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MRRS P25 System testing today

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Posted: Mon Mar 30 2020, 02:27am
Posted by: Dave3825usPosts: 925
Old Display Name: Dave
Premium Member Premium MemberJoined: Fri Mar 24 2006, 10:47pm

420XXXX all seem to be what I have on 9032 for Long Island (District 2 Nassau). Middle of moving so 9048 is new to me as I have not had any sdr running for a few weeks. Hope to have rooftop antenna up real soon and get back in the game..

On tg 6026 I have a few 420XXXX and a bunch of 682XXXX. Not sure who 682XXXX belong to as of yet.

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Posted: Mon Mar 30 2020, 04:09am
Posted by: LIScanner101Posts: 372
Location: Hicksville, NY
Joined: Sun Jun 16 2013, 09:29pm


Really sorry I’ve been off the grid last few days. Been super busy with a kitchen remodel. As soon as I get back to “the office” tomorrow I’ll dive back into this thread and make some comments on the various RIDs I’ve come across for MRRS.
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Posted: Mon Mar 30 2020, 03:08pm
Posted by: LIScanner101Posts: 372
Location: Hicksville, NY
Joined: Sun Jun 16 2013, 09:29pm

campd715 wrote ...

What do the name designations mean such as: 2-ADAM, 2-CHARLIE, 2-GEORGE, 2- HENRY, etc? Does the preceding number indicate district? Are the RID ranges separated for those assigned to mobiles and those assigned to portables?
Are they assigned their own portables or do they grab any available one from the rack?

Hello and welcome to the forum!

From what I have seen, it looks like the RIDs are not tied to a single designation. This is because I have carefully documented a specific RID to a caller who identifies themselves as, say, "2 Charlie", but then I will hear the same exact designation used many other times across other RID numbers. So, as you suggested, it seems like an officer assigned to a specific district/area/what have you just grabs any radio from the rack. To me, this makes the association of a RID to a designation almost useless.

In any case, this is what I have so far from my own spreadsheet. I have added the "Unit" prefix just for kicks. This list is sorted by RID but you can dump this into an xls and sort it any way you want.

4201459 6 Sargent
4201470 Unit 6A
4201717 Unit 7E
4201734 Unit 7A
4201736 Unit 6A
4201754 Unit 1K
4201770 Unit 1A
4201776 Unit 1G
4201781 Unit 2F
4201782 Unit 13
4201783 Unit 2C
4201792 Unit 6G
4201801 Unit 16
4201805 Highway 20
4201813 Unit 7D
4201814 Unit 2A
4201831 Unit 1K
4201834 Unit 6D
4201850 Unit 2C
4201857 Unit 98
4201858 Unit 1A
4201862 Unit 1G
4201864 Unit 7E
4201865 K-9 46
4201867 Unit 6F
4201878 Unit 7D
4201891 Unit 1G
4201928 Unit 1G
4201966 K-9 38
4202608 Sargent
4204101 Unit 1K
4204155 Unit 7G
4204179 5 Bronx
4204182 Unit 7A
4204183 5 Bronx
4204190 Unit 7E
4204241 Unit 7D
4204248 Unit 6A
4204263 Unit 1F
4204273 Unit 1K
4204290 Unit 1A
4204292 Unit 6D
4204296 Unit 2A
4204302 2 Sargent
4204336 Unit 2C
4204342 Unit 2F
4204365 Unit 3C
4204367 Unit 1G
4204387 Unit 2F
4204418 6 Sargent
4204434 Unit 6A
4204447 Unit 1A
4204479 Unit 1G
4204573 7 Train Patrol
4204577 Unit 2A
4204599 Unit 6A
4204612 6 Lieutenant
4204702 Unit 6SD1
4204694 Unit 6TP1
4204714 Unit 2A
4204716 Unit 7D
4204749 Unit 6G
4204754 Unit 1G
4204770 Unit AVP1
4204911 Unit 4A
4204931 Unit 7D
4204957 Unit 6A
4204971 Unit 6G
4205025 Unit 6CR
4205045 K-9 Sargent 5
4205082 K-9 45
4205124 Unit 7DD
6229109 Operator 1
6229110 Operator 2
6229111 Operator 3
6229112 Operator 4
6820481 Unit 3J
6825082 Unit 3J
7720378 Operator 3

[ Edited Mon Mar 30 2020, 03:14pm ]
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Posted: Mon Mar 30 2020, 04:10pm
Posted by: campd715Posts: 14
Joined: Sat May 21 2011, 12:09am


Thank you very much.

This will definitely get me started. Now to continue monitoring and see what develops.
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