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Web Controlled Radio - Background
Background info on the PCR-100 Web Radio
on Sunday July 25, 2010
by w2lie print the content item create pdf file of the content item
in Premium Content > Web Radio
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One of the features available to Premium Members is the ability to control the PCR-100 Radio.

Currently, the remote software only runs on Windows Computers.  The developer is working on coding a Java version, and we will convert to that system when it is ready.

The web receiver is password protected.  Each month, it will be up to you to update the remote control software so you may connect to the server.

The listener portion of the web receiver will remain in the "free domain".

User Etiquette

  • Use the Flash Chat system to see if other users are using the radio before you take control.
  • Please don't squat on the radio for extended periods of time.  Please share the radio with all paying members
  • Don't feel obligated to take requests from non-premium members.
  • Users are not allowed to tune into MEDCOM, FEDERAL, Cordless Phones, or Intercom/Babymonitor frequencies.  I would also like to request you refrain from tuning to FM or AM commercial frequencies

Users who fail to follow the above rules may find their access to the radio restricted.

These rules may be changed or amended at any time.

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