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New York Air Show at Jones Beach
Frequencies for the Jones Beach Air Show 2006
on Monday May 22, 2006
by w2lie print the content item create pdf file of the content item
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Frequencies for the Jones Beach Air show 2006

There are many great sources out on the net for MilAir freqs. One of my favorites is Military Comms Monitoring.
This is usually my first stop when programing up my radio for an event like an Air Show. MilAirCom has a page full of Blue Angel Freqs.

My next stop is usually Monitoring Times. Check out their PDF on the usual Air Show Freqs.

And, of course, you need to know when to listen. Bethpage Federal Credit Union is the sponser, so their page has all the details.

More info can be found in the forums, at this thread.

Here are the frequencies being scanned. The specialty feed will be streaming these freqs until 5/29/06. And in addition, I will have Republic Tower's freqs online to hopefully catch their approach to the Long Island Area

FrequencyID TagMode
143.6000Blue Angels - Air to Air & Ground SupportAM
237.8000Blue Angels - Air to Air / X-Country / Solos / DeltaAM
238.1500Blue Angels - Air to Air / X-Country / DiamondAM
273.3000Blue Angels - Startup / Fat AlbertAM
275.3500Blue Angels - Startup / Diamond / DeltaAM
284.2500Blue Angels - Air to Air / X-Country / Startup / DiamondAM
173.8250Blue Angels - Tower Comm CartNFM
143.0000Blue Angels - ATC ObserverAM
263.3500Blue Angels - Diamond / Fat AlbertAM
264.3500Blue Angels - DiamondAM
264.5500Blue Angels - DiamondAM
265.0000Blue Angels - DiamondAM
299.6500Blue Angels - DiamondAM
307.7000Blue Angels - DiamondAM
249.6500Blue Angels - SolosAM
251.6000Blue Angels - SolosAM
345.9000Blue Angels - SolosAM
346.5000Blue Angels - SolosAM
305.5000Blue Angels - Solos / Fat Albert PrimaryAM
254.5000Blue Angels - SolosAM
262.8500Blue Angels - UnknownAM
381.0000Blue Angels - UnknownAM
255.2000Blue Angels - DeltaAM
302.1000Blue Angels - Fat Albert SecondaryAM
289.8000Blue Angels - Aerial RefuelAM
139.8125Blue Angels - AlphaFM
142.6125Blue Angels - BravoFM
236.4500Blue Angels - Old FreqAM
249.6250Blue Angels - Old FreqAM
256.2500Blue Angels - Old FreqAM
286.0000Blue Angels - Old FreqAM
302.1500Blue Angels - Old FreqAM
123.1500A10 / T6 / Geicko / Red Bull / Red Barron / Aerobats / Tora Tora ToraAM
127.1500A-10 / T-6AM
136.5750T-6 / A-10 /F-16AM
376.0000Heritage FlightAM
123.4750A-10 / Golden Knights / AerobatsAM
138.0500A-10 ThunderboltFM
138.1000A-10 / F-16FM
138.2000A-10 / F-16FM
138.2500A-10 / F-16FM
138.3000A-10 ThunderboltFM
138.4750A-10 / F-16FM
135.5000A-10 ThunderboltAM
139.6250A-10 ThunderboltFM
139.8000A-10 ThunderboltFM
139.9750A-10 / F-16FM
140.4000A-10 ThunderboltFM
142.2000A-10 ThunderboltFM
236.8500A-10 ThunderboltAM
269.9000A-10 ThunderboltAM
305.4000A-10 ThunderboltAM
327.7000A-10 ThunderboltAM
341.5000A-10 ThunderboltAM
343.0000A-10 ThunderboltAM
225.6500USAF F15 EagleAM
228.4500USAF F15 EagleAM
228.9500USAF F15 EagleAM
232.1500USAF F15 EagleAM
233.5500USAF F15 EagleAM
234.6000USAF F15 EagleAM
236.1500USAF F15 EagleAM
236.5500USAF F15 EagleAM
237.4000USAF F15 EagleAM
238.6500USAF F15 EagleAM
238.8500USAF F15 EagleAM
239.4000USAF F15 EagleAM
252.5250USAF F15 EagleAM
252.5750USAF F15 EagleAM
252.7750USAF F15 EagleAM
254.6750USAF F15 EagleAM
257.0750USAF F15 EagleAM
258.3750USAF F15 EagleAM
259.5500USAF F15 EagleAM
260.2750USAF F15 EagleAM
262.0250USAF F15 EagleAM
262.0500USAF F15 EagleAM
264.8750USAF F15 EagleAM
264.9750USAF F15 EagleAM
262.5500USAF F15 EagleAM
268.1750USAF F15 EagleAM
275.6750USAF F15 EagleAM
276.6750USAF F15 EagleAM
279.6500USAF F15 EagleAM
282.6750USAF F15 EagleAM
282.8000USAF F15 EagleAM
285.1500USAF F15 EagleAM
287.7750USAF F15 EagleAM
292.7250USAF F15 EagleAM
296.9250USAF F15 EagleAM
298.3500USAF F15 EagleAM
301.5250USAF F15 EagleAM
303.9500USAF F15 EagleAM
305.6500USAF F15 EagleAM
315.1250USAF F15 EagleAM
315.8500USAF F15 EagleAM
317.8000F15 / F16AM
319.3250USAF F15 EagleAM
325.3250USAF F15 EagleAM
325.7250USAF F15 EagleAM
325.7750USAF F15 EagleAM
330.1250USAF F15 EagleAM
333.5500USAF F15 EagleAM
338.7500USAF F15 EagleAM
351.0500USAF F15 EagleAM
355.7500USAF F15 EagleAM
359.2250USAF F15 EagleAM
364.1250USAF F15 EagleAM
376.0250F15 F16 PrimaryAM
376.0750USAF F15 EagleAM
384.5000USAF F15 EagleAM
384.5500F15 F16 PrimaryAM
384.8500USAF F15 EagleAM
385.7000USAF F15 EagleAM
391.2000USAF F15 EagleAM
396.9000USAF F15 EagleAM
397.1000USAF F15 EagleAM
399.7500USAF F15 EagleAM
399.8500USAF F15 EagleAM
134.1750F-16 FalconAM
138.0250F-16 FalconFM
138.1500F-16 FalconFM
138.4250F-16 FalconAM
138.9000F-16 FalconFM
139.7500F-16 FalconFM
139.8250F-16 FalconFM
139.9000F-16 FalconFM
139.9250F-16 FalconFM
140.3750F-16 FalconFM
141.6000F-16 FalconAM
227.7000F-16 FalconAM
229.0750F-16 FalconAM
261.2000F-16 FalconAM
283.7000F-16 / T-6AM
336.9250F-16 FalconAM
344.9000F-16 FalconAM
138.4000T-6 HeritageFM
295.0000T-6 HeritageAM
123.4000Golden KnightsAM
123.5000Golden KnightsAM
32.3000Golden KnightsFM
32.4000Golden KnightsFM
122.5750Golden KnightsAM
124.8750Golden KnightsAM
284.9000Golden KnightsAM
367.7000Golden KnightsAM
122.7250Rd Bull/Rd BarronAM
122.8250Red BullAM
122.9250Red BullAM
123.3500Red BullAM
122.8750P-51 / AerobatsAM
123.4500Tora Tora ToraAM
469.5000Tora Tora ToraNFM
469.5500Tora Tora ToraNFM

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