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Suffolk County Fire Divisions
Suffolk County Fire Divisions
on Monday March 03, 2008
by w2lie print the content item create pdf file of the content item
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This list was put together by Brian_SeldenNY
Thanks for the info

Base ID
1-0-x Babylon Town Fire Coord n Administration
1-1-x Amityville
1-2-x Babylon
1-3-x Copiague
1-4-x Deer Park
1-5-x East Farmingdale
1-6-x Lindenhurst
1-7-x North Amityville
1-8-x North Babylon
1-9-x West Babylon
1-10-x Wyandanch
1-11-x North Lindenhurst
1-20-x Wyandanch Amb
2-0-x Huntington Fire Coord
2-1-x Cold Spring Harbor
2-2-x Halesite
2-3-x Huntington
2-4-x Huntington Manor
2-5-x Melville
2-6-x Centerport
2-7-x Greenlawn
2-8-x Dix Hills
2-9-x Northport
2-10-x East Northport
2-11-x Commack
2-12-x Eaton's Neck
2-13-x Northport Vet's Hospital
2-15-x Huntington First Aid Squad
2-16-x Commack Amb
3-0-x Islip Town Fire Coord
3-1-x Bayshore
3-2-x Brentwood
3-3-x East Brentwood
3-4-x Islip
3-5-x East Islip
3-6-x Islip Terrace
3-7-x Central Islip
3-8-x Hauppauge
3-9-x Great River
3-10-x West Sayville
3-11-x Sayville
3-12-x Bohemia
3-13-x Lakeland
3-14-x Bayport
3-15-x Holbrook
3-16-x Fair Harbor
3-17-x West Islip
3-18-x Saltaire
3-20-x Ocean Beach
3-21-x Kismet
3-22-x McArthur Airport
3-23-x Dunewood
3-24-x Bayshore-Brightwaters Amb
3-25-x Brentwood Legion Amb
3-26-x Central Islip-Hauppauge Amb
3-27-x ExchangeAmb
3-28-x Community Amb (Sayville)
4-0-x Smithtown Fire Coord
4-1-x Kings Park
4-2-x Smithtown
4-3-x Saint James
4-4-x Nesconset
4-5-x Nissequogue
5-0-x Brookhaven Town Fire Coord
5-1-x Bellport
5-2-x Blue Point
5-3-x Brookhaven
5-4-x Center Moriches
5-5-x Centereach
5-6-x Coram
5-7-x East Moriches
5-8-x Eastport
5-9-x Gordon Heights
5-10-x Hagerman
5-11-x Holtsville
5-12-x Mastic
5-13-x Mastic Beach
5-14-x Medford
5-15-x Middle Island
5-16-x Manorville
5-17-x North Patchogue
5-18-x Farmingville
5-19-x Patchogue
5-20-x Brookhaven National Lab
5-21-x Point-O-Woods
5-22-x Ridge
5-24-x Ronkonkoma
5-25-x Selden
5-26-x Cherry Grove
5-27-x Davis Park
5-28-x Fire Island Pines
5-29-x Ocean Bay Park
5-30-x Yaphank FD
5-33-x Port Jefferson Amb
5-34-x Medford Amb
5-35-x Stony Brook University Amb
5-37-x Mastic Amb
5-38-x Shirley Amb
5-39-x Mastic Beach Amb
5-40-x Manorville Amb
5-42-x South Country Amb
5-47-x East Moriches Amb
5-49-x Patchogue Amb
5A-1-x Port Jefferson
5A-2-x Setauket
5A-3-x Stony Brook
5A-4-x Terryville
5A-5-x  Mount Sinai
5A-6-x Sound Beach
5A-7-x Rocky Point
5A-9-x Miller Place
6-0-x Riverhead Town FC's
6-1-x Jamesport
6-2-x Riverhead
6-3-x Wading River
6-4-x Calverton
6-5-x Riverhead Amb
6-6-x Peconic Amb
7-0-1-15 - Southampton TFC
7-0-40-45 S Hampton Town FM
7-1-x Sag Harbor
7-2-x Bridgehampton
7-3-x Southampton
7-4-x North Sea
7-5-x Hampton Bays
7-6-x East Quogue
7-7-x Quogue
7-8-x Westhampton Beach
7-9-x Flanders
7-10-x ANG (Westhampton Airport)
7-12-x Hampton Bays Vol Amb
7-14-x Southampton Vol Amb
7-15-x Sag Harbor Volunteer Amb
7-16-x Westhampton Volunteer Amb
7-17-x Flanders-Northampton Amb
7-18-x Southampton VLG Amb
8-0-0 Southold Town Fire Coord
8-1-0 Orient
8-2-0 East Marion
8-3-x Greenport
8-4-x Southold
8-5-x Cutchogue
8-6-x Mattituck
8-7-x Fishers Island
8-8-x Plum Island USDA
9-0-x East Hampton Town FC
9-1-x East Hampton & Amb
9-2-x Amagansett
9-3-x Montauk
9-4-x Springs
10-0-x Shelter Island TWP Fire Coord
10-1-x Shelter Island
10-2-x Shelter Island Heights
10-4-x Shelter Island Amb
11-x-x Private Amb Co
11-3-x American Medical Response
11-8-x Life Star Amb Co

