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Suffolk County Police Frequencies
Suffolk County Police Frequencies
on Monday January 22, 2007
by w2lie print the content item create pdf file of the content item
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These are the frequencies in use by SCPD, and other Village and town police departments

The sources for the frequencies are as follows:
Radio Reference's Suffolk County Database
Scanner Master NY Metro/NNJ Communication Guide - 7th ed.
Don "The Scanner Man"

This is a "working" frequency list.
As I find new frequencies, they will be loaded in.

I tried to split up the groups as best as I could. I added village pd's into a the main TRS list, as well as a Town/Village list.
The Town/Village list has either a frequency, or a Trunk ID. I am hoping that this makes it a little easier to find a town's freq/ trunk group.

Please Note, East Hampton has their own TRS, which is at the bottom of this list. Both Suffolk county and East Hampton are using a Motorola Type II trunk radio system.

Motorola Type II SmartZone (Reband)

851.0625Suffolk Trunk
851.0875Suffolk Trunk
851.1625Suffolk Trunk
851.2375Suffolk Trunk
851.3625Suffolk Trunk (Control Channel)
851.4125Suffolk Trunk (Control Channel)
851.6875Suffolk Trunk (Control Channel)
852.2875Suffolk Trunk (Control Channel)
852.4000Suffolk Trunk
852.4250Suffolk Trunk
852.6750Suffolk Trunk
852.7375Suffolk Trunk
852.8500Suffolk Trunk
852.9250Suffolk Trunk
853.1250Suffolk Trunk
853.2250Suffolk Trunk
853.2500Suffolk Trunk
853.3750Suffolk Trunk
853.5250Suffolk Trunk
853.6750Suffolk Trunk
853.8000Suffolk Trunk
853.8250Suffolk Trunk

Fleet codes for Suffolk County Trunked system :
County Wide Talk Groups
16S.C.P.D. Countywide #1
48016S.C.P.D. Countywide South (Unittounit 1/3/5 Pcts.)
48240S.C.P.D. Countywide North (Unittounit 2/4/6 Pcts.)
48048S.C.P.D. Special 1 (Portables Ch. B6)
48080S.C.P.D. Special 2 (Portables Ch. B7)
48112S.C.P.D. Special 3
48144S.C.P.D. Special 4
48176S.C.P.D. Special 5 (also called Spec-5)
48208S.C.P.D. Special 6 (Negotiators/Arrest Team)
49776S.C.P.D. 1st Precinct Dispatch (Channel 1)
51376S.C.P.D. 2nd Precinct Dispatch (Channel 2)
52976S.C.P.D. 3rd Precinct Dispatch (Channel 3)
54576S.C.P.D. 4th Precinct Dispatch (Channel 4)
56176S.C.P.D. 5th Precinct Dispatch (Channel 5)
57776S.C.P.D. 6th Precinct Dispatch (Channel 6)
59376S.C.P.D. 7th Precinct
60976S.C.P.D. 8th Pct. / Tac 8
60848S.C.P.D. Command Band / Hwy / Aviation/ Marine (Channel 7)
62512S.C.P.D. Detective Squad (VHF F-10)
62640S.C.P.D. Detectives Edward Units / ARSON / NORA Units
62672S.C.P.D. Detectives - Homicide Squad ("Frank" Units)
62608S.C.P.D. Detectives - Robbery Squad
48336S.C.P.D. Detectives Surveillance
62576S.C.P.D. Detectives SUV
62960S.C.P.D. "Whiskey" Unit
63056S.C.P.D. "Whiskey" Unit
62928S.C.P.D. SUV
62736S.C.P.D. SUV
62768S.C.P.D. SUV
62448S.C.P.D. Data 1 - M.V. information (license checks etc) & tactical use as needed (VHF F-9)
62480S.C.P.D. Data Services (Computer Techs)
62704S.C.P.D. Internal Affairs
624S.C.P.D. Marine Bureau (Tactical)
48S.C.P.D. Marine Bureau/ES/Parks (Countywide 2)
48272S.C.P.D. Radio Monitor School
48304S.C.P.D. Training School
1712S.C.P.D. Training School
65488S.C.P.D. Radio Repair Technicians 1
65456S.C.P.D. Radio Repair Technicians 2
976County Parks Police
912County Parole Dept.
1040County Probation Department
848County Sheriff 1
880County Sheriff 2
1872Suffolk County Probation 2 Car-to-Car
Town and Village PD Talk Groups
816Amityville Village P.D.
1264Asharoken P.D.
57776Belle Terre Village (SCPD Channel 6)
54576Head of the Harbor Village (SCPD Channel 4)
51376Huntington Bay Village (SCPD Channel 2)
496Huntington Bay Village - Police
1168Islip Town Public Safety/Park Rangers
51376Lloyd Harbor Village (SCPD Channel 2)
1104Lloyd Harbor P.D.
54576Nissequogue Village (SCPD Channel 4)
1072Northport P.D. - F-1
944Ocean Beach P.D.
57776Old Field Village (SCPD Channel 6)
1648Riverhead Town Police - F-1 (Dispatch)
1680Riverhead Town Police - F-2 (Car to Car)
1136Smithtown Town Public Safety/Park Rangers
1008State Parks Police (used by units assigned to state parks in Suffolk)
Digital Fleet Codes
22016 Digital RADIO TECHS
22032 Digital Users
22064 Digital HOMICIDE
22080 Digital ROBBERY
22096 Digital SHERIFF
22128 Digital NARCOTICS
22160 Digital SURVEILLANCE
22224 Digital DETECTIVES
22256 Digital users
22928 Digital users
?University Talk Groups
592SUNY Farmingdale Campus Public Safety
432SUNY Stony Brook Campus Police Ch-1A
1424SUNY StonyBrook Police & Fire Marshall 2
1456SUNY StonyBrook Police 3
464SUNY Stony Brook Campus Police Ch-2A
1904Suffolk County Campass - Brentwood / Selden campass - Public Safety

