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Nassau Fire Fequencies
Nassau County Fire Department Scanner Frequencies
on Monday December 07, 2015
by w2lie print the content item create pdf file of the content item
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These are the frequencies in the live feed- my collection of Nassau County Fire Frequencies

These are the frequencies that are currently loaded into the Nassau Fire Department Feed.

Here is my personal list of codes/signals for NCFD

The sources for the frequencies are as follows:
Radio Reference's Nassau County Database
Scanner Master NY Metro/NNJ Communication Guide - 7th ed.

These loaded frequencies are forever changing.
As I find new frequencies, they will be loaded in. I can already tell, that I need to update them again.

To add comments, questions, or other info, please us the Nassau County Forum

Countywide Frequencies

FrequencyDescriptionPL/DPLPL LO*ModeStep
0046.1000Countywide Dispatch  FM5.0
0046.3200Fireground Battalions 1 6 7  FM5.0
0046.2000Fireground Battalion 2 3 4  FM5.0
0453.7125Fireground Battalion 2 3 4  NFM12.5
0046.1200Fireground Battalion 5, 8, 9  FM5.0
0046.2200Unit to Unit  FM5.0
0046.3000Fireground  FM5.0
0460.225046.10 X-Band rptr  NFM12.5
0453.662546.10 X-Band rptr (OOS)466 NFM12.5
0458.325046.10 X-Band rptr (OOS)423 NFM12.5
0453.275046.32 x-band rptr (Roosevelt)546 NFM12.5
0465.600046.32 x-band rptr (Elmont)156.7 NFM12.5
0465.537546.32 x-band rptr (PAC-RT)  NFM12.5
0458.275046.32 x-band rptr (Roosevelt)546 NFM12.5
0453.987546.20 x-band rptr (E.Rockwy)  NFM12.5
0471.350046.20 x-band rptr (Malverne)151.4 NFM12.5
0465.637546.20 x-band rptr (Unknown Location)  NFM12.5
0460.537546.20 x-band rptr (Unknown Location)423 NFM12.5
0453.087546.12 x-band rptr (Roslyn)423 NFM12.5
0458.887546.12 x-band rptr (South Farmingdale)67.0 NFM12.5
0046.0400Operations  FM5.0
0046.0000Operations  FM5.0
0453.3250Countywide Fireground "Channel 16"136.5 NFM12.5
0460.1875Countywide Special Ops136.5 NFM12.5
0453.4250Fire Marshals 97.4NFM12.5
0045.8800FC/FM Page & MA  FM5.0
0154.2650Battalion 1 Operations054 FM5
0465.6125Fireground Battalion 1 8241.8 NFM12.5
0460.5375Fireground Battalion 2 3 4423 NFM12.5
0462.9375Fireground Battalion 6162.2 NFM12.5
0465.5625Fireground Battalion 7167.9 NFM12.5
0153.9500Fireground "01"110.9 FM5.0
0154.0250Fireground "16"110.9 FM5.0

