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New Suffolk County Trunk System OBSERVATIONS

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Posted: Fri Feb 01 2019, 09:56pm
Posted by: Dave3825usPosts: 781
Old Display Name: Dave
Premium Member Premium MemberJoined: Fri Mar 24 2006, 10:47pm

When the 800 simulcast starts up, 851.00625 does not display itself or a channel number right away even tho it's in the DSDPlus.P25data file (shown below). All the others do start right up and display the ch number.

Have it running now. Going to watch while I wait for my turkey burgers . Now its been a while. I am going to add it to Unitrunker since Unitrunker will log channel activity.. I programmed it at 5 09 pm. Lets see when it shows a first seen..

     Site: 1.4    NAC=3C4  BSI=WNNM880     ; 800 Simulcast

    Neighbor: BEE00.3CE-1.6      ; 1st Precinct

    Channel 0-0:      851.00625             VOICE
    Channel 0-25:     851.1625     CC  SCC  VOICE
    Channel 0-227:    852.425      CC  SCC  VOICE
    Channel 0-267:    852.675      CC  SCC  VOICE
    Channel 0-277:    852.7375     CC  SCC  VOICE
    Channel 0-295:    852.85                VOICE
    Channel 0-307:    852.925               VOICE
    Channel 0-339:    853.125               VOICE
    Channel 0-355:    853.225               VOICE        BSI

[ Edited Fri Feb 01 2019, 10:10pm ]
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Posted: Sat Feb 02 2019, 01:40am

Posted by: GTR8000Posts: 50
Joined: Fri Nov 25 2016, 07:07am

It would be nice if DSD+ logged channel hits in the p25data file.
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Posted: Sat Feb 02 2019, 04:37pm
Posted by: Dave3825usPosts: 781
Old Display Name: Dave
Premium Member Premium MemberJoined: Fri Mar 24 2006, 10:47pm

So dsd and unitrunker have been running since my last post around 5pm. Almost 18 hours and Unutrunker does not list a first seen date, and dsd is not showing 851.00625 in the cc channel activity window. I will resume this on Monday when there will be much more traffic. The freq was loaded earlier in the day so maybe it comes up when the system is very busy.

I have seen a few times where every freq was being used. Looking at my dsdgroups file, there are 13 definite tg's that have had activity. . Usually it's just the 6 bus related , Command and 7th (or 5th) , S Hampton Village and occasionally the buses use Countywide 1. So this setup has been maxed out at times. 8 freqs and 10 talk groups.

P25,       BEE00.3CE, 1,        50,  Normal,      82,  2019/02/01  4:55,  "Countywide 1"
P25,       BEE00.3CE, 11,       55,     L/O,   13559,  2019/02/02 10:56,  "Suffolk Bus Vans"
P25,       BEE00.3CE, 15,       50,     L/O,     139,  2019/02/02  9:17,  "Dispatchers Base to Base."
P25,       BEE00.3CE, 17,       50,     L/O,    5211,  2019/02/02 10:55,  "Suffolk Bus West"
P25,       BEE00.3CE, 19,       55,     L/O,    4404,  2019/02/02 10:28,  "Babylon Bus"
P25,       BEE00.3CE, 23,       50,     L/O,    1495,  2019/02/02 10:49,  "Sunrise Bus"
P25,       BEE00.3CE, 25,       45,     L/O,   14066,  2019/02/02 10:55,  "Intercounty Western "
P25,       BEE00.3CE, 3111,     50,  Normal,      66,  2019/01/15 10:35,  "SCPD 1st"
P25,       BEE00.3CE, 3511,     50,  Normal,      28,  2019/01/10 12:17,  "SCPD 5th"
P25,       BEE00.3CE, 3711,     50,  Normal,    1555,  2019/01/31 21:53,  "SCPD 7th"
P25,       BEE00.3CE, 3803,     50,  Normal,    3386,  2019/02/02 10:54,  "SCPD Command"
P25,       BEE00.3CE, 22001,    50,  Normal,    1589,  2019/02/02 10:43,  "S Hampton PD"
P25,       BEE00.3CE, 22003,    50,  Normal,       7,  2019/01/09 18:10,  ""

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Posted: Fri Mar 01 2019, 02:57pm
Posted by: Dave3825usPosts: 781
Old Display Name: Dave
Premium Member Premium MemberJoined: Fri Mar 24 2006, 10:47pm

Anyone have anything new about site 3 or anything else with this system ?