Suffolk County Town & Village Police :
(If on TRS)
156.0300?County Wide Unit to Unit?
155.5800?Amityville Village PL 88.5

816Amityville Village?
45.5800?Amityville Village Secondary ?
156.0300?Amityville Village Unit to Unit?
472.9625?Babylon Town Public Safety PL 136.5

57776Belle Terre Village (SCPD Channel 6)?
39.3000?Belle Terre Village ?
3536Brookhaven Town
155.9100?East Hampton Town PL 173.8
159.2100?East Hampton Town Mobiles?

?East Hampton Town (Uses E.Hampton TRS) ?
458.2125?East Hampton Town ?
460.4625?East Hampton Town ?
460.5000?East Hampton Village Police?
953.3000?East Hampton Town Microwave Link ?
956.9000?East Hampton Town Microwave Link ?

?East Hampton Village (Uses E.Hampton TRS)?
158.9400?East Hampton Village PL 173.8
155.5350?East Hampton Village ?

54576Head of the Harbor Village (SCPD Channel 4) ?

1136Head of the Harbor Village Local coms?
477.3375?Huntington Town Public Safety DPL 031

51376Huntington Bay Village (SCPD Channel 2) ?

496Huntington Bay Village - Local communications?
155.1000?Greenport Village Police?
471.3375?Islip Town Public Safety - F1 PL 136.5
471.3625?Islip Town Public Safety - F2PL 136.5
470.3625?Islip Town Public Safety - F3PL 136.5
471.3875?Islip Town Public Safety - F4PL 136.5
470.9125?Islip Town Public Safety PL 136.5
453.9625?Islip Town Public Safety - Low Power?
458.9625?Islip Town Public Safety - Low Power?

1168Islip Town Public Safety?

51376Lloyd Harbor Village (SCPD Channel 2)?
?1104Lloyd Harbor P.D.?
155.6100?Northport Village Dispatch PL 162.2

54576Nissequogue Village (SCPD Channel 4) ?

?Nissequogue Village Local communications?

1072Northport Village F-1?
155.6100?Northport Village Dispatch PL 162.2
154.7700?Northport Village ?
159.0300?Northport Village ?

944Ocean Beach Village?
155.6700?Ocean Beach Village Old Frequency ?
158.8950?Ocean Beach Village?

57776Old Field Village (SCPD Channel 6) ?
39.0800?Old Field Village Primary DPL 031
39.3000?Old Field Village ?
155.1150?Patchogue Village Police/ConstableDPL 662
470.3125?Port Jefferson Village Constable/Code Enforcement DPL 031
453.5875?Port Jefferson Village Constable/Code Enforcement DPL 051
470.5875?Port Jefferson Village Constable/Code Enforcement (Future use) DPL 051
154.8450?Quogue Village Southampton Town P.D. Channel PL 156.7
458.2750?Quogue Village ?
158.9100?Quogue Village ?

1648Riverhead Town F-1?
?1680Riverhead Town F-2?
155.7000?Riverhead Town Old Dispatch PL 151.4
453.6875?Riverhead Town ?
458.6875?Riverhead Town ?
460.0125?Riverhead Town PL 146.2
465.0125?Riverhead Town ?

