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Nassau County EDACS

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Posted: Wed Feb 03 2016, 10:06am

Posted by: w2liePosts: 2805

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Old Display Name: w2lie
Location: Long Island, NY
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Joined: Fri Nov 04 2005, 03:28am

Here are the UniTrunker logs from January 2016.
I've changed the formatting again on the ouput to make it easier to transfer the data from UniTrunker to the website.   UniTrunker only logs the last used voice mode.   I've changed the values from numerical to Ana for Analog, PV for ProVoice, and Dat for Data.   UT dumps the data in Decimal format.  If I was unable to find a Fleet code for the Analog TG, you will see #N/A.  If there was no value registered in UT for any other field, I left it blank.   And if you look at the hit count, some of those blanks might be false talk groups.

One thing I noticed too is that it seems that Cedar Creek and NICE are no longer active on the TRS.   I am betting that now that both agencies are privately runned, they are no longer using county radios.     I think it might be time for W2LIE.net get together and see if we can track down their new locations.

EDACS Dump 1 of 3:

0#N/A 05/03/201506/12/20153Ana
200-002Radio Technicians03/06/201501/29/2016316 
300-003Radio Technicians03/06/201501/29/2016293 
500-005Radio Technicians03/06/201501/28/2016194 
66#N/A 07/21/201507/21/20151 
67#N/A 05/03/201505/03/20152Ana
110#N/A 07/21/201507/21/20153 
121#N/A 10/09/201510/09/20151 
132#N/A 05/03/201505/03/20152Dat
145#N/A 10/12/201510/22/20151 
249#N/A 07/22/201501/24/20163 
26502-011Baypark Maintenance03/06/201501/29/201617 
26602-012Baypark Operations03/06/201510/19/201511 
26702-013Cedar Creek Maintenance03/06/201510/03/20151 
26802-014Cedar Creek Operations03/06/201510/06/201512949Ana
26902-015Public Works Supervisors03/06/201505/03/20151 
27002-016Public Works Superintendants03/06/201505/03/20151 
27102-017PW Executive03/06/201505/03/20151 
27302-021Sewer Contruction03/06/201510/19/20152 
27502-023Cedar Creek Supervisors03/06/201510/03/20151 
28102-031Public Works Building Division03/06/201505/03/20151 
28902-041Road Maintenance03/06/201502/01/20163844Ana
30502-061DPW Haz-Mat03/06/201510/03/20151 
30602-062Cedar Creek Superintendants Operations03/06/201510/03/20151 
30702-063Cedar Creek Lab03/06/201510/03/20151 
31302-071County DPW Tac103/06/201510/03/20152 
31402-072County DPW Tac203/06/201510/03/20151 
31502-073County DPW Tac303/06/201510/03/20151 
31602-074County DPW Tac403/06/201510/03/20151 
31702-075County DPW Tac503/06/201510/03/20151 
318#N/A 05/03/201505/03/20152PV
32102-081County DPW Tac603/06/201510/03/20151 
32202-082County DPW Tac703/06/201510/03/20151 
32302-083County DPW Tac803/06/201510/03/20151 
32402-084County DPW Tac903/06/201510/03/20151 
32502-085County DPW Tac1003/06/201510/03/20152 
32902-091Nassau County Soil Lab03/06/201510/03/20151 
33702-101Nassau County Survey03/06/201510/22/201538 
33802-102Nassau County Permits03/06/201510/03/201512 
33902-103Water Management03/06/201510/03/20156Ana
34002-104Construction Leader03/06/201510/03/20151 
34102-105Baypark Superintendants Operations03/06/201510/03/20151 
36102-131County Attorney 103/06/201510/03/20151 
36202-132County Attorney 203/06/201510/03/20151 
38503-001Administrative 2 Employee Relations03/06/201510/03/20151 
38603-002DPW Administrative 103/06/201510/03/20151 
