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Suffolk County Fire Frequencies
Suffolk County Fire Department Scanner Frequencies
on Monday May 14, 2012
by w2lie print the content item create pdf file of the content item
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Suffolk County Fire Frequencies.

These are the frequencies that are currently loaded into the Suffolk Fire Department Feed.

The sources for the frequencies are as follows:

To add comments, questions, or other info, please us the
Suffolk County Forum

Countywide Channel List By Channel Assignments

Ch NumberFrequencyDescription
F-146.34Division 1(Babylon)
F-146.34Division 2 (Huntington)
F-146.42Division 2 (Huntington)
F-146.44Division 3 (Islip)
F-146.44Division 4 (Smithtown)
F-146.40Division 5 (Brookhaven)
F-146.36Division 5A (N. Brookhaven)
F-146.48Division 6 (Riverhead)
F-146.48Division 7 (Southampton)
F-146.34Division 8 (Southold)
F-146.34Division 9 (Easthampton)
F-146.34Division 10 (Shelter Island)
F-246.46Countywide Dispatch
F-346.38Mutual Aid (Countywide)
F-446.30Fireground 1 (Low Power Use)
F-5153.83Fireground 5 (Low Power) May Use PL 157.6
F-646.48Fireground 3
F-946.50Fireground 2 / East End Backup / Fire Police

Countywide Fire Frequencies

FrequencyDescriptionPL/DPLPL LO*ModeStep
46.4600County Wide Disp   FM5.0
46.3400Division 1, 2, 8, 9   FM5.0
46.4200Division 2   FM5.0
46.4400Division 3, 4   FM5.0
46.3600Division 5A   FM5.0
46.4000Division 5A   FM5.0
46.4800Division 6, 7   FM5.0
453.162546.46 X-band 94.8 NFM12.5
453.087546.34 X-band (Babylon Central Fire Alarm)88.5 NFM12.5
453.112546.34 X-band (Deer Park) (Not Active 24/7) 466 NFM12.5
479.825046.34 X-Band Repeater (Lindenhurst)466 NFM5.0
482.012546.40 X-Band (Mastic Beach) 054 NFM12.5
482.562546.40 Crossband (Stony Brook)71.9 NFM12.5
46.3000Countywide F/G   FM5.0
46.3800Countywide M/A   FM5.0
46.5000Countywide Fire Police   FM5.0
154.3250Fire MCI 1 156.7 NFM5.0
154.3850Fire MCI 2 156.7 NFM5.0
151.3250Long Island Fire   NFM5.0
153.8300Fireground   NFM5.0
155.2800County Wide EMS Disp 156.7 NFM5.0
154.4150EMS 156.7 NFM5.0

