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Nassau fire codes/signals

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Print View Posted: Sun May 13 2018, 01:59am
Posted by: Darkstar350Posts: 459
Joined: Mon Aug 18 2014, 10:57pm

I understand that Signal 13 means job completed and Signal 18 means in service/available for calls
Also from what i understand Signal 7 means out of service as does Signal 19
So i get how FD will often times combine signals such as "13-18" meaning done with the previous call, available for new calls
"13-7" is also common - which would designate job completed ,now off the road/out of service
But it seems that Signal 19 is usually used when out of service due to a mechanical issue
Is there something im missing here or do both of the out of service signals actually mean 2 different things?

Also - Code 1 = medic is responding
Code 3 = Lights and sirens?...

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Posted: Sun May 13 2018, 02:17pm
Posted by: Nawton!Posts: 214
Joined: Sat Jun 13 2009, 12:05pm

I believe the code signals as listed elsewhere on this site are more or less correct: [link]
Signal 7 releases the men in the stations (to go home).
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Posted: Sun May 13 2018, 07:16pm
Posted by: Darkstar350Posts: 459
Joined: Mon Aug 18 2014, 10:57pm

Oh ok so basically Signal 7 is not exactly out of service due to mechanical reasons or assigned to something like a parade but it means simply just to go home/off the road

Also its probobly not heard much but i think its signal 40-something (either 45 or 49 im not quite sure) which means either the medical patient has died or is in critical condition
I know different departments tend to use different signals such as Signal 99 can mean multiple things - one department i recall was using it for smoke showing

Im sure many know this already but ive noticed that Signal 91 which means MOS involved(usually for a medical call) is also sometimes used as "Code 91"

I have been hearing units say something like this when enroute for example "123 is 21 code 1 and 2 " which i would guess indicates a medic along with 2 other firefighters on board?...

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Posted: Mon May 14 2018, 06:09am
Posted by: ipfd320Posts: 1786
User Buff Group ID
Location: West Babylon L.I. N.Y.
Donating Member: 2008
Joined: Sat Mar 31 2007, 02:05am

OK We Will Start with Signal 7--Is Release Manpower Waiting at Stations This is Used when Units are Becoming Available or by Chiefs Orders

{QUOTE}**(Also from what i understand Signal 7 means out of service as does Signal 19)**---

Completely Different---Sig 19 Means Unit is Leaving the Fire Area District But can Respond from the Neighboring Area

Signal 17 /19 Means Unit is Out of Service and Out of District

Signal 13/18 Means Unit (s) are Returning to Quarters & Available for Duty

You Are on the Right Track Signal 17 is Unit is Out of Service--Can be Mechanical / Long Duration Drilling / Special Detail Etc.

Signal 91 is in Certain Departments MOS or Immediate Family Member Call--It Could be a Rescue / Fire / MVA --Some Departments Use Different Codes For MOS (Oceanside is Signal 63) (Freeport is Sig 2-1) and So On

Signal 49 is D.O.A.Patient at the Scene

Signal 98 is Smoke Showing for N.Bellmore / Bellmore and a Few Other Depts

Phils Nassau List is Pretty Good--There May be a Few Changes Thru the Years that Depts Make that are Not Nassau County Standard Codes


NOTE Signal 69=Bomb Scare Code for Long Beach & Island Park Only (island Park Has Not Been Added for a While)

Signals 99 & 100 are Also Long Beach & Island Park Codes

ALSO NOTE--Hempstead Fire--has a Code System of Its Own Kind Completely Different from the Nassau Plan

Thats at the Bottom of the NASSAU Code List

Some Depts Use CODE 1 as--AMT on Board
CODE 2 as--EMT on Board
CODE 3 as--NO TECH on Board--Tech is Responding to Scene Via Other Means

DONT QUOTE ME ON the CODES 1-2-3---Like I Said Things are Different from Dept to Dept

Hope this Helps Somewhat

[ Edited Mon May 14 2018, 06:20am ]
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Posted: Mon May 14 2018, 12:28pm
Posted by: Darkstar350Posts: 459
Joined: Mon Aug 18 2014, 10:57pm

Thank you ipfd
Yes the w2lie list is accurate
And like you stated signals may vary from dept to dept
Especially villages
I was just pointing out that there seems to be a difference between the term "Code" and "Signal"
For example "Code 1" generally means a medic on board but ive seen "Signal 1" listed as "limit radio use"
Which i have never actually heard used - during busy times ive heard the dispatcher just use plain language such as "Unit xxx standby with your message unless urgent"
Code Red usually means heart attack in progress and ive heard thats standard in many areas across the nation
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Posted: Sat May 19 2018, 10:39pm
Posted by: Darkstar350Posts: 459
Joined: Mon Aug 18 2014, 10:57pm

So that would make sense - "Code 1 and 2" would indicate both BLS and ALS on board
I could be mistaken but recently in the past few days i think i heard something like "#xx is 21 code 1 and 5"?
Does seem that the "Codes" vary more so for different areas/battalions
And it seems Signal 7 is usually given by a chief
Also im pretty sure Signal 66 means call originated from either PD or 911 - usually something like "Signal 66 14 is en route"

Is anyone aware of a standard signal for a silent approach? Seems there would be a signal for that
Most of the time ive just heard plain language "Silent approach requested"

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