39303-011Town of Hempstead Street Lights03/06/201510/03/20151 
39403-012Town of Hempstead Traffic03/06/201501/29/20161703Ana
39503-013Town of Hempstead Townwide03/06/201510/03/20151 
39603-014Town of Hempstead Animal Control03/06/201510/03/20151 
40103-021Bayville Public Works03/06/201510/03/20151 
40203-022Town of North Hempstead Public Safety03/06/201510/17/201517 
40903-031Massapequa Park DPW Main03/06/201501/29/20162602Ana
41003-032DPW Operations03/06/201501/26/20169 
41103-033DPW Supervisors03/06/201510/03/20151 
41703-041Park Security 103/06/201510/03/20151 
42503-051NC DPW Comm 103/06/201510/14/201525 
42603-052NC DPW Comm 203/06/201510/03/20152 
42703-053NC DPW Comm 303/06/201510/03/20152 
42803-054NC DPW Comm 403/06/201510/03/20152 
42903-055NC DPW Comm 503/06/201501/27/201611 
43303-061King's Point DPW03/06/201501/24/20163 
43503-063King's Point PD03/06/201510/03/20151 
44103-071Great Neck OEM03/06/201501/25/20165 
449#N/A 05/22/201501/28/201646 
469#N/A 07/28/201507/28/20153 
470#N/A 06/30/201510/14/20155 
471#N/A 06/30/201510/01/201511 
472#N/A 06/30/201506/30/20154 
473#N/A 06/30/201506/30/20156 
514#N/ASheriff ??03/06/201501/31/20163194Ana
515#N/A 01/30/201601/30/20162 
51704-005Sheriff Tac 103/06/201501/27/20165 
518#N/A 06/29/201510/09/20156 
519#N/A 05/23/201501/29/201618 
52104-011Sheriff Dispatch03/06/201502/01/201645715Ana
52204-012Jail Security South03/06/201501/31/20163567Ana
52304-013Jail Security North03/06/201502/01/2016501 
52404-014Prisoner Transport03/06/201501/29/20163249Ana
52504-015Jail Administrative03/06/201501/27/201646 
52604-016Jail Maintenance & Kitchen03/06/201501/31/20168302Ana
52704-017Sheriff Superior Officer03/06/201505/03/20151 
528#N/A 03/06/201503/06/20151 
52904-021SBI CIU VG03/06/201510/03/20151 
53004-022Corrections ERT03/06/201510/03/20151 
53104-023SBI IAU VG03/06/201510/22/20152 
53204-024Sheriff Tac 403/06/201510/03/20151 
53304-025Sheriff Tac 503/06/201501/28/2016288 
53404-026Sheriff Planning03/06/201510/20/20151 
53504-027Deputy Front03/06/201510/20/20151 
53604-030Deputy Family03/06/201510/03/20151 
537#N/A 05/22/201501/31/201665 
54004-034Sheriff Tac 103/06/201510/23/2015631Ana
54104-035Sheriff Tac 203/06/201510/20/2015135 
54204-036NC Link03/06/201510/23/201518 
54304-037Sheriff MDT03/06/201510/03/20151 
54604-042Sheriff Technicians?03/06/201501/31/2016796 
549#N/A 06/30/201506/30/20153 
550#N/A 03/06/201501/31/20168052Ana
55304-051Freeport PD03/06/201510/03/20151 
55704-055Freeport EMO03/06/201510/03/20153 
56104-061Dept Senior Affairs03/06/201510/03/20151 
56204-062Senior Affairs Tac 103/06/201510/03/20154Ana
56304-063Senior Affairs Tac 203/06/201510/03/20151 
56904-071Lake Success PD Patrol03/06/201510/03/20151 
57004-072Lake Success PW Supervisor03/06/201510/03/20151 
57104-073Lake Success DPW03/06/201510/03/20152 
57204-074Lake Success PW Administrative03/06/201510/03/20151 
57304-075Lake Success  DPW Supervisor03/06/201510/03/20151 
57704-081Sands Point PD Patrol03/06/201510/03/201546 
57804-082Sands Point PD Tac 103/06/201510/03/20151 
57904-083Port Washington PD Patrol 103/06/201510/09/201510 
58504-091Port Washington PD Patrol 203/06/201510/03/20151 
58604-092Port Washington PD Tactical03/06/201510/03/20151 
58704-093Port Washington PD Detective03/06/201510/03/20151 
58804-094Port Washington PD Narcotics03/06/201510/03/20151 
58904-095Port Washington Administrative03/06/201510/03/20151 
59004-096Port Washington Inter Agency03/06/201510/03/20151 

