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New York Air Show at Jones Beach 2007
Frequencies for the Jones Beach Air Show 2007
on Monday May 21, 2007
by w2lie print the content item create pdf file of the content item
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Frequencies for the Jones Beach Air show 2007

This year's list comes thanks to the hard work from the guys over at Monitoring Times. They come out with a great frequency list each year. This year looks to be no different.

Visit Monitoring times, and download this year's PDF, with all the Air show Freqs and information that you'll need.

I have also been following the USAF Thunderbird thread over at Radio Reference.

And, of course, you need to know when to listen. Bethpage Federal Credit Union is the sponsor, so their page has all the details.

View daily updates on "New York Air Shows: An Unofficial Site to Official Information"

More info on my live show´┐Ż feed can be found in the forums, at this thread.

Here is the list of freqs that I will be streaming this year. Republic Frequencies
0118.8000Republic TowerAM
0279.6500Republic TowerAM
0125.2000Republic TowerAM
0122.9500Republic UNICOMAM
0126.6500Republic ATISAM
0121.6000Republic GroundAM
0269.6000Republic GroundAM
0127.4000NY ApproachAM
0118.4000NY ApproachAM
0123.7000NY ApproachAM
0132.4000NY ApproachAM
0134.3500NY ApproachAM
0125.7000NY DepartureAM
0123.7000NY DepartureAM
0134.3500NY DepartureAM
0128.2500Republic ClearanceAM

Flight Teams
0139.8000Thunderbirds VHFAM
0140.4000Thunderbirds OpsAM
0141.8500Thunderbirds OpsAM
0142.5750Thunderbirds PA/AirGndAM
0143.8500Thunderbirds Dimnd/PAAM
0235.0250Thunderbirds TentativeAM
0235.2000Thunderbirds ControlAM
0235.2500Thunderbirds SolosAM
0322.9500Thunderbirds Air-AirAM
0142.1750Thunderbirds Gnd TeamNFM
0143.9000Thunderbirds Gnd TeamNFM
0216.7275Thunderbirds AnnouncerNFM
0216.9750Thunderbirds Freq FeedNFM
0413.0250Thunderbirds Gnd TeamNFM
0413.1000Thunderbirds Gnd TeamNFM
0413.2500Thunderbirds Gnd TeamNFM
0413.2750Thunderbirds Gnd TeamNFM
0901.5000Thunderbirds ComCartNFM
0905.3500Thunderbirds ComCartNFM
0413.3250Thunderbirds Gnd TeamNFM
0216.7750Thunderbirds PA FeedFM
0140.0000?? Thunderbirds ??AM
0122.8750Sean TuckerAM
0122.9500Sean TuckerAM
0123.1500Sean TuckerAM
0123.4500Sean TuckerAM
0123.4750Sean TuckerAM
0032.3000Golden KnightsAM
0032.4000Golden KnightsAM
0122.5750Golden KnightsAM
0122.7750Golden KnightsAM
0123.4000Golden KnightsAM
0123.4750Golden KnightsAM
0123.5000Golden KnightsAM
0124.8750Golden KnightsAM
0126.2000Golden KnightsAM
0238.0000Golden KnightsAM
0284.9000Golden KnightsAM
0367.7000Golden KnightsAM
0238.1500B1-B BomberAM
0123.1500Civil Air ShowAM
0270.0000Navy Leap FrogsAM
0407.5000Navy Leap FrogsNFM
0122.7500Sky TypersAM
0122.7750Sky TypersAM
0123.4500Sky TypersAM
0122.4750A-10 ThunderboltAM
0123.1500A-10 ThunderboltAM
0123.4750A-10 ThunderboltAM
0136.5750A-10 ThunderboltAM
0138.0500A-10 ThunderboltAM
0138.1000A-10 ThunderboltAM
0138.2000A-10 ThunderboltAM
0138.2500A-10 ThunderboltAM
0138.3000A-10 ThunderboltAM
0138.4750A-10 ThunderboltAM
0138.5000A-10 ThunderboltAM
0139.9000A-10 ThunderboltAM
0139.6250A-10 ThunderboltAM
0139.7250A-10 ThunderboltAM
0139.8000A-10 ThunderboltAM
0139.9750A-10 ThunderboltAM
0140.4000A-10 ThunderboltAM
0141.6750A-10 ThunderboltAM
0142.2000A-10 ThunderboltAM
0225.5000A-10 ThunderboltAM
0236.8500A-10 ThunderboltAM
0269.6900A-10 ThunderboltAM
0283.7000A-10 ThunderboltAM
0305.4000A-10 ThunderboltAM
0327.7000A-10 ThunderboltAM
0341.5000A-10 ThunderboltAM
0343.0000A-10 ThunderboltAM
0384.5500A-10 ThunderboltAM
0118.5000Heritage FlightAM
0122.4750Heritage FlightAM
0123.1500Heritage FlightAM
0127.1500Heritage FlightAM
0136.5750Heritage FlightAM
0136.6750Heritage FlightAM
0238.1500Heritage FlightAM
0376.0250Heritage FlightAM
0384.5500Heritage FlightAM

