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What Happened to the 785D????????

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Print View Posted: Tue Mar 18 2008, 06:45am

Posted by: JK257Posts: 18
User Buff Group ID
Old Display Name: JK257
Location: Syosset, NY
Joined: Sat Aug 25 2007, 09:02am

What happened to the BC785D ....? It's like it was whiped of the face of the Earth... I own one that I bought a few years ago and its been great to me. It is by far the best Uniden I've owned and now its like it can't be found anywhere. I'm looking to purchase a new one for the car and the first place i looked was unidens website. NOTHING... not even a mention of it on there. Then I spent a little time looking around online a found a couple of scanner websites and again NOTHING... like it never exhisted. The only place I found it was on Ebay and I have a thing about buying products like a good old scanner on Ebay... I just have an "icky" feeling about Ebay... I'd rather spend a few extra Greenbacks and get it NEW and be sure it is as such.

Any ideas? Did something happen in the scanner industry that they are removing the good old 785D from the world while still posting older non alpha-numeric and non- digital capable models?

Whats the Deal?

Even Better ... Anyone own one new in the box or know of a place I could get my hands on one at a modest price? I even have a couple of older units I'd be willing to throw in as a trade to bring the price down. If so Please PM me.

[ Edited Tue Mar 18 2008, 06:49am ]

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Posted: Tue Mar 18 2008, 11:13pm

Posted by: w2liePosts: 2806

User Buff Group ID
Old Display Name: w2lie
Location: Long Island, NY
Your Admin
Premium Member Premium Member
Joined: Fri Nov 04 2005, 03:28am

That's an easy one .... it got oldÂÂ

I purchased my BC785D as soon as it came out.. I actually waited for it to be released.
While I can't remember how long ago I bought it, I can tell you it was about 6 years ago.

The 785D was a great radio - no questions about it. It made a nice upgrade to the 780xlt.
And - It is Digital ready - If you bought the digital card - that cost you about as much as the scanner did! !   Now think about it.. New Radio + New Card would set you back over $600 when it was new!!

The 796D was basically the same radio as the 785D, but sat around $500, and was digital out of the box.

Neither the 785D or the 796D will be upgraded for rebanding. Only Uniden's "new" radios will get flashed for rebanding.

I strongly suggest you try out a BCT-15. It has more than Double the memory of the BC785D - and its dynamic memory! No longer are you wasting empty channels in banks - or using 2 banks for "overflow"   100 System keys beats only 10 scan banks also.....

It may be more complex to program... but since I purchased my BC785D, no other radio I've had prior to, or after purchasing the 785D changed my mind.. My 785D was my favorite radio in the shack.. That was until I got my BCT-15 / BR330T pair  And if its digital you crave - Take a look at the BCD996T or the BCD396T
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Posted: Wed Mar 19 2008, 04:20am

Posted by: JK257Posts: 18
User Buff Group ID
Old Display Name: JK257
Location: Syosset, NY
Joined: Sat Aug 25 2007, 09:02am

That was Easy... I figured that would be the case... but then why keep the BCT8 (which i also have)... not alpha-num, or even digital ready... piece of crap in my mind... only reason i got it was cause a buff with a ton of $$$ at the firehouse wanted to get rid of it and he let it go to me for $25...
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