?Sag Harbor Village (Uses E.Hampton TRS)?
155.3700?Sag Harbor Village Base?
156.2100?Sag Harbor Village ?
158.8200?Sag Harbor Village Mobiles?
155.9550?Saltaire Village ?
155.8500?Shelter Island Dispatched by Southold ?
158.8500?Shelter Island ?
159.0300?Shelter Island ?
470.4375?Smithtown Town Public Safety F-1PL 97.4
478.7875?Smithtown Town Public Safety F-2?
471.2375?Smithtown Town Public Safety - Code 2PL 82.5
471.2125?Smithtown Town Public Safety F-2 (Unit to Unit)?
476.5125?Smithtown Town Public Safety - Services?
470.7875?Smithtown Town Public Safety F-1 (VAN)?
478.0625?Smithtown Town Public Safety - Highway 1?
155.8350?Smithtown Town Public Safety ?
158.7750?Smithtown Town Police - Base?

1136Smithtown Town Public Safety?
155.4150?Southampton Town Police F1?
154.8450?Southampton Town Police F3PL 156.7
154.8150?Southampton Town PolicePL 141.3
155.9700?Southampton Town Police - Mobiles?
155.6250?Southampton Village PolicePL 131.8
158.7450?Southampton Village Police - Mobiles/Rptr?
460.5125?Southampton Village ?
460.5625?Southampton Village ?
155.8500?Southold Town Dispatch PL 192.8
155.7300?Westhampton Beach Village PL 156.7
158.9100?Westhampton Beach Village ?
159.0300?Westhampton Beach Village ?
155.5050?Westhampton Dunes Village Constables Dispatch by NYSP Troop L (Base) ?
155.5200?Westhampton Dunes Village Constables Mobiles ?
154.6650?Westhampton Dunes Village Constables Unit to Unit with NYSP ?
156.0300?Westhampton Dunes Village Constables Village Unit to Unit ?

Conventional Simulcast of TRS?
853.9875Police CartoCar (Conventional/Nonrepeater)PL 156.7
866.0875Conventional Simulcast of 6th Precinct DPL 223
857.7125Conventional Simulcast of 6th Precinct DPL 223
859.7875Conventional Simulcast of 2nd Precinct DPL 223
851.0125Conventional Mutual Aid Nationwide (Dispatch1) ?
851.5125Conventional Mutual Aid Nationwide (Itac1)(Dispatch2) ?
852.0125Conventional Mutual Aid Nationwide (Itac2) (Dispatch3) ?
852.5125Conventional Mutual Aid Nationwide (Itac3) (Dispacth4)* ?
853.0125Conventional Mutual Aid Nationwide ?
851.2375Conventional future use ?
Other Suffolk County P.D. Frequencies : ?
155.325Helicopters to hospitals PL 156.7
122.85Helicopters to SUNYSB public safety (Used on approach to University Hospital) ?
465.2125Licensed Low Power Frequency (use unknown) ?
465.2875Licensed Low Power Frequency (use unknown) ?
465.3625Licensed Low Power Frequency (use unknown) ?
465.4625Licensed Low Power Frequency (use unknown) ?
465.4875Licensed Low Power Frequency (use unknown) ?
460.4Licensed frequency (use unknown) ?
460.425Licensed frequency (use unknown) ?
155.415Sheriff's Frequency ?
39.18Sheriff's Frequency ?
154.115D.A. Frequency ?
155.700SCPD Channel 1 (First Precinct)PL 146.2
154.845SCPD Channel 2 (Second Precinct)PL 146.2
155.850SCPD Channel 3 (Third Precinct)PL 146.2
155.910SCPD Channel 4 (Fourth Precinct)PL 146.2
155.985SCPD Channel 5 (Fifth PrecinctPL 146.2
155.580SCPD Channel 6 (Sixth Precinct)PL 146.2
155.685SCPD Channel 7 / G (Command, Highway, Marine, E.S., Aviation)PL 146.2
156.030SCPD Channel 8 / B (Car to Car) ?
155.790SCPD Channel 9 / C (Databand & tactical as needed)PL 146.2
155.655SCPD Channel 10 / E (Detectives & countywide car to car)PL 146.2
155.370SCPD Channel 11 / F (Statewide Intersystem) ?
155.475SCPD Channel 12 / H (Nationwide Instersytem) ?
SCPD Channel H (District Attorney)

855.2125Town Services (Motorola Type II Trunked system)
858.7625Town Services (Motorola Type II Trunked system)
859.7625Town Services (Motorola Type II Trunked system)
859.9375Town Services (Motorola Type II Trunked system)
860.7625Town Services (Motorola Type II Trunked system)

East Hampton Trunked System Talk Group ID's
3248Town Police Dispatch
3280Town Police Command
3216Town Police ATG
8048Townwide Police Joint Operations
16PD - Unit to Unit
4848East Hampton Village Police
4880East Hampton Village Police Command
8080East Hampton Village Police ATG
6448Sag Harbor Village Police
6416Sag Harbor Village Police ATG
11376Suffolk County P.D.
6448Suffolk County P.D. Dispatch
9648East Hampton EMS

I will try and figure a good way to save this as a CSV and TAB file so you can download it if needed.

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