Civil Air Patrol* and Inter Squad Radio
0396.8750Inter Squad Radio Ch - 1AM
0397.1250Inter Squad Radio Ch - 2AM
0397.1750Inter Squad Radio Ch - 3AM
0397.3750Inter Squad Radio Ch - 4AM
0397.4250Inter Squad Radio Ch - 5AM
0397.4750Inter Squad Radio Ch - 6AM
0397.5500Inter Squad Radio Ch - 7AM
0397.9500Inter Squad Radio Ch - 8AM
0398.0500Inter Squad Radio Ch - 9AM
0399.4250Inter Squad Radio Ch - 10AM
0399.4750Inter Squad Radio Ch - 11AM
0399.7250Inter Squad Radio Ch - 12AM
0399.9250Inter Squad Radio Ch - 13AM
0399.9750Inter Squad Radio Ch - 14AM
0143.7500C.A.P pre 10/07AM
0143.9000C.A.P pre 10/07AM
0148.1250C.A.P pre 10/07AM
0148.1375C.A.P pre 10/07AM
0148.1500C.A.P pre 10/07AM
0148.5375C.A.P pre 10/07AM
0148.9750C.A.P pre 10/07AM
0149.5375C.A.P pre 10/07AM
0138.0125CAP post 10/07AM
0140.6375CAP post 10/07AM
0142.2250CAP post 10/07AM
0143.7250CAP post 10/07AM
0143.9000CAP post 10/07AM
0148.1750CAP post 10/07AM
0148.7750CAP post 10/07AM
0150.1625CAP post 10/07AM
0150.5625CAP post 10/07AM
0150.6375CAP post 10/07AM
0122.7250Civilian ActsAM
0122.7500Civilian ActsAM
0122.7750Civilian ActsAM
0122.8250Civilian ActsAM
0122.8500Civilian ActsAM
0122.8750Civilian ActsAM
0122.9250Civilian ActsAM
0122.9500Civilian ActsAM
0122.9750Civilian ActsAM
0123.0250Civilian ActsAM
0123.0500Civilian ActsAM
0123.0750Civilian ActsAM
0123.1500Civilian ActsAM
0123.1750Civilian ActsAM
0123.3000Civilian ActsAM
0123.3250Civilian ActsAM
0123.3500Civilian ActsAM
0123.4000Civilian ActsAM
0123.4250Civilian ActsAM
0123.4500Civilian ActsAM
0123.4750Civilian ActsAM
0123.5000Civilian ActsAM
0129.6500Civilian ActsAM
0129.9250Civilian ActsAM
0136.5750Civilian ActsAM
0136.9750Civilian ActsAM
*Civilian Air Patrol Freqs will be changing after October 2007

I also programmed in the LPRS (Low Power Radio Services) Frequencies. I'm not going to list them there, but you find find them here

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