Town Fire Frequencies

FrequencyDescriptionPL/DPLPL LO*ModeStep
460.5000Amityville 162.2 NFM5.0
45.2000Amityville Dispatch 162.2 FM5.0
470.4250Amityville Dispatch - 45.20 X-Band114.8 FM12.5
480.4500Amityville Fireground179.9 FM12.5
472.3750Babylon Town Fire /  EMS94.8 NFM12.5
453.1125Babylon Central Fire Alarm - 1st Division 466 NFM12.5
472.1250Babylon Central Fire Alarm - 46.46 X-Band132 NFM12.5
453.0875Babylon Central Fire Alarm - Crossband 88.5 NFM12.5
453.4626Babylon Central Fire Alarm UHF 1156.7 NFM12.5
453.7125Babylon Central Fire Alarm UHF 2156.7 NFM12.5
453.8625Babylon Central Fire Alarm UHF 3156.7 NFM12.5
472.3000Babylon Central Fire Alarm UHF 4466 NFM12.5
471.8000Town Of Babylon  NFM5.0
472.9625Town Of Babylon  NFM12.5
475.9625Town Of Babylon  NFM12.5
458.0625Bay Shore  94.8NFM12.5
471.2500Bay Shore  - Ops85.4 NFM5.0
470.7000Bay Shore  / Brightwaters EMS85.4 NFM5.0
477.5000Bay Shore  / Brightwaters EMS85.4 NFM5.0
453.5250Bayport77.0 NFM12.5
453.9875Bayport  NFM12.5
453.5125Bayport  NFM12.5
460.5750Bayport - Ops/Fg 031 NFM12.5
453.7750Bellport 156.7 NFM12.5
484.7125Blue Point047 NFM12.5
470.4375Bohemia  - Possibly Not in use023 NFM12.5
465.0500Bohemia F/G Tac 1 371 NFM12.5
465.0875Bohemia F/G Tac 2 371 NFM12.5
476.4375Bohemia Ops371 NFM12.5
462.5750Brentwood 155 NFM12.5
476.8000Brentwood - OPS 77.0 NFM12.5
478.1000Brentwood Buff?  NFM12.5
481.1000Brentwood Buff?  NFM12.5
476.5625Brentwood Dispatch 71.9 NFM12.5
45.7400Brentwood Fireground Backup  FM5.0
155.025Brentwood Legion Ambulance Ops031 NFM12.5
460.2625Bridgehampton 162.2 NFM12.5
154.1900Bridgehampton 162.2 NFM5.0
153.8900Brookhaven 114.8 NFM5.0
453.9750Brookhaven  Ops025 NFM12.5
164.2500Brookhaven National Laboratory 127.3 NFM5.0
453.2250Center Moriches 054NFM12.5
155.1750Center Moriches  NFM12.5
458.3625Center Moriches  NFM12.5
453.2250Center Moriches 054NFM12.5
484.9750Center Moriches Ops506 NFM12.5
465.6375Centereach131 NFM12.5
465.5875Centereach131 NFM12.5
460.0250Centereach 82.5NFM12.5
45.4400Centereach 114.8 FM5.0
476.8625Centereach - Ops132 NFM12.5
470.5000Centereach Dispatch   NFM12.5
465.2625Centereach Dispatch (OLD)  NFM12.5
460.2625Centereach Mall Repeater  NFM12.5
45.1400Centerport Ch 2 88.5 FM5.0
478.3250Central Islip - Hauppauge Ambulance Ops88.5 NFM12.5
460.1875Central Islip Dispatch371 NFM12.5
460.1000Central Islip Ops431 NFM12.5
471.12500Cold Spring Harbor054 NFM12.5
458.9625Cold Spring Harbor Vehicle Repeater054 NFM12.5
481.1750Commack   NFM12.5
478.1750Commack Ambulance Ops88.5 NFM12.5
470.9750Commack Dispatch  NFM12.5
471.1750Commack Ops051 NFM12.5
473.9750Commack TAC-2  NFM12.5
150.7900Commack Vol EMS156.7 NFM5.0
150.7750Commack Vol EMS156.7 NFM5.0
462.2000Community Ambulance (Sayville) - Dispatch/Operations 031 NFM12.5
461.9750Community Ambulance (Sayville) - Secondary 031 NFM12.5
485.1250Coram  NFM12.5
482.1250Coram  NFM12.5
154.4450Coram 103.5 NFM5.0
154.1300Coram 103.5 NFM5.0
154.1450Coram  Ops103.5 NFM5.0
453.5500Cutchogue Fire 100.0 NFM12.5
482.5500Davis Park047 NFM12.5
465.3500Deer Park   NFM12.5
460.3500Deer Park  203.5NFM12.5
453.9125Deer Park  167.9NFM12.5
458.7375Deer Park   NFM12.5
458.9125Deer Park Fireground466 NFM12.5
159.1050Dix Hills   NFM5.0
154.1600Dix Hills (Back-up) 127.3 NFM5.0
476.9500Dix Hills Dispatch 85.4 NFM12.5
471.4375Dix Hills Operation 365 NFM12.5
453.6875Dix Hills TAC-1 210.7 NFM12.5
453.9375Dix Hills TAC-2 210.7 NFM12.5
458.1875Dix Hills TAC-3 - Also APCO-25 NAC 210.7 NFM12.5
