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Amateur Radio / GMRS Emergency Services
on Sunday November 25, 2007
by w2lie print the content item create pdf file of the content item
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7.245 (kHz)ARES/RACES Simplex Standard  
28.4000ARES/RACES Simplex Standard  
146.5200ARES/RACES Simplex Standard National Simplex Frequency
14.3250National Hurricane Watch Network Net Control in Miami Fl
NY State   
3993.5 (kHz)NY State RACES Voice (LSB)
3925 (kHz)NY Traffic and Emergency Net Voice (LSB)
443.525Nassau County ARES114.8Net Monday 8pm
147.45Eastern Suffolk ARES/RACES136.5Townwide Simplex Freq
28.15Eastern Suffolk ARES/RACES CW only
28.35Eastern Suffolk ARES/RACES Voice
146.82Eastern Suffolk ARES/RACES136.5West Repeater
147.03Eastern Suffolk ARES/RACES107.2East Repeater
448.675Eastern Suffolk ARES/RACES136.5West Repeater
440.05Eastern Suffolk ARES/RACES107.2East Repeater
146.7150Smithtown ARES/RACES Freq136.5Nets Monday 8.30pm
444.7000Smithtown ARES/RACES Freq114.8Amateur Radio
145.3300Suffolk County ARES/RACES Nets Monday 9pm
145.3300Suffolk County ARES/RACES136.5Grumman ARC
146.6850Town of Babylon ARES/RACES110.9Nets Monday 8:15pm
147.2100Town of Huntington ARES/RACES136.5Nets Monday 7:00pm
147.345Town of Islip ARES/RACES100.0Net Thursday 8.30pm
New York City   
147.0000CITYWIDE 1136.5Nets Monday 8pm
441.1000CITYWIDE 2136.5 
448.2750CITYWIDE 388.5 
147.2700CITYWIDE 4141.3 
147.3600CITYWIDE 5107.2 
447.8250CITYWIDE 6107.2 
446.2750CITYWIDE 7151.4 
443.3000Bronx UHF-1123Nets Sunday 7pm
442.0500Bronx UHF-297.4 
440.6000Bronx UHF-3141.3 
446.6750Brooklyn UHF114.8Nets Sunday 8pm
445.3750Queens UHF114.8 
145.4100Queens VHF114.8Nets Thursdays 8pm
447.8250New York UHF107.2Nets Thursdays 8.30pm
147.2700New York VHF141.3 
445.8250Richmond UHF156.7 
146.8800Richmond VHF141.3 
462.6750Nassau County REACT206.5GMRS
462.7000Nassau County REACT74.4 - 241.8GMRS
462.6750Suffolk County REACT141.3GMRS

More Ham Radio Hurricane related Emergency frequencies can be found here: [link]

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