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Airshow 2017
Frequencies for the Jones Beach Air Show 2017
on Sunday May 21, 2017
by w2lie print the content item create pdf file of the content item
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Frequencies for the Jones Beach Air show 2017

*NEW* Easy to remember URL

The information in this guide used to come out of the annual Air Show Guide published in Monitoring Times. Unfortunately, Monitoring Times is no longer published. The list below is from previous years as well as some updates from the Milcom Monitoring Post

Even though Monitoring Times may no longer published, but you can still purchase Larry Van Horn's guildes for only $3.99. It contains all the Air show Freqs and information that you'll need. 

Do you need a new scanner, check my list of new scanners at the bottom of this page for suggestions.
Don't forget, W2LIE.net can program your radio for all the air show action!

More info on my live show feed can be found in the forums, at this thread.

ATTENTION MOBILE USERS, TO LISTEN TO THE LIVE FEED, read the instructions located here.


BCDx36HP Sentinel File

Price: $ 4.99

Download link TBD

FreeSCAN System File

Price: $ 4.99

Download link TBD

Here is the list of freqs that I will be streaming this year.

Most of the civilian performers will be out of Republic Airport.
The Thunderbirds will be based out of Islip MacAuthur Airport

Republic Tower: 118.800
Air Boss: 128.250
Air Show PA: 123.150
Common: 123.425
Common: 123.475

Republic Airport

118.8000Republic TowerAM
279.6500Republic TowerAM
125.2000Republic TowerAM
122.9500Republic UNICOMAM
126.6500Republic ATISAM
121.6000Republic GroundAM
269.6000Republic GroundAM
127.4000NY ApproachAM
118.4000NY ApproachAM
123.7000NY ApproachAM
132.4000NY ApproachAM
134.3500NY ApproachAM
125.7000NY DepartureAM
123.7000NY DepartureAM
134.3500NY DepartureAM
128.2500AIR BOSSAM

Islip MacArthur Airport
Military stationed here in past years

119.3000Islip MacArthur TowerAM
124.3000Islip MacArthur TowerAM
239.3000Islip MacArthur TowerAM
335.5000Islip MacArthur TowerAM
135.3000Islip MacArthur GroundAM
118.0000Islip MacArthur Approach / DepartureAM
121.8500Islip MacArthur ClearanceAM
128.4500Islip MacArthur ATISAM
122.9500Islip MacArthur UNICOMAM
121.5000Islip MacArthur EmergencyAM
119.6250Islip MacArthur WX ASOSAM


U.S Air Force Thunderbirds

Thunderbirds413.25000Analog ChannelAM
Thunderbirds413.02500Analog Channel 1AM
Thunderbirds413.40000Analog Channel 2AM
Thunderbirds216.77500Announcer PA Feed (Ch 56)AM
Thunderbirds413.00000APCO-25 Frequency!P25
Thunderbirds413.35000APCO-25 Frequency!P25
Thunderbirds413.37500APCO-25 Frequency!P25
Thunderbirds901.50000Comm Cart HeadsetsAM
Thunderbirds905.35000Comm Cart HeadsetsAM
Thunderbirds235.20000Control / ComCart / Cross CountryAM
Thunderbirds141.07500Diamond FormationAM
Thunderbirds413.27500Ground MaintenanceNFM
Thunderbirds413.32500Ground MaintenanceNFM
Thunderbirds142.17500Ground Maintenance (Replaced by 413.275 ?)AM
Thunderbirds143.90000Ground Maintenance (Replaced by 413.325 ?)AM
Thunderbirds216.72500PA Announcements / Music and Show Narriations (Ch 55)NFM
Thunderbirds143.25000Pre-Engine StartAM
Thunderbirds142.57500Program Audio / Air to Ground ComsAM
Thunderbirds140.40000Support Ops / X-Country Air-AirAM
Thunderbirds216.97500Team air show frequency mixer / Air to Air Simulcast (Ch 60)NFM
Thunderbirds225.17500Uniform 1AM
Thunderbirds235.25000Uniform 1 - Show PA System / Pre-Engine / Solo AircraftAM
Thunderbirds322.95000Uniform 2 - Engine Starts / Solo Aircraft (5-6) Air to AirAM
Thunderbirds139.22500Victor 1AM
Thunderbirds140.70000Victor 1AM
Thunderbirds148.12500Victor 1AM
Thunderbirds143.52000Victor 1 - Diamond / X-Country Air to AirAM
Thunderbirds139.80000Victor 1 (Paired with 148.850)AM
Thunderbirds143.70000Victor 1 Diamond & Delta Formations (Paired with 150.150)AM
Thunderbirds148.85000Victor 2 - Alt Diamond (Paired with 139.800)AM
Thunderbirds150.15000Victor 2 - Alt Diamond (Paired with 143.700)AM
Thunderbirds141.82500Victor 2 - Alternate DiamondAM
Thunderbirds141.85000Victor 2 - Diamond / X-Country / PA SystemAM