483.8000East Farmingdale Dispatch100.0 NFM12.5
45.3200East Farmingdale Fire Police162.2 FM5.0
484.8000East Farmingdale Fireground156.7 NFM12.5
453.1625East Farmingdale Mobile Ch1 94.8 NFM12.5
458.1625East Farmingdale Mobile Ch2   NFM12.5
482.9000East Farmingdale Operations136.5 NFM12.5
470.8375East Islip Fireground466 NFM12.5
472.4250East Islip Ops88.5 NFM12.5
458.4750East Marion Fireground 206.5 NFM12.5
453.5750East Marion Ops206.5 NFM12.5
482.5250East Moriches Ops271 NFM12.5
487.9625East Northport  Fire Police205 NFM12.5
453.5375East Northport  Tac 1205 NFM12.5
453.200East Northport  Tac 2205 NFM12.5
460.0125East Northport Future Use  NFM12.5
465.2375East Northport Future Use  NFM12.5
476.9000East Northport Ops205 NFM12.5
460.0250East Quogue100.0 NFM12.5
470.9625Farmingville 023 NFM12.5
471.1375Farmingville 023 NFM12.5
470.7625Farmingville - EMS023 NFM12.5
470.5625Farmingville Ops023 NFM12.5
458.9875Farmingville Vehicle Repeater023 NFM12.5
453.725Fire Island Pines  NFM12.5
460.3750Fire Island Pines - Low Power Repeater654 NFM12.5
453.2000Flanders 031 NFM12.5
453.2000Flanders - Northampton Ambulance Ops179.9 NFM12.5
460.0250Gordon Heights  82.5NFM12.5
460.5000Gordon Heights Ops127.3 NFM12.5
482.4250Great River 261 NFM12.5
471.0500Greenlawn 261 NFM12.5
453.6625Greenport94.8 NFM12.5
460.5250Hagerman 023 NFM12.5
453.3125Hagerman 662 NFM12.5
453.2750Hagerman Ops023 NFM12.5
460.525Halesite Fireground 423NFM12.5
482.2875Hampton Bays  NFM12.5
453.1625Hampton Bays 20594.8NFM12.5
453.4875Hampton Bays 88.5 NFM12.5
478.5875Hauppauge  Ops031 NFM12.5
478.2000Hauppauge Fireground051 NFM12.5
45.9400Holbrook - 482.650 Simulcast88.5 FM5.0
458.1875Holbrook Fireground141.3 NFM12.5
482.6500Holbrook Ops100.0 NFM12.5
460.3125Holtsville & Holbrook Dispatch516 NFM12.5
460.4125Holtsville Ops115 NFM12.5
46.4200Huntington   FM5.0
462.6250Huntington 97.4 NFM12.5
460.4500Huntington - Ops054 NFM12.5
482.4750Huntington Community77.0 NFM12.5
483.8250Huntington Community - P25 Simulcast of 155.3850215  P2512.5
155.3850Huntington Community First Aid Squad (Old - Ch1) 114.8 NFM5.0
155.1750Huntington Community First Aid Squad (Old - Ch2) 114.8 NFM5.0
470.5375Huntington Manor - Ops100.0 NFM12.5
470.4000Huntington Manor Fireground365 NFM12.5
477.5125Exchange Ambulance Corporation of the Islips 167.9 NFM12.5
153.8300Islip Fire Fireground 156.7 NFM5.0
453.9625Islip Fireground346 NFM12.5
460.2750Islip Ops (OLD)346 NFM12.5
482.600Islip Town Fire / EMS77.0 NFM12.5
471.0875Islip Terrace 023 NFM12.5
476.9750Islip Terrace Ops91.5 NFM12.5
460.1875Jamesport 141.3 NFM12.5
466.460Kings Park   NFM12.5
472.9375Kings Park - Ops127.3 NFM12.5
476.7125Lakeland Backup023 NFM12.5
470.8875Lakeland Ops023 NFM12.5
476.3500Lindenhurst - Ops155 NFM12.5
476.8250Lindenhurst Fireground 466 NFM12.5
153.8300Lindenhurst Fireground 94.8 NFM5.0
471.2750Mac Arthur Airport - Base / Main Ops (Moved to TRS)107.2 NFM12.5
477.2125Mac Arthur Airport - Fire Ops / FD to PD 107.2 NFM12.5
152.0600Manorville Ambulance Ops173.8 NFM12.5
482.4000Manorville Ops411 NFM12.5
465.4375Mastic  NFM12.5
464.7750Mastic054 NFM12.5
453.4500Mastic Ambulance Ops654 NFM12.5
453.1500Mastic Ops654 NFM12.5
482.0625Mastic Beach  NFM12.5
482.0125Mastic Beach (46.40 X-Band) 054 NFM12.5
155.205Mastic Beach EMS  NFM12.5
453.5125Mattituck173.8 NFM12.5
460.1375Mattituck Fireground631 NFM12.5
484.3750Mattituck Ops100.0 NFM12.5
453.5500Medford Ambulance Ops654 NFM12.5
460.5875Medford District Employees047 NFM12.5
