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SC FRES channels

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Print View Posted: Wed Nov 25 2020, 04:13pm
Posted by: defiant154Posts: 18
Old Display Name: defiant154
Joined: Thu May 01 2008, 06:44pm

Hey folks,
I've been looking for updated information concerning the new FRES channels that are going to be in use soon. My understanding is that there will be multiple groups for each town including 10 in brookhaven. I was also told that FRES will have 10 frequencies (5 east, 5 west) for fireground use by the fire departments. They have been staggered so that neighboring departments won't be interfering with each other. Any information would be appreciated.
I apologize I see there is a thread already discussing this. You can delete this post.
Will check for updates on other post

[ Edited Wed Nov 25 2020, 04:35pm ]

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Posted: Wed Nov 25 2020, 04:45pm
Posted by: RADIOTECHPosts: 384
Old Display Name: RADIOTECH
Location: Suffolk County, NY
Joined: Fri Nov 18 2005, 04:43am

Yes. Every township (1 dedicated to Fire Island) has a certain number of talk groups. A couple (Huntington) are active, most are not yet. It remains to be seen how FRES is going to want these talk groups utilized & which ones FRES will monitor 24/7, as there is little chance that they can monitor them all effectively. My guess is that they'd only monitor 1 talk group per township? Just a guess.

In addition to the new township talk groups, FRES & Medcom still have their own talk groups as well which are active.

This link is the radio layout from FRES [link]

[ Edited Wed Nov 25 2020, 04:49pm ]
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Posted: Wed Dec 09 2020, 11:55pm
Posted by: defiant154Posts: 18
Old Display Name: defiant154
Joined: Thu May 01 2008, 06:44pm

Just want to say thanks to you folks here. I'm learning a lot about the changeover to the p25 system. I have some knowledge, but many of you are way above my pay grade. I currently run 2 scanners on my feed. I want to keep my feed up to the task. I'm replacing my old BCT15 with a BCD996P2 and your posts are very helpful. I'm keeping the BCT15x for the UHF segment of my feed.
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Posted: Sat Dec 19 2020, 06:28pm

Posted by: ChieftazPosts: 163

User Buff Group ID
Old Display Name: Chieftaz
Location: Greenport LI
Donating Member: 2008, 2009
Premium Member Premium Member
Joined: Wed Mar 15 2006, 09:27am

Does anyone know the SC FRES West UHF dispatch frequency and PL?

[ Edited Sat Dec 19 2020, 06:29pm ]
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Posted: Sat Dec 19 2020, 08:42pm
Posted by: nyscan00Posts: 40
Old Display Name: Liscan00
Joined: Wed May 24 2006, 10:16pm

FRES Paging West is 462.9875 CSQ
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Posted: Thu Jan 14 2021, 02:00pm
Posted by: innokuous1Posts: 40
Joined: Tue Jan 10 2012, 10:42pm

This link is the radio layout from FRES [link]
(Courtesy of RADIOTECH)

I'm trying to match up the TG ID's from the RR Database [link] under
"County Fire Talkgroups" to the above mentioned PDF radio layout.

The majority of those are obvious to me but I do have questions.

When looking at the PDF template in Zones; Fire West 1, Fire Cent 2, Fire East 3, FRES 5 and EMS 6
the first TG in each Zone is labeled "FRES." What is the TG ID for that?

When comparing the PDF template Alpha Tags in Zone "FRES 5" and the RR Database
I end up with the following TG ID questions;

FRES (already asked-what is the TG ID?)
FRESOPS 1 (what is the TG ID? No similar Alpha Tag in RR Database)(edited on 1/16/21, disregard this question, it's wrong)
FRESOPS 2 (what is the TG ID? No similar Alpha Tag in RR Database)
FRESOPS 3 (TG ID 167 as per RR Database)
FRES PAGE-E (TG ID 10503 as per RR Database)
FRES PAGE-W (TG ID 10501 as per RR Database)
FRES COMMAND (TG ID 161 as per RR Database)

Then, when I compare the RR Database to the PDF template, I end up
with the following questions;

FRES Dispatch , TG ID 85 (what does that correlate to on the PDF template?)
FRES OPS, TG ID 163 (what does that correlate to on the PDF template?) (edited on 1/16/21 because of a typo, to change TGID 183 to 163)

[ Edited Sat Jan 16 2021, 09:28am ]
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Posted: Thu Jan 14 2021, 03:32pm
Posted by: Dave3825usPosts: 1158
Old Display Name: Dave
Premium Member Premium MemberJoined: Fri Mar 24 2006, 10:47pm

Its confusing because a few of the alpha / description tags listed on the p25 system seem to differ from what they are / were on the SmartZone system

The first pic shows on the left what's listed on SmartZone and what's listed on p25 on the right.