106th Air National Guard

251.90000106th Air National Guard TrainingAM
252.80000106th Air National Guard TrainingAM
287.50000106th Air National Guard OperationsAM

US ARMY Golden Knights

32.30000Golden KnightsAM
32.40000Golden KnightsAM
122.57500Golden KnightsAM
122.77500Golden KnightsAM
123.15000Golden KnightsAM
123.40000Golden KnightsAM
123.47500Golden KnightsAM
123.50000Golden KnightsAM
124.87500Golden KnightsAM
126.20000Golden KnightsAM
142.80000Golden KnightsAM
238.00000Golden KnightsAM
284.90000Golden KnightsAM
367.70000Golden KnightsAM

Misc US Military Frequencies

138.15000Common FrequencyAM
138.20000Common FrequencyAM
138.25000Common FrequencyAM
138.50000Common FrequencyAM
138.55000Common FrequencyAM
138.57500Common FrequencyAM
138.60000Common FrequencyAM
138.62500Common FrequencyAM
138.67500Common FrequencyAM
138.75000Common FrequencyAM
138.82500Common FrequencyAM
138.95000Common FrequencyAM
139.00000Common FrequencyAM
139.22500Common FrequencyAM
139.30000Common FrequencyAM
139.52500Common FrequencyAM
139.60000Common FrequencyAM
139.70000Common FrequencyAM
139.90000Common FrequencyAM
140.20000Common FrequencyAM
140.30000Common FrequencyAM
140.50000Common FrequencyAM
141.15000Common FrequencyAM
141.25000Common FrequencyAM
141.30000Common FrequencyAM
141.40000Common FrequencyAM
141.55000Common FrequencyAM
141.60000Common FrequencyAM
141.65000Common FrequencyAM
141.95000Common FrequencyAM
142.30000Common FrequencyAM
142.60000Common FrequencyAM
142.70000Common FrequencyAM
142.80000Common FrequencyAM
142.90000Common FrequencyAM
143.00000Common FrequencyAM
143.15000Common FrequencyAM
143.20000Common FrequencyAM
143.25000Common FrequencyAM
143.55000Common FrequencyAM
143.60000Common FrequencyAM
143.62500Common FrequencyAM
143.70000Common FrequencyAM
143.75000Common FrequencyAM
143.82500Common FrequencyAM
148.12500Common FrequencyAM
148.15000Common FrequencyAM
149.00000Common FrequencyAM
150.15000Common FrequencyAM
150.25000Common FrequencyAM
150.30000Common FrequencyAM
225.17500Common FrequencyAM
226.42500Common FrequencyAM
227.67500Common FrequencyAM
228.57500Common FrequencyAM
229.17500Common FrequencyAM
230.15000Common FrequencyAM
235.12500Common FrequencyAM
238.35000Common FrequencyAM
238.57500Common FrequencyAM
234.25000Common FrequencyAM
252.12500Common FrequencyAM
255.15000Common FrequencyAM
259.37500Common FrequencyAM
265.95000Common FrequencyAM
266.25000Common FrequencyAM
271.75000Common FrequencyAM
273.37500Common FrequencyAM
281.85000Common FrequencyAM
294.52500Common FrequencyAM
298.35000Common FrequencyAM
308.07500Common FrequencyAM
316.22500Common FrequencyAM
326.90000Common FrequencyAM
328.07500Common FrequencyAM
335.75000Common FrequencyAM
341.65000Common FrequencyAM
348.50000Common FrequencyAM
356.95000Common FrequencyAM
364.05000Common FrequencyAM
371.80000Common FrequencyAM
372.07500Common FrequencyAM
379.37500Common FrequencyAM