Posted by Radio5390 on Aug 30, 2008 : 18:56
Reply to this Suffolk County Fire Divisions
Registered: Mar 27, 2007 : 23:39
Comments: 21
Location: The 5th Division
This was copied & pasted from another site

Posted by w2lie on Aug 30, 2008 : 19:37
Reply to this Re: Suffolk County Fire Divisions

Comments: 133
Location: Long Island, NY
There are only so many ways to put this info online.. It is based on other info - It isn't blindly copied & pasted from another site..

Phil / w2lie

Helpful Links:
Posted by ipfd320 on Jan 11, 2009 : 04:04
Reply to this Suffolk County Fire Divisions
Registered: Mar 31, 2007 : 02:05
Comments: 73
Location: Martin County Florida
just a note...11-8-x is life star amb.....not life start....i know it was a typo

Posted by CFD justin on Apr 06, 2009 : 02:00
Reply to this Suffolk County Fire Divisions
Registered: Mar 26, 2008 : 21:19
Comments: 28
Location: Commack NY
Huntington is 2-3-0

"Out There Doin It"
Posted by Radio5390 on Apr 16, 2009 : 14:27
Reply to this Suffolk County Fire Divisions
Registered: Mar 27, 2007 : 23:39
Comments: 21
Location: The 5th Division
3-23-0 Dunewood is no longer in service, it has since merged with 3-16-0 Fair Harbor.

Posted by MrBonzo on Apr 17, 2009 : 01:08
Reply to this Suffolk County Fire Divisions
Registered: Apr 09, 2006 : 23:38
Comments: 4
Location: Used2bRVCnowFLA
Shelter Island Heights (10-2-0) merged with Shelter Island (10-1-0) a while ago.

Posted by Chieftaz on Apr 22, 2009 : 00:46
Reply to this Suffolk County Fire Divisions

Comments: 9
Location: Ledyard CT/Greenport LI
There are still 10-2 units on shelter island... They just dropped Heights off their name.. hehe.. Not sure if they still do, but SIPD would use 10-3-0 from time to time..

Posted by Radio5390 on Jul 17, 2009 : 01:20
Reply to this Suffolk County Fire Divisions
Registered: Mar 27, 2007 : 23:39
Comments: 21
Location: The 5th Division
There is no Calverton and Peconic Amb. are no longer in service.

Posted by Chieftaz on Jul 21, 2009 : 23:36
Reply to this Suffolk County Fire Divisions

Comments: 9
Location: Ledyard CT/Greenport LI
6-4-0 was Grumman... and you are correct, they are no longer in business. Peconic Ambulance is just a memory!

Posted by Radio5390 on Mar 07, 2012 : 15:47
Reply to this Suffolk County Fire Divisions
Registered: Mar 27, 2007 : 23:39
Comments: 21
Location: The 5th Division
11-4-x is Hunter EMS

Posted by Radio5390 on May 17, 2012 : 01:09
Reply to this Suffolk County Fire Divisions
Registered: Mar 27, 2007 : 23:39
Comments: 21
Location: The 5th Division
5-35-x is SBVAC "Stony Brook Volunteers" which is ran primarily by students of SUNY Stony Brook, not to be confused with 5-41-x which is the University Hospital ambulances mainly used for transfers.

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