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Roadmap for 2017

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Posted: Sat May 06 2017, 12:18am

Posted by: w2liePosts: 2655

User Buff Group ID
Old Display Name: w2lie
Location: Long Island, NY
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Joined: Fri Nov 04 2005, 03:28am

It has been just shy of 2 months since my last update...... and for good reasons.    I have been working behind the scenes to finish off another project.  

I am happy to announce that this past week, I’ve launched a new business brand.    I think we can all admit that the Monitor Long Island, Inc. website was lacking a friendly user interface for not just all the products I sell, but especially for the Unication information.

As of May 1st, all of my Unication sales will be under the name East Coast Pagers.   I’ve integrated a brand new shopping cart that gives me the ability to offer promotions, custom product packages, and even limit my marketing footprint (selling the G4/G5 in only my selected market).

This was a long time coming, and I’m happy to finally have it off the ground and running.

In addition to the website I’ve also setup a mailing list to reach out to those interested, instead of them waiting to reach out to me.  On the social media front, I have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, G+, Skype, Snapchat, and Whatsapp, to hopefully communicate with any customers where they are comfortable communicating.  You can get all the links at [link]

Now that East Coast Pagers is off the ground and running, I'll be populating some more paging related goodies to the catalog.  I would suggest you watch our social media feeds and maybe sign up for the newsletter for the upcoming details.   And in the next month or so, the Monitor Long Island site will go through the same type of facelift.

Thanks for all the past years of success and I’m hoping that by rebranding, I can offer many more!

[ Edited Sat May 06 2017, 12:19am ]
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Posted: Mon Jun 19 2017, 11:04am

Posted by: w2liePosts: 2655

User Buff Group ID
Old Display Name: w2lie
Location: Long Island, NY
Your Admin
Premium Member Premium Member
Joined: Fri Nov 04 2005, 03:28am

Thanks to all of you who have signed up and followed East Coast Pagers.    The new business is off to a great start !
I'm not done building that site yet, and more content will be released on 7/1.   So if you haven't done so yet, please sign up for the Newsletter  to stay informed about your new products, sales, and information.

The W2LIE.net site might be taking a left turn instead of a right turn for the next release.   I'm not saying right or wrong, I'm just saying the course might be changing a little from where I had originally planned.    This basically means that I am not 100% set now that Joomla + phpbb is the way to go.    My concern is that I need a piece of software called a "bridge" to link the Joomla and phpbb platforms together.    The issue is that this bridge is not maintained or created by either the Joomla or phpbb developers, and things might break with updates.   I believe at the current date, Joomla is the #2 ranked CMS in use on the net.

My thought now is to move to the #1 ranked CMS, Wordpress.    I've been using WP for years and I am very surprised at how flexible it can be.    The benefit here is that I am very familiar with WP and if we moved to Joomla, I would need to learn the ins and outs of that CMS.

I don't see why WP can't be a good fit for the site.   Like our current platform, the Forums are maintained by the core developers, but WP supplies them as separate plug-ins.    WordPress is in active development and has a very large developer community.

If it looks like Wordpress will work as a replacement for this tired looking e107 site, I'll start putting out some teaser screenshots.    Right now, I have WordPress + Buddypress + bbpress running in a test environment and it's looking good so far.

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