453.6000Medford Ops654 NFM12.5
470.2375Melville 186.2 NFM12.5
476.0125Melville Chiefs88.5 NFM12.5
470.1625Melville Dispatch77.0 NFM12.5
471.2875Melville Ops100.0 NFM12.5
453.1250Middle Island 047 NFM12.5
460.3375Middle Island Ops047 NFM12.5
460.5750Miller Place Ops466 NFM12.5
453.4259th Division UHF 97.4NFM12.5
461.1255Moriches Ambulance Ops  NFM12.5
460.1125 Mount Sinai - Ops516 NFM12.5
453.5750Nesconset 136.5 NFM12.5
453.7125Nissequogue 192.8 NFM12.5
476.5125Nissequogue Ops192.8 NFM12.5
46.3000North Lindenhurst - Fireground   FM5.0
475.1250North Lindenhurst - Fireground 371 NFM12.5
46.5800North Patchogue   NFM5.0
453.1750North Patchogue - EMS 031 NFM12.5
453.0750North Patchogue Dispatch031 NFM12.5
460.5500North Patchogue Ops031 NFM12.5
453.6500North Sea 226 NFM12.5
476.4750Ocean Beach - Fire Island Wide M/A77.0 NFM12.5
465.5375Ocean Beach (Old)432 NFM12.5
465.5125Ocean Beach (Old)432 NFM12.5
460.7500Ocean Beach Ops Ch 188.5 NFM12.5
460.6000Ocean Beach Ops Ch 282.5 NFM12.5
460.2625Orient 146.2 NFM12.5
465.5125Orient Fireground 146.2 NFM12.5
453.8125Patchogue - Ops054 NFM12.5
463.4500Patchogue Ambulance Ops031 NFM12.5
465.1375Patchogue Fire Police192.8 NFM12.5
453.7875Patchogue RIC146.2 NFM12.5
460.1375Patchogue Vehicle Repeater192.8 NFM12.5
453.2875Port Jefferson Dispatch662 NFM12.5
453.0250Port Jefferston Ambulance Ops662 NFM12.5
453.8375Port Jefferston Ops662 NFM12.5
460.6125Quogue Ops411 NFM12.5
453.4750Republic Airport Fire 146.2 NFM12.5
453.4625Ridge Fire 047 NFM12.5
460.3875Riverhead 97.4 NFM12.5
460.2500Riverhead Ambulance Ops131.8 NFM12.5
460.0375Riverhead Ops073 NFM12.5
458.5000Rocky Point  NFM12.5
453.6750Rocky Point - Ops047 NFM12.5
460.6250Ronkonkoma 071 NFM12.5
460.1250Saint James 432 NFM12.5
472.1500Saltaire156.7 NFM12.5
480.1000Sayville Fireground 115 NFM12.5
470.4250Sayville Ops071 NFM12.5
154.8300Selden 031 NFM5.0
45.8200Selden   FM5.0
471.0125Selden Ops132 NFM12.5
471.1125Selden UHF 294.8110.9NFM12.5
470.7375Setauket - EMS Ch 3734 NFM12.5
470.3875Setauket - Ops Ch 1546 NFM12.5
470.3375Setauket - Ops Ch 2371 NFM12.5
464.7750Shirley Community Ambulance Ops100.0 NFM12.5
155.7000Smithtown (Old)156.7 NFM5.0
470.675Smithtown Dispatch88.5 NFM12.5
460.5125Smithtown Ops466 NFM12.5
453.3875Sound Beach 662 NFM12.5
460.0750Sound Beach Ops77.0 NFM12.5
453.9000South Country Ambulance 100.0 NFM12.5
154.9650Southampton100.0 NFM5.0
154.9800Southampton123.0 NFM5.0
155.0400Southampton EMS91.5 NFM5.0
453.4000Southampton EMS100.0 NFM5.0
460.0875Southold 110.9 NFM12.5
453.4875Stony Brook (Old)047 NFM12.5
453.2625Stony Brook (Old)94.8 NFM12.5
482.8750Stony Brook Dispatch77.0 NFM12.5
482.5620Stony Brook Ops71.9 NFM12.5
460.6000Terryville 167.9 NFM12.5
483.6750Terryville 167.9 NFM12.5
482.5000Terryville 031 NFM12.5
453.0750Terryville - Dispatch 167.9 NFM12.5
451.3750Terryville Ops031 NFM12.5
46.3000Town of Babylon   FM5.0
46.3400Town of Babylon Ch 1   FM5.0
46.3800Town of Babylon Ch 3   FM5.0
460.3625Wading River 206.5167.9NFM12.5
453.0500West Hampton War Memorial Ambulance Ops179.9 NFM12.5
460.4750West Hampton Beach205 NFM12.5
460.0375West Islip743 NFM12.5
458.1125West Islip - Operations Simplex  NFM12.5
458.2625West Islip - Operations Simplex  NFM12.5
476.6500West Islip - Ops054 NFM12.5
453.3000West Sayville-Oakdale 047 NFM12.5
155.2200Wyandanch-Wheatley Heights Ambulance Ops156.7 NFM5.0
154.2800Yaphank (Old)031 NFM5.0
156.0075Yaphank (Old)031 NFM5.0
483.4250Yaphank Fireground031 NFM12.5
483.3250Yaphank Ops546 NFM12.5