DoD VHF Band

Is was reported in MT's March 2011 issue on Page 53 that the DoD uses 138.000 - 150.800 Mhz (minus the Amateur Radio area of 144-148 Mhz) with 12.5kHz spacing using Amplitude Modulation (AM). An airshow is a great place to discover frequencies in use in this range.


(Static Display at Airpower Museum)

Some of these frequencies belong to a Military TRS in Orange County. P25 is in use on these frequencies.

139.1375National Guard - F01NFM
139.1875National Guard - F02NFM
139.2125National Guard - F03NFM
139.2375National Guard - F04NFM
139.2625National Guard - F05NFM
139.2875National Guard - F06NFM
139.3125National Guard - F07NFM
139.3375National Guard - F08NFM
139.3625National Guard - F09NFM
139.3875National Guard - F10NFM

Civilian Performers - Main Frequencies

123.1500Civilian CommonAM
123.1500Dave Windmiller ?AM
122.7500Geico SkytypersAM
122.7750Geico SkytypersAM
123.4250Geico Skytypers - FormationAM
122.7750Geico SkytypersAM
122.9250Geico SkytypersAM
123.1500Geico SkytypersAM
123.4250Geico SkytypersAM
123.4500Geico Skytypers - SolosAM
122.1250John KlattAM
123.3000John KlattAM
123.4750John KlattAM
136.9750Matt ChapmanAM
122.1250Sean TuckerAM
122.8750Sean TuckerAM
122.9500Sean TuckerAM
123.1500Sean TuckerAM
123.4500Sean TuckerAM
123.4750Sean TuckerAM
133.0000Sean TuckerAM

Civilian Performers - Generic Frequencies

122.72500Civilain Acts - Common FreqAM
122.75000Civilain Acts - Common FreqAM
122.77500Civilain Acts - Common FreqAM
122.82500Civilain Acts - Common FreqAM
122.85000Civilain Acts - Common FreqAM
122.87500Civilain Acts - Common FreqAM
122.92500Civilain Acts - Common FreqAM
122.95000Civilain Acts - Common FreqAM
122.97500Civilain Acts - Common FreqAM
123.02500Civilain Acts - Common FreqAM
123.05000Civilain Acts - Common FreqAM
123.07500Civilain Acts - Common FreqAM
123.15000Civilain Acts - Common FreqAM
123.17500Civilain Acts - Common FreqAM
123.30000Civilain Acts - Common FreqAM
123.32500Civilain Acts - Common FreqAM
123.35000Civilain Acts - Common FreqAM
123.40000Civilain Acts - Common FreqAM
123.42500Civilain Acts - Common FreqAM
123.45000Civilain Acts - Common FreqAM
123.47500Civilain Acts - Common FreqAM
123.50000Civilain Acts - Common FreqAM
129.65000Civilain Acts - Common FreqAM
129.92500Civilain Acts - Common FreqAM
136.57500Civilain Acts - Common FreqAM
136.97500Civilain Acts - Common FreqAM

More frequencies that may have some activity:
(Encryption May Be Used)

Civil Air Patrol
Transmissions may be Analog or P25 Digital. Use CTCSS for Analog and NAC for Digital Comms
141.5750Command & Control 1 (simplex)127.3$4F9
141.0000Command & Control 2 (simplex)131.8$526
149.2750Air-to-Air 1 (simplex)141.3$585
150.5625Air-to-Air 2 (simplex)151.4$5EA
150.2250CAP Guard 1 (simplex)162.2$656
139.8750Tactical 1 (simplex)173.8$6CA
148.1250Primary CONUS Repeater Pair  
148.1500Secondary CONUS Repeater Pair  
148.1500Long Island Repeater (Channel R-40)82.5 
148.1375Airborne/Portable Tactical Repeater Pair  