[ Edited Wed Feb 03 2016, 10:08am ]
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Posted: Wed Feb 03 2016, 10:09am

Posted by: w2liePosts: 2805

User Buff Group ID
Old Display Name: w2lie
Location: Long Island, NY
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Joined: Fri Nov 04 2005, 03:28am

2 of 3

641#N/A 05/03/201505/03/20152Ana
657#N/A 10/05/201510/22/20151 
658#N/A 03/06/201510/21/20151 
660#N/A 10/04/201510/22/20151 
664#N/A 10/13/201510/22/20151 
693#N/A 10/21/201510/21/20151 
697#N/A 10/06/201510/22/20151 
701#N/A 10/21/201510/22/20151 
709#N/A 10/12/201510/22/20151 
722#N/A 10/21/201510/22/20151 
77706-011General Services Security Main03/06/201510/03/20151 
77806-012General Services Security Tac 103/06/201510/03/20151 
77906-013General Services Security Tac 203/06/201510/03/20151 
78006-014General Services Security Communication03/06/201510/03/20151 
784#N/A 03/06/201503/06/20151 
789#N/A 05/03/201505/03/20151 
792#N/A 05/03/201505/03/20151 
823#N/A 05/03/201501/31/2016353Ana
82506-071OEM Main03/06/201501/31/20162072Ana
82606-072OEM Tac 103/06/201501/24/2016982Ana
828#N/A 10/02/201510/03/201589 
829#N/A 06/30/201501/26/20166 
830#N/A 05/03/201507/22/20156Ana
831#N/A 05/03/201505/03/20153Ana
83306-081OEM Executive03/06/201510/03/20151 
83406-082Fire Marshall Investigation Tac 103/06/201510/03/20151 
83506-083Fire Marshall Investigation Tac 203/06/201510/03/20151 
83606-084Haz-Mat Tac 103/06/201510/03/20151 
83706-085Haz-Mat Tac 203/06/201510/03/20151 
83806-086Fire Marshall Industrial03/06/201510/03/20151 
83906-087Fire Marshall Institutional03/06/201510/03/20151 
84106-091Fire Marshall General03/06/201510/03/201511 
84206-092Fire Marshall School03/06/201510/03/20151 
84306-093Fire Marshall Tac 103/06/201501/29/201610 
84406-094Fire Marshall Tac 203/06/201510/03/20151 
84506-095Fire Marshall Tac 303/06/201510/06/20152 
84606-096Fire Marshall Tac 403/06/201510/03/20151 
84706-097FIRECOM 103/06/201501/30/2016513Ana
84906-101Haz-Mat Private03/06/201510/03/20151 
85006-102FIRECOM 203/06/201501/27/201671 
85106-103Fire Field Communications03/06/201501/29/201696 
85706-111Baldwin Fire03/06/201510/03/20151 
871#N/A 05/24/201505/24/20151 
88106-141Auxiliary Police Base03/06/201501/31/20169366Ana
882#N/AAuxilliary PD ?05/03/201501/28/20161505Ana
883#N/AAuxilliary PD ?05/03/201501/30/2016109Ana
884#N/A 05/03/201510/16/201539Ana
885#N/AAuxilliary PD ?05/03/201501/30/2016682Ana
886#N/A 05/25/201510/10/2015108 
889#N/A 05/25/201510/10/2015201 
890#N/A 05/25/201505/25/2015218 
891#N/AAuxilliary PD ?05/03/201502/01/2016534Ana
89206-154Auxiliary Police Tac03/06/201510/17/2015226Ana
89707-001NUMC Security Main03/06/201502/01/201666597Ana
89807-002NUMC Fire/Safety03/06/201501/29/20163324Ana
89907-003NUMC Investigation03/06/201510/03/20151 
90007-004NUMC Administrative03/06/201510/03/20154 
90107-005NUMC Patterson Home03/06/201510/09/20155 
90207-006NUMC Drug & Alcohol03/06/201510/03/20151 
90307-007NUMC Tac 103/06/201510/03/201511 
90507-011NUMC Elevator03/06/201510/03/20151 
91307-021NUMC Maintenance 103/06/201510/03/20151 
91407-022NUMC Maintenance 203/06/201510/03/20151 