Nassau County Fire Department Scanner Frequencies

FrequencyDescriptionPL/DPLPL LO*ModeStep
0460.0500Albertson FD466 NFM12.5
0502.5250Baldwin Dispatch466 NFM12.5
0479.0625Baldwin Fireground466 NFM12.5
0479.1625Baldwin Fireground466 NFM12.5
0465.1875Bayville Fire Ground023 NFM12.5
0465.5875Bayville Mobile Rptr  NFM12.5
0453.7875Bellmore Dispatch466 NFM12.5
0465.5250Bellmore FGnd  NFM12.5
0453.1750Bellmore Fireground466 NFM12.5
0453.0250Bellmore Mbl Rpt  NFM12.5
0460.1750Blmr / Merrk EMS315 NFM12.5
0453.3250Bellrose Fireground107.2 NFM12.5
0467.8000BelleroseTer F/G023 NFM12.5
0464.5500Bethpage 'Buff'114.8 NFM12.5
0453.9250Bethpage Dispatch072 NFM12.5
0458.6375Bethpage EMS F-4411 NFM12.5
0453.9375Bethpage F-1/F-2411 NFM12.5
0453.6375Bethpage FGnd F3411 NFM12.5
0453.5125Carle Place FGnd156 NFM12.5
0453.8750Countywide UHF Dispatch100.0 NFM12.5
0465.6000East Meadow192.8 NFM12.5
0460.4375East Meadow Dispatch192.8 NFM12.5
0453.1125East Meadow Fireground192.8 NFM12.5
0472.7000East Meadow Fireground743 NFM12.5
0460.6250East Meadow Fireground Repeater192.8 NFM12.5
0465.6250East Meadow Fireground Simplex192.8 NFM12.5
0460.3750East Norwich FGnd466 NFM12.5
0458.1375East Norwich FGnd466 NFM12.5
0453.1375East Norwich FGnd466 NFM12.5
0465.5125East Norwich MOBEX 114.8NFM12.5
0460.2125East Rockaway Dispatch423 NFM12.5
0453.9875East Rockaway Fireground423 NFM12.5
0458.0625East Rockaway Fireground423 NFM12.5
0458.7375East Rockaway Fireground423 NFM12.5
0484.9625Elmont Dispatch156.7 NFM12.5
0465.6250Elmont Emergency156.7 NFM12.5
0453.5375Elmont Fireground466 NFM12.5
460.4125Farmingdale Dispatch664115NFM12.5
0453.3250Farmingdale Fireground "County 16"136.5 NFM12.5
0458.8000Farmingdale Ops136.5 NFM12.5
0460.5375Floral Park FGnd054 NFM12.5
0465.5375Floral Park(Rpt)031 NFM12.5
0045.3600Floral Pk Truck2Truck  FM5.0
0453.4625Franklin Sq Fireground023 NFM12.5
0453.4125Franklin Sq Fireground114.8 NFM12.5
0465.3125Freeport Emergency167.9 NFM12.5
0460.3125Freeport Fireground167.9 NFM12.5
0155.0250Freeport Fireground123.0 NFM5.0
0453.3250Freeport Fireground "County 16"136.5 NFM12.5
0460.3625Freeport Ops167.9 NFM12.5
0155.1000FreeportDispatch123.0 NFM5.0
0153.8450Garden City FGnd423 NFM5.0
0154.8150GardenCty Dsptch186.2 NFM5.0
0458.3125GardenCty FGnd225.7 NFM12.5
0465.1500Garden City Park Fireground225.7 NFM5.0
0158.9250GardenCtyPk Dsp  NFM5.0
0476.4250Glen Cove EMS Dispatch203.5 NFM12.5
0453.0750Glen Cove FD Ch 2203.5 NFM12.5
0460.2000Glen Cove Fire Dispatch151.4 NFM12.5
0453.7875Glen Cove Fireground 1151.4 NFM12.5
0464.8250Glen Cove Fireground 2151.4 NFM12.5
0469.2625Glen Cove Tac516 NFM12.5
0453.3250Glenwood "Fireground 16"136.5 NFM12.5
0460.5875Glenwood Fireground127.3 NFM12.5
0154.3175GreatNeck Alert H&L Co #1466 NFM7.5
0153.9375GreatNeck Alert H&L Co #1466 NFM7.5
0154.860Great Neck Vigilant156.7 NFM7.5
0155.9325Great Neck Vigilant466 NFM7.5
0150.7975Great Neck Vigilant  NFM7.5
