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Print View Posted: Sun Jan 21 2018, 09:09pm
Posted by: thetankPosts: 163
Joined: Tue May 26 2009, 11:51am

Anyone know what frequencies the New Hyde Park village and the Mineola village uses???

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Posted: Sun Jan 21 2018, 10:46pm
Posted by: Darkstar350Posts: 731
Location: Central Nassau
Joined: Mon Aug 18 2014, 10:57pm

I think i recall seeing somewhere that the Mineola parking/code enforcement or whatever was using at one time the EMS freq 154.115 which is usually a PL of 100.0 for the EMS but Mineola used a different tone...

New Hyde Park im not even sure what type of village police, or whatever they may or may not have...

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Posted: Tue Jan 23 2018, 03:45am
Posted by: Darkstar350Posts: 731
Location: Central Nassau
Joined: Mon Aug 18 2014, 10:57pm

Correction - my mistake it was 155.835 Mineola was using at one time or another [link]
That freq was intended to be a fireground/tac freq for the EMS corps but it was rarely used
Either way its a simplex mobile freq so you would have to be nearby to pick up
Also you may find this of intrest [link]
Look on page 5
Around $5k a year for "Communication system" sounds like a business cell phone bill so they may be using cell phones as well
However im not sure if thats combined with the fire dept, or possibly tower rental ,etc...

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Posted: Tue Feb 13 2018, 09:47pm
Posted by: thetankPosts: 163
Joined: Tue May 26 2009, 11:51am

Thank you. Do you know what frequency the NCPD Helicopter uses???
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Posted: Wed Feb 14 2018, 02:06am
Posted by: Darkstar350Posts: 731
Location: Central Nassau
Joined: Mon Aug 18 2014, 10:57pm

Your welcome
NCPD Aviation was using 153.740 at one time
I heard they were still using it even after the rest of the PD went encrypted
But i would guess they mostly use a talkgroup on the P25 system which would be most likely encrypted
Im pretty sure they have a standard aircraft radio in the helicopters as well for interop, etc so you could try the common air channels such as 123.000 or 123.100 and see if you hear them on there from time to time...

Theres also some encrypted talkgroups on the P25 countywide system which are not confirmed what agency may be using them , so i suppose theres a chance that some village services could be using those talkgroups
Also i have been looking around for this - i have seen a few trucks that say "Malverne DPW" on them recently up until then i had no idea malverne had a DPW so if anyone has some info on what radios they may be using i would appreciate...

[ Edited Wed Feb 14 2018, 02:10am ]
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Posted: Wed Feb 14 2018, 03:14pm
Posted by: ipfd320Posts: 1864
User Buff Group ID
Location: Martin County Florida
Account terminated as requested
Joined: Sat Mar 31 2007, 02:05am

I Looked into the Malverne Data Base and Nothing for DPW I Did Come Across This Interesting Freq

WQAT760---Malverne Union Free School District----(FRN--0010656478)---(POOL IG)--(LICENSE--Active)--(EXPIRES--08/04/2024)--

FREQ--72.1000 ----LOCATION-1)--(ANTENNA 1)--(FREQ ID 1)--STATION CLASS MO )--(UNITS--1)--PAGING REC. 125)--OUTPUT POWER -0.700 watts)--(MAX ERP-0.500)

90.257 Transmit data to paging receiver located in building where transmitter is located. The transmitter complies with technical requirements of 90.257b2.

Everything Else in Search Shows Fire Low and Hi Bands and Malverne PD VHF and Uhf Frequencies---Nothing for DPW

FWIW---Most Incorperated Villages have there Own DPW Some With Radios And Some Without
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Posted: Thu Feb 15 2018, 10:28pm
Posted by: Darkstar350Posts: 731
Location: Central Nassau
Joined: Mon Aug 18 2014, 10:57pm

I think those 72mhz freqs are for some type of alarm systems and whatnot

My best guess for some of the smaller village services is they could be using either very low power simplex freqs or possibly unconfirmed talkgroups on the P25 system or other trunk systems that is if they use 2 way radios at all...
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