91507-023NUMC Ambulance Main03/06/201501/31/20167528Ana
91607-024NUMC Ambulance Secondary03/06/201510/03/20152 
91707-025NUMC Patient Transportation General03/06/201510/03/20151 
91807-026NUMC Patient Transportation Supervisor03/06/201510/03/20151 
91907-027NUMC Patient Transportation Tac 103/06/201510/03/20151 
92107-031NUMC Patient Transportation Tac 203/06/201510/03/20151 
924#N/A 05/03/201505/03/20151 
92907-041NUMC Medical Examiner03/06/201510/03/20151 
93007-042NUMC Medical Examiner Tac 103/06/201510/03/20151 
93107-043NUMC Medical Examiner Tac 203/06/201510/03/20151 
93207-044NUMC Medical Examiner Tac 303/06/201510/03/20151 
93707-051East Hills Security03/06/201502/01/201631780Ana
940#N/A 10/18/201510/18/20153 
955#N/A 10/05/201510/05/20152 
96107-081Executive Photo ENCRYPT03/06/201510/03/20151 
96207-082Executive Photo CLEAR03/06/201510/03/20151 
963#N/A 10/01/201510/21/201514 
99307-121Park Safety/Security03/06/201502/01/201620544Ana
99407-122Public Works Administrative03/06/201510/03/20151 
99507-123Parks Technical Supervisor03/06/201510/04/20157 
99607-124Parks Ocean Units03/06/201510/16/2015189 
99707-125Parks Recreation03/06/201501/26/201666 
99807-126Parks Museum03/06/201510/03/20153 
99907-127Public Works Filler03/06/201505/03/20151 
100107-131Public Works Tac 103/06/201501/29/2016847 
100207-132Public Works Tac 203/06/201510/03/20152 
100307-133Public Works Tac 303/06/201501/29/201629 
100907-141Public Works VEEB03/06/201510/03/20151 
101007-142County NYS DMV03/06/201510/03/20151 
103308-011Probation Main03/06/201510/03/20151 
103408-012Probation Administrative 103/06/201510/03/20151 
103508-013Probation Administrative 203/06/201510/03/20151 
103608-014Probation Administrative Division03/06/201510/03/20152 
103708-015Probation Warrants03/06/201501/28/20162 
103808-016Probation Warrants Tac A03/06/201510/03/20151 
103908-017Probation Warrants Tac B03/06/201510/03/20151 
104108-021Probation Tac 103/06/201510/03/20151 
104208-022Probation Tac 203/06/201510/03/20151 
104308-023Probation Administrative Tac03/06/201510/03/20151 
104508-025Probation Training Tac03/06/201510/03/20151 
104908-031Probation Director03/06/201510/03/20151 
105008-032Probation Chief Deputy03/06/201510/03/20151 
105708-041Probation Criminal Division03/06/201510/03/20151 
105808-042Probation Criminal Tac03/06/201510/03/20151 
105908-043Probation Academy03/06/201510/03/20151 
106508-051Probation Family Division03/06/201510/03/20151 
106608-052Probation Family Tac03/06/201510/03/20151 
106708-053Probation Family Record03/06/201510/03/20151 
107308-061Nassau County PD03/06/201502/01/2016874 
107408-062DA Contact03/06/201510/03/20155 
108908-081Health Tac 103/06/201501/26/2016374Ana
109008-082Health Tac 203/06/201510/03/201575Ana
109108-083Health Tac 303/06/201510/13/20152 
110508-101WTS & MSRS General03/06/201510/03/20152Ana
110608-102WTS & MSRS Supervisor03/06/201510/03/20151 
115309-001Social Services 103/06/201510/03/20151 
115409-002Social Services 203/06/201510/03/20151 
115509-003Social Services 303/06/201510/03/20151 
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Posted: Wed Feb 03 2016, 10:10am