InterSquad Radio
396.875000Inter-Squad Radio Ch 1AM
397.125000Inter-Squad Radio Ch 2AM
397.175000Inter-Squad Radio Ch 3AM
394.375000Inter-Squad Radio Ch 4AM
397.425000Inter-Squad Radio Ch 5AM
397.475000Inter-Squad Radio Ch 6AM
397.550000Inter-Squad Radio Ch 7AM
397.950000Inter-Squad Radio Ch 8AM
398.050000Inter-Squad Radio Ch 9AM
399.425000Inter-Squad Radio Ch 10AM
399.475000Inter-Squad Radio Ch 11AM
399.725000Inter-Squad Radio Ch 12AM
399.925000Inter-Squad Radio Ch 13AM
399.975000Inter-Squad Radio Ch 14AM

DOJ NYC InterOp Freqencies
(NYSPD was logged on FIO1 and FIO3 in 2015)

167.78750NYC FIO 1653
171.17500NYC FIO 2653
173.18750NYC FIO 3 (LI)653
173.92500NYC FIO 4 (North)653
173.86250NYC FIO 5 (South)653
171.43750Common Area Frequency 

NYS Parks
FrequencyDescriptionPL / DPLMode
159.390NYS Parks StatewideCSQNFM
159.255NYS Parks StatewideCSQNFM
159.420Parks LI123.0NFM


FrequencyDescriptionPL / DPLMode
151.220DEC Fire Control / SAR F1 NFM
151.280DEC Fire Control / SAR F2 NFM
151.250DEC Fire Control / SAR F3 NFM
151.265DEC Fire Control / SAR F4 NFM
172.275DEC Region 1 (Long Island)94.8NFM

New York State Police

FrequencyDescriptionPL / DPLMode
155.475Statewide - NYSPERN Emergency NFM
154.665Statewide - Car to Car110.9NFM
154.695Statewide - State Frequency NFM
155.565Statewide - Tactical Ops110.9NFM
155.370Statewide - Inter-Agency NFM
155.625Statewide - Tactical110.9NFM
42.14Statewide - TrooptoTroopRare NFM
154.920Statewide - Tactical NFM
853.9375Statewide - Ch1 Troop C/L Xbnd NFM
853.9500Statewide - Ch2 Troop F Xbnd NFM
853.9625Statewide - Ch3 Troop G Xbnd NFM
853.9750Statewide - Ch4 Troop K Xbnd NFM
853.9875Statewide - Ch5 Future Use NFM
852.7000Statewide - Ch6 Troop A XBnd NFM
852.7125Statewide - Ch7 Troop B XBnd NFM
852.725Statewide - Ch8 Troop E Xbnd NFM
852.7375Statewide - Ch9 Troop D Xbnd NFM
852.7500Statewide - Ch10 Future Use NFM
155.505Troop L - Dispatch -> Mobile NFM
155.520Troop L - Zone 1 - Mobile127.3NFM
155.520Troop L - Zone 2 - Mobile146.2NFM
155.520Troop L - Zone 3 - Mobile167.9NFM
155.520Troop L - Dispatch - Mobile110.9NFM
155.460Troop L - Parkways110.9NFM
154.935Troop L - Mobile -> Dispatch NFM
158.835Troop L - Nassau Repeater516NFM

** Also on the Nassau County EDACS System on Talk Groups 14-034, 14-036, 14-037, 15-107 **

Even More Frequencies:

Jones Beach is in the Wantagh Fire District.  The Command Vehicle is usually on scene.

0453.3625 Wantagh Fireground NFM162.2
0453.5625 Wantagh - OperationsNFM162.2
0471.3125 Wantagh Dispatch NFM162.2
0458.5625 Wantagh NFM 
0460.5125 Wantagh Command / Field ComNFM466
0460.5125 Wantagh - HazMatNFM162.2
0465.5375 Wantagh NFM 
0458.3625 Wantagh - Fireground RepeaterNFM162.2
0460.0750Wantagh - AdminNFM162.2

If you wanted to cover all of your bases, you might want to load in the rest of the  National Interoperability Field Ops Guide (NIFOG) Frequency Tables in PDF.  This data is also in the RadioReference Wiki.

