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fdny codes

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Print View Posted: Mon Oct 19 2009, 03:44pm
Posted by: ipfd320Posts: 1864
User Buff Group ID
Location: Martin County Florida
Account terminated as requested
Joined: Sat Mar 31 2007, 02:05am

since there has been buff posts on fdny im listing the codes to help other members understand what they mean

10-01 Call your quarters or other unit (specify)

10-02 Return to quarters

10-03 Call the dispatcher by telephone

10-04 Acknowledgment

10-05 Repeat message

10-06 Stand by

10-07 Verify address/location

10-08 In service by radio

CODE 1: Used by division or battalion chiefs when leaving a firehouse to which their fire tickets were redirected

CODE 2: Used by any unit when they are in service by radio, but not in their first alarm response area

10-09 Off the air

10-10 Unit location

10-11 Radio test count

10-12 First arriving unit give preliminary report

10-14 Roster staffed engine company (one officer & four firefighters)

10-18 Return all units except 1 engine AND 1 ladder

10-19 Return all units except 1 engine OR 1 ladder

10-20 Proceed to box location at reduced speed

10-21 Brush fire

10-22 Outside rubbish fire

10-23 Abandoned/derelict vehicle fire (ADV)

10-24 Auto fire

10-25 Manhole or transformer vault fire

CODE 1 - Fire extended into building

CODE 2 - One or multiple covers blown or smoke issuing under pressure

CODE 3 - Smoke seeping from cover

CODE 4 - Fire or smoke condition from a transformer at any location (pole, vault, room, etc)

(Utility company will dispatch an emergency crew immediately on receipt of a Code 1 or 4)

NO CODE - All others

10-26 Food on stove

10-27 Compactor fire

10-28 Subway/railroad fire, smoke or emergency

CODE 1 - Structural fire

CODE 2 - Non-structural fire (train fire, rubbish on tracks, etc)

CODE 3 - Emergency (non-medical)

NO CODE - All others

10-31 Clogged incinerator

10-32 Defective oil burner

10-33 Odor condition

CODE 1 - Caused by nearby working fire, BBQ's, salamanders, etc.

CODE 2 - Any other type odor

10-34 Sprinkler system emergency

CODE 1 - Defective equipment (valve, pipe, etc)

CODE 2 - Unnecessary alarm (non-defective)

CODE 3 - Non-fire activated (other heat source)

NO CODE - All others

10-35 Alarm system emergency

CODE 1 - Defective alarm

CODE 2 - Unnecessary alarm (non-defective)

CODE 3 - Recorded alarm

NO CODE - All others

10-36 Vehicle accident or emergency

CODE 1 - Requiring washdown

CODE 2 - Accident - no injuries or washdown

CODE 3 - Accident with injuries

CODE 4 - Accident requiring extrication

NO CODE - All others

10-37 Assist civilian - non-fire first aid or other calls for assistance

CODE 1 - Victim deceased

CODE 2 - Victim not breathing & requires resuscitation or other life threatening injury or illness

CODE 3 - Victim is breathing with illness or injury

NO CODE - All others

10-38 Carbon monoxide response

CODE 1 - Detector activation (defective, low battery, unwarranted alarm)

CODE 2 - Detector activation - CO incident - Readings 1-9 PPM

CODE 3 - Detector activation - CO emergency - Readings > 9 PPM

CODE 4 - No detector activation during incident or emergency (no detector present or did not activate)

10-39 FD Standing by at interagency incident (suspicious package, etc)

10-40 Utility emergency

CODE 1 - Gas

CODE 2 - Electric

CODE 3 - Water condition

CODE 4 - Steam leak

10-41 Suspicious fire

CODE 1 - Occupied building or vehicle

CODE 2 - Unoccupied building

CODE 3 - Unoccupied vehicle

CODE 4 - Vacant building (if squatters use Code 1)

10-44 Request for public ambulance (specify reason)

10-45 Civilan DOA or serious fire related injury (use mixer off for injured firefighter)

CODE 1 - Victim deceased

CODE 2 - Life threatening serious injury

CODE 3 - Non-life threatening serious injury

CODE 4 - Non-serious injury/ambulatory

10-47 Request police (specify crowd, traffic, security, apprehension)

10-48 Request police forthwith for harassment

10-51 Cancellation of outside activities

10-60 Major emergency (Bldg. collapse, train wreck, non-airport plane crash, etc.)