Posted by: w2liePosts: 2805

User Buff Group ID
Old Display Name: w2lie
Location: Long Island, NY
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Joined: Fri Nov 04 2005, 03:28am

3 of 3

1156#N/A 10/21/201510/23/201541 
116109-011Veterans Services 103/06/201510/03/20153 
116209-012Veterans Services 203/06/201510/03/20151 
118509-041DA Squad Tac 103/06/201510/03/20151 
118609-042DA Squad Tac 203/06/201510/03/20151 
118709-043DA Squad Tac 303/06/201510/03/20151 
118809-044DA Squad Tac 403/06/201510/03/20151 
118909-045DA Tactical03/06/201510/03/20151 
119309-051DA Executive03/06/201510/03/20151 
119409-052DA Supervisory03/06/201510/03/20151 
119509-053DA General03/06/201510/03/20151 
120109-061DA Investigation 103/06/201510/08/20153 
120209-062DA Investigation 203/06/201510/03/20151 
120309-063DA Investigation 303/06/201510/03/20151 
120909-071DA Process Servers 103/06/201510/03/20151 
121009-072DA Process Servers 203/06/201510/03/20151 
121409-076Port Washington FD Chief03/06/201510/03/20151 
121509-077Port Washington FD Maintenance03/06/201510/03/20151 
121709-081Old Westbury PD Main03/06/201510/20/201573Ana
121809-082Old Westbury PD Tac 103/06/201510/03/20151 
121909-083Old Westbury PD Tac 203/06/201510/03/20152Ana
1221#N/A 05/03/201505/03/20152Ana
122509-091Old Westbury DPW Main03/06/201501/29/2016714 
122609-092Old Westbury DPW Tac 103/06/201510/03/20151 
122709-093Old Westbury DPW Tac 203/06/201510/03/20151 
123009-096ECL Warren Demo Temp03/06/201510/03/20151 
123209-100OEM FLEET03/06/201510/03/20151 
123309-101NCPD DEMO103/06/201510/03/20151 
123409-102NCPD DEMO203/06/201510/03/20151 
123509-103NCPD DEMO303/06/201510/03/20151 
123609-104NCPD DEMO403/06/201510/03/20151 
123709-105NCPD DEMO503/06/201510/03/20151 
1238#N/A 05/29/201510/03/201521 
124009-110Syosset Fire - Fleetcall03/06/201510/03/20151 
124109-111Syosset Fire - Dispatch03/06/201510/03/20151 
124209-112Syosset Fire Battalion 503/06/201510/03/20151 
124309-113Syosset Fire Tac 103/06/201510/03/20151 
124409-114Syosset Fire Tac 203/06/201510/03/20151 
124509-115Syosset Fire Tac 303/06/201510/03/20151 
124609-116Syosset Fire Tac 403/06/201510/03/20151 
124909-121Old Brookville DPW03/06/201510/03/201516 
125109-123Old Brookville Water03/06/201510/03/20156 
125209-124NCFD Battalion 403/06/201510/03/20151 
125309-125East Rockaway DPW Main03/06/201510/03/20151 
125709-131NCFD Battalion 103/06/201510/03/20151 
125809-132NCFD Battalion 203/06/201510/03/20153 
125909-133NCFD Battalion 303/06/201510/03/20151 
126009-134OEM Villages03/06/201501/27/20161206 
126109-135NCFD Battalion 703/06/201510/03/20151 
126209-136NCFD Battalion 803/06/201510/03/20151 
126309-137NCFD Battalion 903/06/201510/03/20151 
126509-141Uniondale Fire Main03/06/201510/03/20151 
126609-142Uniondale Building Maintenance03/06/201510/03/20151 
126709-143Uniondale Vehicle Maintenance03/06/201510/03/20151 
