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Uniden Firmware Upgrade Status

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Print View Posted: Tue Aug 26 2008, 04:47am

Posted by: w2liePosts: 2806

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*August 25, 2008***

*Updates are On the Way*

In This Issue

* Rebanding Update

* Update Schedule

* What’s Next?

* Until Next Time

*Rebanding Update*

Well, a couple of Motorola Analog systems have now rebanded, so we are
hard at work on firmware updates for all our current Trunk Trackers (as
well as a couple of older models). These updates will give you the
ability to enter custom band plans for 800 MHz Motorola systems, which
will allow you to set up the scanner for rebanded systems, whether they
are “normal” rebanded systems as are the few that have recently switched
over, or “inverted” rebanded systems which use a variation of the
channel assignment method. So far, no systems have switched to the
inverted type, but we’ll be ready when they do.

I know that many of you have wanted more features in the current models.
So, we are also taking this opportunity to put a few more treats into
this update. Here’s a quick rundown of the new goodies:

*Hidden **Me**nu Items:* These will all be incorporated into the main
menu structure. No more keyboard tricks to get to these tweaks.
( BCD996T/ BCD396T)

*Close Call DND: *I sure wish I had thought of this mode earlier so that
we could have included it in the BC246T, BR330T, and BCD396T, but this
update takes care of that.

*Extended Tone-Out Delay*: We’re adding the much-requested 30-second
option to the Fire Tone-Out Delay feature ( BR330T, BCD396T, BCT15, BCD996T)

*RSSI Reporting Improvements:* I’ve been very surprised that none of the
software developers have taken advantage of the improvements in RSSI
reporting (high speed, 1024 levels of RSSI), but I am hearing some hints
that updates are on the way. This would make for a pretty slick band
scope feature, and we added it to the PC protocol for the BCD396T and
BCD996T with a previous update. This update will extend it to the
BC246T, BR330T, and BCT15.

*EDACS ESK **Support**: *We’ll be adding ESK support to both the BCD396T
and the BCD996T. Sorry, no ProVoice (or OpenSky, V-SELP, iDEN…).

*Improved P25 Automatic Threshold Detection: *This update should allow
the BCD396T and BCD996T to fully auto-adjust for P25 systems, even if
those systems are out of spec for P25 deviation, as we’ve found is the
case in a number of areas.

Now for the 2^nd big question. How much is it going to cost you? Well,
while we’ll still need to use ESN control for this update for some
models, this update will cost you absolutely nothing (well, a little
time, perhaps, and a little patience).

*Update Schedule*

Now to answer the 1^st big question: When will all this happen?

Since we’ll be working on updates for 9 models, we can’t get these all
out at the same time. So, we’ll be issuing updates with a goal of
wrapping all this up by early 2009. Our estimated release dates for
these updates (remember, we still have to recode, debug, test, and
package all this, so it is possible for an update to slip a bit if we
need time to address problems found in testing) are as follows:

BCD396T/ BCD996T


BC246T/ BCT15




BC296D/BC796D/ BR330T


*What’s Next?*

Watch your in box for a major announcement on 9/29/2008. Can’t say more,

Until Next Time

In closing, I want to recognize the great contributions Gene Costin (aka
Gene Hughes) made to the scanning hobby. His long-running “Police Call”
series made it possible for scanner hobbyists to program their scanners
with local law enforcement frequencies long before the internet … or
even the widespread use of trunked systems. Our thoughts and prayers go
out to his family and friends. His spirit lives on every time you help
out a fellow “scannist.” No manufacturer would last in this business
without the kind of community help and support that he epitomized.

Paul Opitz

Product Manager

Uniden America Corp.

No statement contained in this message may be construed as a guarantee
of performance.
All update details are subject to change prior to release.
All company and product names may be the trademarks of their respective
owners. © 2008. All rights reserved.

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