0154.9800Hempstead Dsptch146.2 NFM5.0
0154.0700Hempstead Fireground146.2 NFM5.0
0465.6125Hewlett FGnd167.9 NFM12.5
0453.2625Hicksville Alert127.3 NFM12.5
0453.8375Hicksville Dspch Simulcast127.3 NFM12.5
0453.7625Hicksville Dstct  NFM12.5
0453.7125Hicksville FGnd 1127.3 NFM12.5
0453.6125Hicksville FGnd 2146.2 NFM12.5
0453.4375Hicksville FGnd 3 (Hazmat)146.2 NFM12.5
0462.9625Inwood  NFM12.5
0453.8750Inwood Alert100.0 NFM12.5
0460.5125Inwood FGnd423 NFM12.5
0460.5250Inwood Ops423 NFM12.5
0460.3375Island Park107.2 NFM12.5
0465.1000Island Park Fireground100.0 NFM12.5
0460.6000Jericho Dispatch88.5 NFM12.5
0465.6375Jericho FGnd88.5 NFM12.5
0460.5625Lakeview FGnd167.9 NFM12.5
0453.3250Lawrence/Cedarhurst "Fireground 16"136.5 NFM12.5
0453.6875Lawrence/Cedarhurst Command293  P2512.5
0453.6875Lawrnce/Cedarhst565 NFM12.5
0470.3000Levittown Dispatch97.4 NFM12.5
0453.0625Levittown Fire Police156.7 NFM12.5
0465.5875Levittown Fireground156.7 NFM12.5
0460.5875Levittown Operations156.7 NFM12.5
0458.0625Levittown TAC-4156.7 NFM12.5
0453.8125Locust Valley88.5 NFM12.5
0453.0375Locust Valley Mobile Repeater  NFM12.5
0460.0625Long Beach Dispatch156.7 NFM12.5
0453.6625Long Beach Fireground156.7 NFM12.5
0453.3125Long Beach Fireground156.7 NFM12.5
0453.8875Lynbrook FGnd82.5 NFM12.5
0460.0250Lynbrook Ops82.5 NFM12.5
0471.3500Malverne EMS131.8 NFM12.5
0465.6375Malverne FGnd  NFM12.5
0470.8250Malverne FGnd265 NFM12.5
0153.9500Manhasset-Lakeville110.9 FM5.0
0154.0250Manhasset-Lakeville110.9 FM5.0
0470.6000Massapequa Chief072 NFM12.5
0470.5125Massapequa Dispatch072 NFM12.5
0470.6250Massapequa District072 NFM12.5
0470.6500Massapequa District F2  NFM12.5
0470.6250Massapequa District TRBO  DMR12.5
0460.6375Massapequa EMS141.3 NFM12.5
0460.6125Massapequa Fireground Repeater146.2 NFM12.5
0465.6125Massapequa Fireground Simplex  NFM12.5
0453.0500Massapequa W.End  NFM12.5
0465.4875Meadowmere Park466 NFM12.5
0460.4875Meadowmere Pk FG466 NFM12.5
0153.8300Merrick Dispatch192.8 NFM12.5
0153.8300Merrick Fireground167.9 NFM5.0
0458.7500Merrick Fireground054 NFM5.0
0465.6125Mineola (x-rptr)151.4 NFM12.5
0460.4125Mineola FGnd141.3 NFM12.5
0465.6125Mineola FGnd107.2 NFM12.5
0453.9625Hew Hyde Park Ch 497.4 NFM12.5
0458.9625New Hyde Park Ch 597.4 NFM12.5
0458.6125New Hyde Pk FGnd97.4 NFM12.5
0453.0750N.Bellmore136.5 NFM12.5
0465.5625N.Bellmore Command167.9 NFM12.5
0453.8500N.Bellmore Dispatch167.9 NFM12.5
0453.5875N.Bellmore F_PD167.9 NFM12.5
0458.9875N.Bellmore Fireground167.9 NFM12.5
0458.1125N.Bellmore Fireground167.9 NFM12.5
0453.1875N.Bellmore Fireground167.9 NFM12.5
0460.5375N.Bellmore Mobile167.9 NFM12.5
0458.3875N.Massapequa - Fireground F2466 NFM12.5
0453.3875N.Massapequa - Fireground F3466 NFM12.5
0460.5375N.Massapequa - Fireground F4466 NFM12.5
0453.4125N.Massapequa Disaptch466 NFM12.5
0170.1500N. Merrick Dspch151.4 FM12.5
484.7000N. Merrick Dspch100.0 FM12.5