127309-151MTA Administrative03/06/201510/03/20151 
127409-152MTA Maintenance03/06/201510/03/20151 
127509-153MTA Operations03/06/201510/03/20151 
128110-001MTA Night Ops03/06/201510/03/20151 
128210-002Long Island Railroad03/06/201510/03/20151 
128310-003N.I.C.E. MSBA EVAC03/06/201510/03/20151 
128410-004N.I.C.E. Mech03/06/201510/03/20151 
128510-005MTA Train03/06/201510/03/20151 
128610-006N.I.C.E. Spare03/06/201510/03/20151 
128710-007N.I.C.E. Beach03/06/201510/03/20151 
128810-010MTA POLICE03/06/201510/03/20151 
128910-011N.I.C.E. Buses03/06/201501/31/20161397Ana
129010-012N.I.C.E. Admin OLD03/06/201510/03/20151 
129110-013N.I.C.E. Buses03/06/201510/23/201598Ana
129210-014N.I.C.E. Special Calls03/06/201510/03/20151 
129310-015N.I.C.E. Security03/06/201510/03/20151 
129410-016N.I.C.E. Alert03/06/201501/29/20168 
1298#N/A 05/24/201505/24/20153 
1475#N/A 10/20/201510/20/20152 
1504#N/A 10/10/201510/10/20152 
150511-121N.I.C.E. Able-Ride (Base)03/06/201510/20/201510 
150611-122N.I.C.E. Able-Ride (Mobile)03/06/201501/31/20161016Ana
153712-001NCFD Battalion 103/06/201501/31/2016150 
153812-002NCFD Battalion 203/06/201510/18/201510 
153912-003NCFD Battalion 303/06/201510/03/20153 
154012-004NCFD Battalion 403/06/201510/03/20151 
154112-005NCFD Battalion 503/06/201510/22/201528 
154212-006NCFD Battalion 603/06/201510/03/20155 
154312-007NCFD Battalion 703/06/201510/03/20156 
154412-010NCFD Battalion 803/06/201510/18/201528 
154512-011NCFD Battalion 903/06/201510/14/201527 
154612-012NCFD Tac 103/06/201501/31/201614 
154712-013NCFD Tac 203/06/201510/03/20152 
154812-014NCFD Tac 303/06/201510/18/20154 
154912-015NCFD Tac 403/06/201510/14/2015295 
1553#N/A 05/03/201505/03/20151 
158512-061Baldwin Fire03/06/201510/03/20151 
1607#N/A 10/22/201510/22/20151 
1612#N/A 10/09/201510/22/20151 
1629#N/A 07/10/201507/10/20151 
164112-131Garden City FD 103/06/201510/03/20151 
164212-132Garden City FD 203/06/201510/03/20151 
1667#N/A 05/22/201510/20/20158 
1699#N/A 10/14/201510/14/20152 
171313-061Albertson FD Main03/06/201510/03/20151 
171413-062NCFD Administration03/06/201510/03/20151 
1719#N/A 10/16/201510/16/20153 
1723#N/A 05/30/201501/28/20166 
172413-074Port Washington Fire03/06/201510/03/20152 
1729#N/A 10/13/201510/13/20152 
1730#N/A 05/30/201507/29/201516 
178713-153Uniondale Fire03/06/201510/03/20151 
1804#N/A 05/03/201505/03/20151 
1808#N/A 05/03/201505/03/20151 
1818#N/A 05/03/201505/03/20151 
182014-034Parks PD03/06/201510/03/20152 
182114-035NYSP Troop L03/06/201510/08/20153 
182214-036NYSP Troop L03/06/201510/03/20151 
182314-037NYSP Troop L03/06/201510/03/20151 
1916#N/A 05/03/201505/03/20152Ana
1918#N/A 07/22/201507/22/20151 
1920#N/A 07/20/201507/20/20153 
1922#N/A 05/03/201505/03/20152Ana
1986#N/A 06/29/201506/29/20151 
2047#N/A 10/23/201510/23/201514 
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Posted: Wed Feb 03 2016, 10:14am

