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ARC246 software for Uniden BC246T

ARC246 software for Uniden BC246T

' ARC246 2.2 (sept'08) now available! '

  ARC246 software for Uniden BC246T 
Buy Now

  • ARC246 (US$ 39.95) is dedicated software for the Uniden BC246T and is the most versatile software available.   The free BC246T clone utility is included with ARC246.  
  • ARC246 combines the best of 2 worlds! ARC246 can now directly access (*) the RadioReference.com Database! and import trunk and conventional systems!
    (*) Requires additional subscription to radioreference.com  
  • User Manual (64 pages, PDF file)  
  • QuickKey Overview: 'Drag and Drop' your systems or groups in QuickKeys and print overview for 'on the road'.  
  • Copy/paste groups between systems, building new systems was never this easy!  
  • Enhanced Virtual Control that displays active Frequency and Logs data.  
  • 'intelli upload': Replaces systems that are stored in your scanner without having to reset your scanner first! ARC246 will never reset your scanner!  
  • Read/write single or selected systems from/to BC246T  
  • Trunk WebCatcher: Import Trunk id's and tags directly from popular websites  
  • WebLink: Store a website in a system file and checking for the latest updates requires only one mouse click.  
  • Don't have a serial port? ARC246 also works with the Uniden USB-1 cable.  
  • All updates are free.  
  • Click to join the ARC246 discussion group at yahoogroups 
  • Download ARC246 V2.2 demo (demo will only upload 10 systems for limited time)
      Some sample screenshots from ARC246 (click for larger image): Trunk System Browser / Editor:
    All your systems are shown in the 'system browser' at the left of your screen, click on a system and all data stored in that system is shown:

  • Conventional System Browser / Editor:
    All your systems are shown in the 'system browser' at the left of your screen, click on a system and all data stored in that system is shown:  
  • System Browser / System Editor with weblink:
    Store a weblink in a system, checking for latest information only takes one mouse click: 

  • QuickKeys Overview and Print:
    Shows all assigned quick-keys system or group based, and for your convenience you can simply 'drag and drop' systems and groups from one Quick-key to the other.  
  • Virtual Control mini screen:
    Shows a small mini screen that you can position anywere you like, with ARC246 you can easily browse the BC246T Menu using your arrow keys and smart shortcuts.    ARC246T will be the first scanner software with build in TrunkWebCatcher*. Based on proven WebCatcher technology, TrunkwebCatcher will read trunk id's and tags from any website and directly import this data in your scanner! The days of typing over frequency and trunk id's lists are over!
    Below is a sample screenshot:       You can subscribe to the discussion group below, and receive up to date information about new releases, user tips etc.

    BuTel Software - ARC246 and UASD compared

    Option ARC246-basic Uniden UASD
    Enhanced Editor for memory channels
    Yes No
    Edit/Upload one system at a time
    Yes Yes
    Replace systems without full reset
    Yes No
    Remove systems from BC246 without full reset
    Yes No
    'Normal' Windows style layout
    Yes No
    Windows ToolBars
    Yes No
    Enhanced Copy/Paste
    Yes No
    Copy/Paste Groups/Systems
    Yes No
    Sort Options
    Yes No
    Set Preset QuickKeys
    Yes Yes
    Drag & Drop Quickkeys
    Yes No
    Yes No
    Trunk WebCatcher
    Yes No
    Conv. RadioRef Import
    Yes No
    Trunk RadioRef Import
    Yes No
    Save Config Data
    No Yes
    Import/Export CSV data
    Yes No
    Basic Virtual Control
    Yes Yes
    Enhanced Virtual Control
    Yes No
    Basic Data logging
    Yes Yes
    Enhanced Data Logging
    Yes No
    Auto Display Close Call frequency
    Yes No
    Conv. Scan logging incl. Frequency
    Yes No
    Close Call Logging
    Yes No
    Subtone Logging
    Yes No
    And Much More..
    Yes No

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