I have some submissions to make regarding Suffolk county but my son is using the pc with all my notes for remote learning so its taking longer than expected. @w2lie and GTR8000, I will link to this post when I submit about the tags and descriptions..

tg 165 is not listed on p25 system yet but is active as shown in second pic of Unitrunker hits. Also, keep in mind that the system is still transitioning and will not be complete for some time

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Posted: Fri Jan 15 2021, 03:32pm
Posted by: defiant154Posts: 18
Old Display Name: defiant154
Joined: Thu May 01 2008, 06:44pm

I set up my 996P2 at work to play with it a bit. I was able to pick up transit system radio traffic on the new P25, 800 side. I finished programming it with the TGIDs for FRES and brought it back home. Since then I have had no activity from FRES on that or the p252 ,700 MHZ. The old 800 is still very active . This is a snapshot of my hits over the last several days. Is anybody getting activity on the new systems with FRES

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Posted: Fri Jan 15 2021, 07:26pm
Posted by: Dave3825usPosts: 1158
Old Display Name: Dave
Premium Member Premium MemberJoined: Fri Mar 24 2006, 10:47pm

Fres is fairly active on p25 system (site 4) pretty much daily.. Today mainly tg 85 and 167 have been most active from looking am my logs.

On the p25 system, what site are you monitoring? 4 or 6? Site 3 (700mhz) does not really have anything going on yet so if your scanning those freqs, that's why .

If your scanning site 4, you should see some of the fres tg's as being active. I cant speak for site 6 as I don't really listen to it. I am in Islip Terrace and site 4 suites my needs.

I am not very familiar with that model scanner but I know it has location based scanning. So if I may ask, what town is work in and what town is home in?

I would look at the range settings in your scanner programming. If it has service types, make sure fire related types are on. I do not use location based on my scanner for Suffolk county. I have them in a favorite list with the range set to the max.

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Posted: Sat Jan 16 2021, 12:25am
Posted by: mikey224Posts: 111
Joined: Sat Jun 26 2010, 05:56pm

innokuous1 The "FRES TEMPLATE" that you are referring to is the Layout of the programming of the APX8000 radios that the County has authorized use to each Dept. I had originally posted in the other thread on this topic. There are 16 channels capable per zone within the radio, Channel 1 in the Zones that are labeled "FRES" is the FRES Dispatch channel. It is just programmed in those zones repetitively. Currently it is being used by Depts that have their own dispatchers just calling FRES to confirm the recipt of alarm and when the Dept goes "28" or back in service from the alarm. "FRES Command" is used by the FRES Employees "FR-", Fire-Coordinators "FC-" and County Fire Marshals "FM-" The only FRES OPS channel that is currently being used is OPS 3 with some Dept's that do not have their own dispatchers, similar to the old days on lowband. The 700mhz system is up and on the air but not currently in use. If you look at the Post I made in another thread in the forum Suffolk FRES P25 you will see the info that I provided, which is 100% accurate, as I have a contact in FRES. There are many plans in the future for FRES on both the 700 and 800 systems, its just a matter of time when and if it will be implemented. Also in regards to the Radio Reference Database keep in mind that the info you see there and the names and titles are subject to how the Database Admins post it. It may not be labeled or titled exactly how each individual agency labels or titles their channels, but it is close enough and not an mistake by the admins. Some new Talkgroups or frequencies are found by running monitoring searches and recording transmissions, then going back and listening and figuring out who the user is unless the Admin has a "reliable source" and can confirm the user. I spent 10 years in the radio business before making a career move, 23 years in the Fire Service. Radios are still a hobby and some side work, I do still have many contacts and resources and try to provide some help and info when I have the time and can...

Here is the Thread [link]

Oh and something else to mention and keep in mind that on Radiorefernce when you look at the Suffolk P25 page, not all of the Talkgroups have been added yet. Most, if not all of the Talkgroups that are on the Type II system are active on the P25 system, to add them to your radio just take the type II TGid and divide it by 16, that will give you the P25 TGid. Add the ones you don't see on RR to your radio under the P25 system and you will hear them.

[ Edited Sat Jan 16 2021, 12:58am ]
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