NTIA Federal/Non-Federal Law Enforcement Interoperability
167.08750LE A - CallingCSQ RX/167.9 TXFMN
167.08750LE 1 - TacticalCSQ RX/167.9 TXFMN
167.25000LE 2 - TacticalNAC 68F P25
167.75000LE 3 - TacticalNAC 68F P25
168.11250LE 4 - TacticalNAC 68F P25
168.46250LE 5 - TacticalNAC 68F P25
167.25000LE 6 - Direct for LE 2NAC 68F P25
167.75000LE 7 - Direct for LE 3NAC 68F P25
168.11250LE 8 - Direct for LE 4NAC 68F P25
168.46250LE 9 - Direct for LE 5NAC 68F P25
414.03750LE B - CallingCSQ RX/167.9 TXFMN
409.98750LE 10 - TacticalCSQ RX/167.9 TXFMN
410.18750LE 11 - TacticalNAC 68F P25
410.61250LE 12 - TacticalNAC 68F P25
414.06250LE 13 - TacticalNAC 68F P25
414.31250LE 14 - TacticalNAC 68F P25
414.33750LE 15 - TacticalNAC 68F P25
409.98750LE 16 - Direct for LE 10CSQ RX/167.9 TXFMN
410.18750LE 17 - Direct for LE 11NAC 68F P25
410.61250LE 18 - Direct for LE 12NAC 68F P25

NTIA Federal/Non-Federal Incident Response
169.53750NC 1CALL - Incident CallingCSQ RX/167.9 TXFMN
170.01250IR 1 - Incident Command 1CSQ RX/167.9 TXFMN
170.41250IR 2 - Medical Evacuation ControlCSQ RX/167.9 TXFMN
170.68750IR 3 - Logistics ControlCSQ RX/167.9 TXFMN
173.03750IR 4 - Interagency ConvoyCSQ RX/167.9 TXFMN
169.53750IR 5 - Direct for NC 1CALLCSQ RX/167.9 TXFMN
170.01250IR 6 - Direct for IR 1CSQ RX/167.9 TXFMN
170.41250IR 7 - Direct for IR 2CSQ RX/167.9 TXFMN
170.68750IR 8 - Direct for IR 3CSQ RX/167.9 TXFMN
173.03750IR 9 - Direct for IR 4CSQ RX/167.9 TXFMN
410.23750NC 2CALL - Incident CallingCSQ RX/167.9 TXFMN
410.43750IR 10 - Ad hoc assignmentCSQ RX/167.9 TXFMN
410.63750IR 11 - Ad hoc assignmentCSQ RX/167.9 TXFMN
410.83750IR 12 - SAR Incident CommandCSQ RX/167.9 TXFMN
413.18750IR 13 - Ad hoc assignmentCSQ RX/167.9 TXFMN
413.21250IR 14 - Interagency ConvoyCSQ RX/167.9 TXFMN
410.23750IR 15 - Direct for NC 2CALLCSQ RX/167.9 TXFMN
410.43750IR 16 - Direct for IR 10CSQ RX/167.9 TXFMN
410.63750IR 17 - Direct for IR 11CSQ RX/167.9 TXFMN
410.83750IR 18 - Direct for IR 12CSQ RX/167.9 TXFMN


39.46000LLAW 1 - Law Enforcement  156.7 PL  FM  
39.48000LFIRE 2 - Fire  156.7 PL  FM  
45.86000LLAW 3 - Law Enforcement  156.7 PL  FM  
45.88000LFIRE 4 - Fire  156.7 PL  FM  

