING Primary Freq
FRS CH 12 - GEOCACHING Secondary Freq.

Phil / w2lie

Helpful Links:
Posted by nhfdcadet on Apr 16, 2008 : 00:02
Reply to this GMRS/FRS Frequencies
Registered: Jan 20, 2008 : 22:57
Comments: 3
Location: New Hartford, CT
is there a pl on any of these?

Tyler O'Neil
1st Responder Wireless News
Posted by ipfd320 on May 25, 2008 : 16:19
Reply to this GMRS/FRS Frequencies
Registered: Mar 31, 2007 : 02:05
Comments: 73
Location: Martin County Florida
yes .....if not u will hear everyone else who is allocated the same frequency....as for frs you can manually install the pl code into the 14 channel radio

Posted by dmc081 on Aug 25, 2010 : 00:49
Reply to this questions on getting a gmrs licence
[ Just Joined ]
Registered: Aug 25, 2010 : 00:44
Comments: 1
Location: Brooklyn, NY
to get a gmrs licence do i need a ham radio licence? does gmrs have a repeaters? how far does a gmrs goes? do i get a call sign only for gmrs freqs?

Posted by LI_Scan_Guy on Aug 25, 2010 : 22:38
Reply to this Re: questions on getting a gmrs licence
Registered: Jun 01, 2010 : 18:34
Comments: 2
No, you do not need a Ham License to have a GMRS license. All you need to to apply to the FCC for your GMRS license. Search the FCC website for the forms.

Pay your fee, and your family is covered.. Yes, there are repeaters..

Take care of yourself, and each other....
Posted by thetank on Jan 29, 2022 : 21:03
Reply to this GMRS/FRS Frequencies
Registered: May 26, 2009 : 11:51
Comments: 3
Where are the GMRS repeaters in Nassau County

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