*Tone Lock-Out - If your scanner allows you to lockout a PL, this value will lock-out a licencee sharing this frequency.

Suffolk County Motorola Trunk Radio System
(Reband tables are required)

Uniden Reband Table GRE Reband Table

FrequencyID TagMode
0851.0625Suffolk TRSMoto
0851.0875Suffolk TRSMoto
0851.1625Suffolk TRSMoto
0851.2375Suffolk TRSMoto
0851.3625Suffolk TRSMoto
0851.4125Suffolk TRSMoto
0851.6875Suffolk TRSMoto
0852.2875Suffolk TRSMoto
0852.4000Suffolk TRSMoto
0852.4250Suffolk TRSMoto
0852.6750Suffolk TRSMoto
0852.7375Suffolk TRSMoto
0852.8500Suffolk TRSMoto
0852.9250Suffolk TRSMoto
0853.1250Suffolk TRSMoto
0853.2250Suffolk TRSMoto
0853.2500Suffolk TRSMoto
0853.3750Suffolk TRSMoto
0853.5250Suffolk TRSMoto
0853.6750Suffolk TRSMoto
0853.8000Suffolk TRSMoto
0853.8250Suffolk TRSMoto

Talk Group Description
656Mac Authur Airport Fire / Rescue
784Firecomm HazMat
1232Town of Brookhaven Fire Marshal
1360Firecomm Ch-1 - Dispatch
2544Firecomm Ch-2
2896Firecomm Ch-3

To add comments, questions, or other info, please us the Suffolk County Forum

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