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Active users of Low Band on Long Island

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Posted: Fri Mar 03 2017, 04:50pm
Posted by: Nawton!Posts: 207
Joined: Sat Jun 13 2009, 12:05pm

What about Amityville FD on 45.20 (PL 162.2)? I mostly hear the simulcast on 477.425, but I think 45.20 still works.
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Posted: Fri Mar 03 2017, 04:51pm
Posted by: Darkstar350Posts: 434
Joined: Mon Aug 18 2014, 10:57pm

Seems like Dell is related to Huntington Coach Corp. but according to their site they are only related to Hendrickson Bus Corp and Roy K Davis buses [link]
I would say Dell is most likely related to them
Freq for the Hempstead bus base is 152.9975 DPL 032
Huntington Coach also uses "SAR 160"(155.160)

Im not sure if any FD uses lowband for their main/ops channel with the exception of tone outs...

[ Edited Fri Mar 03 2017, 04:58pm ]
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Posted: Sat Mar 11 2017, 01:37am
Posted by: Darkstar350Posts: 434
Joined: Mon Aug 18 2014, 10:57pm

Actually correction - Rockville Centre FD is still using their lowband freq 33.90 as far as i know
They simulcast it with their highband freq..
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Posted: Thu Mar 16 2017, 08:18pm
Posted by: Darkstar350Posts: 434
Joined: Mon Aug 18 2014, 10:57pm

During the storm i didnt get activity on any of the Suffolk low band freqs
I did however get activity on 151.025 PL 107.2 which is Huntington DPW
I also got activity on the alleged "Glen Cove DPW" freq 37.94 PL 186.2

The village of Lynbrook was also active on their low band 37.96 PL 82.5

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Posted: Mon Nov 06 2017, 01:15am
Posted by: Darkstar350Posts: 434
Joined: Mon Aug 18 2014, 10:57pm

Not much has changed regarding low band
Perhaps some fire depts just testing different channels with plans to migrate from low band in the near future

I did however get these low band hits recently -

33.10 PL 162.2 - Heard in the area of Babylon with indoor antenna - rather low powered i couldnt really make out what they were saying maybe someone asking for directions?
Its licensed to the Town of Riverhead [link] WPYL570 however according to the RRDB their tone is 123.0 PL
Also licensed to "Plainedge public schools" WXS848 [link]

45.12 PL 192.8 - This was heard in Nassau it did seem to be simplex
Something about "loading trucks" and whatnot
Its licensed to the Village of Floral Park KGV250 [link]
I do recall getting hits on a low band freq that belongs to Floral Park another time thinking it was perhaps a public works dept.
Strange how its licensed only 6 watts even for a base...

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Posted: Tue Nov 07 2017, 02:52pm

Posted by: Heartbeat539Posts: 453
User Buff Group ID
Old Display Name: MBFD5130
Location: The 5th Division
Joined: Tue Mar 27 2007, 11:39pm

Rocky Point uses 46.02 CSQ for signals only (singal 2's , 21's, ect.) all orders/operations are done over their UHF ops.
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