VHF High

155.75250 VCALL10 - Calling 156.7 PL FMN 
151.13750 VTAC11/36 - Tactical/Repeater 156.7 PL FMN 
154.45250 VTAC12/37 - Tactical/Repeater 156.7 PL FMN 
158.73750 VTAC13/38 - Tactical/Repeater 156.7 PL FMN 
159.47250 VTAC14/33 - Tactical/Repeater 156.7 PL FMN 
161.85000 VTAC17 - Tactical 156.7 PL FMN 
159.47250 VTAC35 - Tactical/Repeater 156.7 PL FMN 
158.73750 VTAC34 - Tacitcal/Repeater 156.7 PL FMN 
154.28000 VFIRE21 - Fire  FMN 
154.26500 VFIRE22 - Fire  FMN 
154.29500 VFIRE23 - Fire  FMN 
154.27250 VFIRE24 - Fire  FMN 
154.28750 VFIRE25 - Fire  FMN 
154.30250 VFIRE26 - Fire  FMN 
155.34000 VMED28 - EMS  FMN 
155.34750 VMED29 - EMS  FMN 
155.47500 VLAW31 - Law Enforcement  FMN 
155.48250 VLAW32 - Law Enforcement  FMN 
155.16000 VSAR16 - Search/Rescue 127.3 PL FMN

UHF - PL 156.7Hz Used during Analog Tx. Each Frequency may be P25 as well.

453.21250 UCALL40 - Calling 156.7 PL FMN / P25
453.46250 UTAC41 - Tactical 156.7 PL FMN / P25
453.71250 UTAC42 - Tactical 156.7 PL FMN / P25 
453.86250 UTAC43 - Tactical 156.7 PL FMN / P25

700 Mhz
769.24375 7CALL50 - Primary Calling 293 NAC  P25 
769.14375 7TAC51 - General Public Safety 293 NAC  P25 
769.64375 7TAC52 - General Public Safety 293 NAC  P25 
770.14375 7TAC53 - General Public Safety 293 NAC  P25 
770.64375 7TAC54 - General Public Safety 293 NAC  P25 
769.74375 7TAC55 - General Public Safety 293 NAC  P25 
770.24375 7TAC56 - General Public Safety 293 NAC  P25 
770.99375 7GTAC57 - Other Public Service 293 NAC  P25 
770.89375 7MOB59 - Mobile Repeater 293 NAC  P25 
770.39375 7LAW61 - Law Enforcement 293 NAC  P25 
770.49375 7LAW62 - Law Enforcement 293 NAC  P25 
769.89375 7FIRE63 - Fire 293 NAC  P25 
769.99375 7FIRE64 - Fire 293 NAC  P25 
769.39375 7MED65 - EMS 293 NAC  P25 
769.49375 7MED66 - EMS 293 NAC  P25 
770.74375 7DATA69 - Mobile Data 293 NAC  P25 
773.25625 7CALL70 - Secondary Calling 293 NAC  P25 
773.10625 7TAC71 - General Public Safety 293 NAC  P25 
773.60625 7TAC72 - General Public Safety 293 NAC  P25 
774.10625 7TAC73 - General Public Safety 293 NAC  P25 
774.60625 7TAC74 - General Public Safety 293 NAC  P25 
773.75625 7TAC75 - General Public Safety 293 NAC  P25 
774.25625 7TAC76 - General Public Safety 293 NAC  P25 
774.85625 7GTAC77 - Other Public Service 293 NAC  P25 
774.50625 7MOB79 - Mobile Repeater 293 NAC  P25 
774.00625 7LAW81 - Law Enforcement 293 NAC  P25 
774.35625 7LAW82 - Law Enforcement 293 NAC  P25 
773.50625 7FIRE83 - Fire 293 NAC  P25 
773.85625 7FIRE84 - Fire 293 NAC  P25 
773.00625 7MED86 - EMS 293 NAC  P25 
773.35625 7MED87 - EMS 293 NAC  P25 
774.75625 7DATA89 - Mobile Data 293 NAC  P25 

700 Air to Ground
769.13125Air-to-Ground293 NAC P25
769.63125Air-to-Ground293 NAC P25
770.13125Air-to-Ground293 NAC P25
770.63125Air-to-Ground293 NAC P25
773.11875Air-to-Ground293 NAC P25
773.61875Air-to-Ground293 NAC P25
774.11875Air-to-Ground293 NAC P25
774.61875Air-to-Ground (LZ)293 NAC P25