453.9875N. Merrick FGnd466 FM12.5
0170.5125N. Merrick FGnd151.4 FM12.5
465.150N. Merrick Fire Police073 FM12.5
0170.1500N. Merrick Rptr151.4 FM12.5
0453.2375Oceanside Dispatch226 NFM12.5
0463.0375Oceanside FGnd226 NFM12.5
0465.6250Oceanside FGnd226 NFM12.5
0460.5500Oyster Bay Atlantic Steamer Fireground206.5 NFM12.5
0460.6375Oyster Bay Mobile Repeater  NFM12.5
0477.1625Plainview Dsptch114.8 NFM12.5
0460.4875Plainview F.Gnd114.8 NFM12.5
0460.5125Plainview F.Gnd114.8 NFM12.5
0460.1375Pt Lookout-Lido054 NFM12.5
0458.9625Pt Lookout-Lido Fireground466 NFM12.5
0453.9375Pt Lookout-Lido Ops466 NFM12.5
0153.8900Pt Washington - TAC 1 - Fireground141.3 FM5.0
0153.8300Pt Washington - TAC 2 - Fireground Command110.9 FM5.0
0153.7700Pt Washington - TAC 3 - Truck to Truck / 2ndary Dsp  FM5.0
0033.9000Rockville Centre Dispatch131.8 FM5.0
0453.0875Rockville Centre Fireground464 NFM12.5
0453.1250Rockville Ctr 33.90 X-Band516 NFM12.5
0453.2750Roosevelt FGnd546 NFM12.5
0453.9375Roslyn FGnd423 NFM12.5
0453.2250Roslyn Rescue Repeater054 NFM12.5
0458.9375Roslyn Tac 2423 FM5.0
0458.0375Roslyn Tac 3423 NFM12.5
0453.5125Sea Cliff Fireground466 NFM12.5
0458.5125Sea Cliff Fireground466 NFM12.5
0471.0750Sea Cliff Repeater503 NFM12.5
0458.2875Seaford - Ops466 NFM12.5
0458.7125Seaford Fireground466 NFM12.5
0453.7375Seaford Fireground466 NFM12.5
0453.8875S. Farmingdale F.Gnd67.0 NFM12.5
0453.3250Stewart Manor Fireground "County 16"136.5 NFM12.5
0476.2875Syosset Chiefs / Dispatch Backup110.9 NFM12.5
0470.1375Syosset Disptch123.0 NFM12.5
0453.1000Syosset Disptch (Old)114.8 NFM12.5
0476.2375Syosset Fire Police103.5 NFM12.5
0479.2375Syosset Fire Police103.5 NFM12.5
0458.7125Syosset Fireground114.8 NFM12.5
0479.1875Syosset Fireground107.2 NFM12.5
0465.4875Syosset X-Band (Low Band) Mutual Aid114.8 NFM12.5
0465.5125Sysset X-Band Suff. MedCom & Huntington EMS114.8 NFM12.5
0478.6125Uniondale FGnd423 NFM12.5
0505.1000ValleyStream TAC51.0 NFM12.5
0453.8125ValleyStreamFGnd186.2 NFM12.5
0473.9625ValleyStreamFGnd162.2 NFM12.5
0154.1150Want/Levit/Mineola/ Malverne/Atl.Beach (and NCPD Aux)100.0 FM5.0
0465.5375Wantagh  NFM12.5
0458.5625Wantagh  NFM12.5
0460.0750Wantagh - Admin162.2 NFM12.5
0458.3625Wantagh - Fireground Repeater162.2 NFM12.5
0460.5125Wantagh - HazMat162.2466NFM12.5
0453.5625Wantagh - Operations162.2 NFM12.5
0460.5125Wantagh Command / Field Com466 NFM12.5
0471.3125Wantagh Dispatch162.2 NFM12.5
0453.3625Wantagh Fireground162.2 NFM12.5
0155.8350Want / Levit EMS (tac)162.2 FM5.0
0460.1750W.Hempstead FGnd466 NFM12.5
0453.5750Westbury Dsptch127.3 NFM12.5
0048.0200Westbury F_PD85.4 FM5.0
0465.5250Westbury FGnd203.5 NFM12.5
0465.5500Westbury FGnd203.5 NFM12.5
0465.5750Westbury FGnd203.5 NFM12.5
0465.6250Westbury FGnd203.5 NFM12.5
0460.6375Westbury Moble R141.3 NFM12.5
0453.8750Woodmere Alert100.0 NFM12.5
0453.1625Woodmere 'Buff' Rptr351 NFM12.5
0458.6375Woodmere FGnd162.2 NFM12.5

