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ARC250 software for Uniden BC250/296/785/796

ARC250 software for Uniden BC250/296/785/796 V1.20 - Jan. 2008

Buy NowARC785Basic
Buy NowARC785PRO

  ARC250 is the most versatile software for your frequencies, trunk id's and trunksettings. ARC250-basic also includes a full remote control of your BC250/785D/296/796. Looking for the BC250 / BC296 / UBC3300 serial cable? Check out the European Uniden accessory shop. For UBC3300XLT click here. Not sure what version you need? Check out our ARC250BASIC / ARC250PRO comparison sheet. Download ARC250 demo for BC250/BC785/BC296/BC796    
Click to subscribe to ARC250 discussion / mem file sharing group.

Overview of options in ARC250-BASIC ( $39.95 / 49.95 Euro ) version:

  • ARC250 includes the most versatile memory editor available on the market.
  • ARC250 supports all 4 Uniden digital scanners: BC250D / BC785D / BC296 / BC796.
  • Radioreference.com Webservice (requires additional subscription)
  • Program both conventional and trunk frequencies per bank.
  • Program memory channel tags, bank tags, trunk id tags.
  • Copy/Move/Swap memory banks / memory channels
  • ARC250 is the only software that correctly supports 7.5 kHz steps in 150 MHz range.
  • Support for new 6.25 kHz step ( 296/796 ONLY)
  • Compatible with Windows XP/2000.  
  • Virtual Control with 'intelli-button' interface and log option ( ARC250-PRO):
    • Virtual display has a real 'busy' indicator
    • Virtual Control is a near 100% copy of the scanner display
    • Virtual Control has seperate buttons for HOLD and MANUAL!
    • Trunk id tags are shown in trunk search mode!
    • Automatic refresh rate, guarantees lowest cpu load
    • Search Range extender > Add 200 CUSTOM programmable search ranges (PRO VERSION ONLY)
    • In search/scan mode virtual control has an auto resume option (PRO VERSION ONLY)
    • History log (PRO VERSION ONLY)
    • Log data to disk (PRO VERSION ONLY)
    • Log new frequencies, trunk id's and detected subtones (PRO VERSION ONLY)
    • Automatic digital WAV file recording (PRO VERSION ONLY)
  • Easy user interface
  • All updates are free for registered users
  • All tags can be centered
  • With ARC250 you can easily IMPORT trunk frequencies from ANY website into your BC250/785. For detailed step by step instructions click here.
  • Create FREE custom files for your local area online.
  • Setup your BC250 / BC785 Memory / Search / Trunk Data in a spreadsheet type interface.
  • Setup Trunk Id's, Trunk tags, Trunk list tags.
  • ARC250 converts and corrects Trunk ID's automatically.
  • Setup Trunk systems parameters.
  • Program tags in your memory channels banks and use over 15(!) additional characters not available when you use the BC250 / BC785 keyboard!
  • Setup your own memory bank 'tags'.  
  • Table tags are saved in memory files
  • Table tags can be synchronized with BC250 / BC785 automatically
  • Easy cut/copy/paste data between channels and banks.
  • Extra cut/copy/paste buttons that selects entire channel data
  • Move channels up and down with quick move buttons
  • ARC250 is the ONLY software that can program 3 base/step/offset settings for a Motorola type 2 system!
  • Import CSV data
  • Import data from previous saved ARC780 mem files.
  • Export CSV data
  • Merge memory bank files when reading data from the 250/785.
  • Program Mode and Step in every memory channel.
  • Fill down option
  • Fill series option
  • Software shows you which banks are empty
  • Full clipboard support for import/export data to/from other applications
  • Insert/remove/delete/swap/sort channels with a few mouse clicks
  • Move/Copy/Swap entire memory banks or memory channels in seconds
  • Easy data toggle with mouse double click or space bar or keyboard shortcuts
  • Sort frequencies per bank
  • Sort a range of channels
  • Remove duplicate frequencies
  • Software has a build in bandplan that is simular to the BC250 / BC785
  • Round option will automatically round frequencies simular to the BC250 / BC785 ( ARC250 is the only software that correctly implements 7.5 kHz steps.)  
  • User adjustable frequency bandplan: type in a frequency and software will select right mode and step from your own custom bandplan.  
  • Easy Fill for setting up new banks in a few seconds (enter a start frequency and a step, and easyfill will calculate and fill the selected bank) This way you can use a memory bank for searching.
  • With EasyFill you can use memory banks as search banks because the 250/785 only has 10 user adjustable search banks.  
  • Import frequencies directly from any website with the famous Webcatcher (integrated in ARC250-basic!).  
  • Import frequencies from any wordprocessor / database / spreadsheet.
  • Extra Dummy bank for storing temporary data while you are re-organising your memories.
  • Print option
  • And many more options.
  • Please compare our software with other packages.
    Not sure what version you need? Check out our ARC250BASIC / ARC250PRO comparison sheet.

    Overview of EXTRA options in ARC250-PRO version ( $69.95 / 79.95 Euro ):

  • ARC250 supports the BC250D / BC785D / BC296D / BC796D.
  • Extended Search > Add 200 (!) custom search ranges to your BC250 (unlike other software these extended ranges are USER programmable).
  • History log in virtual control ( the most reliable log available compared with Trunkstar , Winscan and Scancat for 780 and 250/785 .
  • Log frequencies, trunk id's
  • Log new identified subtones
  • Audio recording in WAV file > ARC250PRO software automatically records audio when squelch opens in conventional AND trunk mode. The filename contains: frequency, trunk id, start time and date, end time and date.
  • Every transmission is recorded and stored in a seperate file. Use windows mediaplayer for easy playback of the wav files.
  • Audio recoring is 'busy' triggered.
  • Audio recording requires a soundcard with line input and a connection from scanner audio output to you sound card line input.
  • Custom color and font settings for Virtual Control display.
  • Auto resume on encrypted APCO 25 signals!

Screenshots:   Virtual Control Search Range extender (PRO version ONLY):    

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