700 Low Power
769.00625 Itinerant/Regional  P25 
769.01875 Itinerant/Regional  P25 
769.03125 Itinerant/Regional  P25 
769.04375 Itinerant/Regional  P25 
769.05625 Itinerant/National  P25 
769.06875 Itinerant/National  P25 
774.93125 Itinerant/Regional  P25 
774.94375 Itinerant/Regional  P25 
774.95625 Itinerant/Regional  P25 
774.96875 Itinerant/Regional  P25 
774.98125 Itinerant/Regional  P25 
774.99375 Itinerant/National  P25 

700 Deployable Trunk System
774.51875E (Recommended primary CC)
774.86875F (Recommended alternate CC)

Zone "ZZ"
Knob Position
Talk Group Decimal IDAlpha TagUse
101CALL ZZCalling / Initial Contact TG
102CMD ZZPre-designated Command TG
3103TAC ZZ3General / Tactical Use
104TAC ZZ4General / Tactical Use
105TAC ZZ5General / Tactical Use
106TAC ZZ6General / Tactical Use
7107TAC ZZ7General / Tactical Use
8108TAC ZZ8General / Tactical Use
109TAC ZZ9General / Tactical Use
110TAC ZZ10General / Tactical Use
111TAC ZZ11General / Tactical Use
112TAC ZZ12General / Tactical Use
113TAC ZZ13General / Tactical Use
114TAC ZZ14General / Tactical Use
115TAC ZZ15General / Tactical Use
116EMER ZZEmergency Use

Knob Position
Talk Group Decimal IDAlpha TagUse
101CALL YYCalling / Initial Contact TG
102CMD YYPre-designated Command TG
3103TAC YY3General / Tactical Use
104TAC YY4General / Tactical Use
105TAC YY5General / Tactical Use
106TAC YY6General / Tactical Use
7107TAC YY7General / Tactical Use
8108TAC YY8General / Tactical Use
109TAC YY9General / Tactical Use
110TAC YY10General / Tactical Use
111TAC YY11General / Tactical Use
112TAC YY12General / Tactical Use
113TAC YY13General / Tactical Use
114TAC YY14General / Tactical Use
115TAC YY15General / Tactical Use
116EMER YYEmergency Use

800 MHz -
PL 156.7Hz Used during Analog Tx. Each Frequency may be P25 as well.
851.01250 8CALL90 - Calling 156.7 PL FMN 
851.51250 8TAC91 - Tactical 156.7 PL FMN 
852.01250 8TAC92 - Tactical 156.7 PL FMN 
852.51250 8TAC93 - Tactical 156.7 PL FMN 
853.01250 8TAC94 - Tactical 156.7 PL FMN 

And some common UHF Air Frequencies you might want to plug in:
243.00000Aircraft Emergency and Distress (UHF Guard)
257.80000Air Traffic Control (Military Common)
282.80000Search and Rescue
255.40000FAA Flight Service Stations
296.70000FAA Flight Service Stations
239.80000PMSV (Pilot to Metro Service - weather advisory)
303.00000Air-to-air "Winchester"
311.00000USAF ACC Command Posts Pimary
321.00000USAF ACC Command Posts Secondary
381.30000USAF ACC Command Posts
319.40000USAF AMC Command Posts
349.40000USAF AMC Command Posts
252.10000USAF Reserve Command Posts
351.20000USAF Reserve Command Posts
364.20000USAF NORAD AICC Primary
380.00000FAA Flight Inspection/ SMO Ground Personnel
380.10000FAA Flight Inspection/ SMO Ground Personnel

You may also want to check out my FRS/GMRS/MURS page. Those frequencies are reported to be in use at Airshows

Finally, there may be some activity on LPRS (Low Power Radio Services) frequencies. I'm not going to paste all 260 frequencies here, but it has been reported that the Thunderbirds use these frequencies, and I would think maybe some other military jets have LPRS systems. Here is a link with all the info you'll need.


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