Posted by: w2liePosts: 2805

User Buff Group ID
Old Display Name: w2lie
Location: Long Island, NY
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Joined: Fri Nov 04 2005, 03:28am

I believe the "Warrants?" 04-033 talk group belongs to the Nassau Court's system. I hear a lot of activity for delivery of Summonses, Notice of Evictions, Warrants, and TOP, which I assume is Temporary Order of Protection.

On the Sheriff's Dispatch Talk Group 04-011, I hear a check in from each field unit every 30 minutes. They are answered by Central, and there is also Command. I'm wondering if these are check points at the jail?
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Posted: Wed Feb 03 2016, 02:45pm
Posted by: Darkstar350Posts: 778
Location: Central Nassau
Joined: Mon Aug 18 2014, 10:57pm

Yeah i was also going to point out that the Bus talkgroups have seen a drastic decrease in activity lately - theres still some activity on the main channel (10-011 i think) but no where near as much as it was even just a year or so ago
Maybe they went to a more computer-dispatched type system?

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Posted: Fri Feb 05 2016, 02:16pm
Posted by: Nawton!Posts: 249
Joined: Sat Jun 13 2009, 12:05pm

FYI, decimal 249 is fleet 01-151, which is Flower Hill DPW and is still in use.
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Posted: Fri Feb 05 2016, 02:54pm
Posted by: Darkstar350Posts: 778
Location: Central Nassau
Joined: Mon Aug 18 2014, 10:57pm

^ Oh thats intresting - because i did actually get a few hits on 01-151 at the height of the last storm since ive been running the system open and i marked it down as "possibly DPW?"
What/where is Flower Hill?

Heres a couple more talkgroups i have logged recently that are not listed in the RR database and such -

06-067 - Definitely some type of alternate OEM channel
06-153 - units identifying as "auxillary units"

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Posted: Fri Feb 05 2016, 05:33pm

Posted by: w2liePosts: 2805

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Joined: Fri Nov 04 2005, 03:28am

Flower Hill is north of Roslyn Estates: [link]

Using the AFS converter posted by Nawton! ( [link] ) Here are the decimal versions of the two talkgroups that were posted by Darkstar, and how I've logged them in UT

06-067 - Definitely some type of alternate OEM channel
823#N/A 05/03/201501/31/2016353Ana
Makes sense, since the following channel is OEM Main

06-153 - units identifying as "auxillary units"
891#N/AAuxilliary PD ?05/03/201502/01/2016534Ana
I can confirm, I've also heard Aux. Units on here and assumed it was NC AUX PD.

I will set both as a high priority in my copy of Trunk Recorder to see if I can get any audio logs on both talk groups.

[ Edited Fri Feb 05 2016, 05:34pm ]
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Posted: Fri Feb 05 2016, 06:13pm
Posted by: Nawton!Posts: 249
Joined: Sat Jun 13 2009, 12:05pm

I've heard "OEM CERT" do roll calls on 06-067.

06-153 is one of several secondary channels used by NC Aux. PD.
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Posted: Fri Feb 05 2016, 09:16pm

Posted by: w2liePosts: 2805

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Old Display Name: w2lie
Location: Long Island, NY
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Joined: Fri Nov 04 2005, 03:28am

I would agree that OEM CERT uses 06-067. I just looked at my UID Logs, and the radio I tagged as "CERT Roll Call" was logged on 06-067.

As an old and now inactive member of OEM's CERT's Radio program, I recognize some of the other radio ID's on that Talk Group as well.
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