2019/02/28  11:53:34  Freq=772.281250  NAC=3C3  Current site:  BEE00.3CE-1.3  700 Simulcast
2019/02/28  11:58:56  Freq=772.281250  NAC=3C3  Registration Req; Tgt=14692873   Src=1406306
2019/02/28  14:12:42  Freq=772.281250  NAC=3C3  Registration Req; Tgt=26532   Src=REG-DEFAULT [REG-DEFAULT]
2019/02/28  18:05:59  Freq=772.281250  NAC=3C3  Registration Req; Tgt=26339   Src=REG-DEFAULT [REG-DEFAULT]
2019/02/28  20:22:01  Freq=772.281250  NAC=3C3  Registration Req; Tgt=23053   Src=REG-DEFAULT [REG-DEFAULT]
2019/02/28  20:59:09  Freq=772.281250  NAC=3C3  Registration Req; Tgt=38499   Src=REG-DEFAULT [REG-DEFAULT]
2019/02/28  21:25:04  Freq=772.281250  NAC=3C3  Registration Req; Tgt=52550   Src=REG-DEFAULT [REG-DEFAULT]
2019/02/28  22:37:02  Freq=772.281250  NAC=3C3  Registration Req; Tgt=50074   Src=REG-DEFAULT [REG-DEFAULT]
2019/03/01  02:58:24  Freq=772.281250  NAC=3C3  Registration; RID=64135    ACCEPT
2019/03/01  02:58:24  Freq=772.281250  NAC=3C3  Affiliation; RID=64135   TG=6301    ACCEPT
2019/03/01  07:41:42  Freq=772.281250  NAC=3C3  Registration Req; Tgt=10967 [7th pct unit]   Src=REG-DEFAULT [REG-DEFAULT]
2019/03/01  08:04:46  Freq=772.281250  NAC=3C3  Registration Req; Tgt=64110   Src=REG-DEFAULT [REG-DEFAULT]

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Posted: Sun Mar 03 2019, 10:55pm
Posted by: Darkstar350Posts: 580
Joined: Mon Aug 18 2014, 10:57pm

Not sure why but i seem to be able to pick up the 800mhz freqs OK depending on the location in nassau
but i only seem to pick up the 700mhz freqs when in or closer to suffolk
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Posted: Thu Mar 14 2019, 01:47am
Posted by: thehawkPosts: 84
Joined: Tue Jan 20 2015, 10:02pm

hospital north now on the digital side tgid 155
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Posted: Fri Mar 15 2019, 06:32pm
Posted by: thehawkPosts: 84
Joined: Tue Jan 20 2015, 10:02pm

hospital south now on the digital side as well tgid 157
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Posted: Fri Mar 15 2019, 07:16pm
Posted by: Dave3825usPosts: 781
Old Display Name: Dave
Premium Member Premium MemberJoined: Fri Mar 24 2006, 10:47pm

They also seem to have created 8 new tg's that are not on the 800 system.

And established tg's for,

Med Comm East tg 151
Med Comm West tg 153

22003 and 22005 may be related to South Hampton Village as I see some rid's from 22001 (South Hampton Village) in the history of 22003 and 22005. Time will tell.
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Posted: Fri Mar 15 2019, 09:16pm
Posted by: thehawkPosts: 84
Joined: Tue Jan 20 2015, 10:02pm

this is what i have logged so far. Anything in red is unconfirmed.

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Posted: Fri Mar 15 2019, 09:48pm
Posted by: Dave3825usPosts: 781
Old Display Name: Dave
Premium Member Premium MemberJoined: Fri Mar 24 2006, 10:47pm

How long has that been running? I may have found another bug in Unitrunker.

tg 1601 ( 25616 (enc) on 800 ) is in my site 3c4 from last thursday.
tg 3 countywide 2 was seen last weekend with the st pats parade and the week before in the east islip st pats parade.

Everything in red I have also.

I will do a better comparison later as I have a function at my sons school.
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