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Why do Nassau MEDCOM radio IDs keep changing?

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Posted: Thu Aug 01 2019, 01:36am
Posted by: LIScanner101Posts: 367
Location: Hicksville, NY
Joined: Sun Jun 16 2013, 09:29pm

PFD Mike wrote ...

LIScanner - I got a chance to look at the UID's

The unit ID's on the ambulances are as follows:

Ambulances vehicle mounted radios will ID as 1923xx1 (cab) or 1923xx2 (pt area)

So if Ambulance 2352 comes up on the Med 1 talkgroup it will ID as 1923522 (This would be the patient area radio)

If there was another actual vehicle acting as 2352 - Lets say 2395 is the replacement vehicle. The medic will still say "2352" but the UID will be 1923952.

I hope that clears up why you may see different UID;s on the medical control talkgroups.

Thanks Mike, that does help clear things up. However, what do you mean by “acting as...” or “the replacement vehicle”? I thought each ambulance had a unique number painted on the truck. Why would one use another number when transmitting a notification?

[ Edited Thu Aug 01 2019, 01:38am ]
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Posted: Thu Aug 01 2019, 02:31am

Posted by: PFD MikePosts: 407
Old Display Name: PFD Mike
Donating Member - 2008-2010
Premium Member Premium Member
Joined: Wed Aug 02 2006, 12:31am

There are established posts (areas that the ambulance cover) kind of like sectors.

The eighth pct has 2358, 2368, 2378 - These would be the "Posts" in the 8th Pct. If those vehicles are in service, then everything matches up.

By matching up Post 2358 would have ambulance 2358 and the Medic will say 2358 on the radio.

If the 2358 vehicle is not in service then a replacement vehicle would be used to cover that post. They will still say 2358 because that is the "Post assignment". Even though the vehicle actually may be 2392.

The same applies to the patrol cars usually car 801 covers 801's post If that vehicle is out of service then you might see vehicle 4208.being used as "801".

The 4200 cars are spares in each precinct - The 8th has 4208,4218,4228. The last number designates the precinct.

So if another vehicle is being used the operator uses the "Post Number' over the radio.

I hope that clears up how replacement ("spare") vehicles work in Nassau.

[ Edited Thu Aug 01 2019, 02:41am ]
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