*Tone Lock-Out - If your scanner allows you to lockout a PL, this value will lock-out a licencee sharing this frequency.

Nassau County P25 Trunk System (PDCN)

Tower 101 Tower 102 
Oyster Bay Primary Simulcast
501.3750 500.2875500.9750
501.4125 500.4500501.0000
501.6125 500.4750501.0500
501.6250 500.5250501.0750
501.6500 500.5500501.1250
501.7250 500.6500501.3500
501.8500 500.7000501.5500
502.5000 500.7250501.7000
502.5500 500.7750502.4000
502.7000 500.8750502.6500
502.8250 500.9500 

Talk Group Description  
4001Nassau County Fire 1st Battalion 
4002Nassau County Fire 2nd Battalion 
4003Nassau County Fire 3rd Battalion 
4004Nassau County Fire 4th Battalion 
4005Nassau County Fire 5th Battalion 
4006Nassau County Fire 6th Battalion 
4007Nassau County Fire 7th Battalion 
4008Nassau County Fire 8th Battalion 
4009Nassau County Fire 9th Battalion 
4021Nassau County Fire Marshals  
4099Nassau County Fire InterOp  

Nassau County EDACS Trunk SystemThe Nassau County EDACS system must be programmed in as EDACS WIDE, and in Logical Channel Number Order

Talk Groups:

County Fire:

06-103Fire Field Coms
06-097FIRECOM 1
06-102FIRECOM 2
06-101Haz-Mat Private

Fire Marshall:

06-084Haz-Mat Tac 1
06-085Haz-Mat Tac 2
06-082Investigation T1
06-083Investigation T2
06-093Tac 1
06-094Tac 2
06-095Tac 3
06-096Tac 5


12-001Battalion 1
09-131Battalion 1
12-002Battalion 2
09-132Battalion 2
09-133Battalion 3
12-003Battalion 3
12-004Battalion 4
09-124Battalion 4
09-112Battalion 5
12-005Battalion 5
09-134Battalion 6
12-006Battalion 6
12-007Battalion 7
09-135Battalion 7
12-010Battalion 8
09-136Battalion 8
12-011Battalion 9
09-137Battalion 9
12-012Nassau Tac 1
12-013Nassau Tac 2
12-014Nassau Tac 3
12-015Nassau Tac 4


13-061Albertson FD
12-070Atlantic Beach W
06-111Baldwin FD
12-061Baldwin FD
13-063East Williston
13-064East Williston
12-132Garden City FD
12-131Locust Valley FD
09-077Pt. Wash. Maint
09-076Pt. Washington
13-074Pt. Washington
09-111Syosset FD
09-110Syosset Fleet
09-113Syosset Tac 1
09-114Syosset Tac 2
09-115Syosset Tac 3
09-116Syosset Tac 4
09-141Uniondale FD

To add comments, questions, or other info, please us the Nassau County Forum

Frequency list copyright w2lie.net 2005 - 2015

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