10-66 Missing, lost, trapped or seriously injured firefighter requiring extrication

10-70 Water supply relay required - The first arriving engine has no positive water source and a water relay is required.

10-75 Notification of a Fire or Emergency (Request 4 engines, 2 ladders, 2 BC's, a Rescue and Squad (Working fire), FAST Truck)

10-76 Notification of a Fire in a Hi-Rise Bldg (Response of 4 engines, 4 ladders, 4 battalion chiefs, 1 each Deputy Chief, Rescue Co., Mask Service Unit, Hi-Rise Unit, Field Comm Unit, a Squad, a Tactical Support unit, a RAC unit, the Rescue Operations Battalion chief, the Safety battalion chief, and a Lobby Control Unit engine company)

10-77 Notification of a Fire in a Hi-Rise OMD [occupied multiple dwelling] (Response of 4 engines, 4 ladders, 3 Battalion Chiefs, 1 each Deputy Chief, rescue, squad, the Special Operations battalion chief, a safety coordinator, Field Comm unit and the Safety Operating battalion chief)

10-80 Haz-Mat incident - Incident can be controlled by the on scene unit(s)- no additional resources required.

CODE 1 - Incident requires additional resources not carried by regular field units to mitigate a spill or release that requires specialized training, knowledge, equipment or PPE. No contamination of civilians or responders.

CODE 2 - Incident involves a spill or release with four (4) or less contaminated civilians or responders. Additional Haz-Mat resources required for possible rescue, mitigation and decontamination.

CODE 3 - Incident where five (5) or more civilians or responders are contaminated and additional resources above the Code 2 level are needed.

CODE 4 - Mass Decontamination Response to decontaminate a large number of victims as quickly as possible. A Mass Decon Task Force is dispatched.

NO CODE – Controlled by on-scene units

10-84 First unit to arrive at box

10-85 Fire Marshal requests Police assistance

10-86 Flouroprotein Foam Operation, transmitted for operations requiring foam concentrate in addition to that carried by units on scene. The assignment includes: two foam carriers*; one satellite unit*; foam tender*, two foam coordinators (battalion chiefs) and two Purple-K units*. [*the assigned engine company or it's designated backup responds with the unit.]

10-87 High Expansion Foam Operation. The assignment includes: three foam carriers*; one satellite unit* and two foam coordinators (battalion chiefs). [*the assigned engine company or it's designated backup responds with the unit. The foam tender does not respond on this signal.]

10-88 Control of fire

CODE 1 - Doubtful will hold

CODE 2 - Probably will hold

CODE 3 - Will hold

CODE 4 - Under control

10-91 Emergency with no action taken. Any legitimate request for assistance where the responding FD units are not required to take any action. (I.E. police matters; disputes; Etc.) For medical emergencies, any call where: the patient refuses medical attention (RMA); responding units are canceled en route because EMS is already on the scene; no FD action is taken because EMS arrives simultaneously or shortly after FD arrival.

10-92 Malicious false alarm

10-99 Units will operate over 30 minutes (specify reason)

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Posted: Sun Oct 10 2010, 09:38pm
Posted by: SCANdalPosts: 149
Old Display Name: SCANdal
Location: Hudson Valley, NY
Joined: Thu Nov 17 2005, 03:10pm


You'll need to update the following codes:

10-27 Compactor or incinerator fire (fire has not extended from compactor shaft)

10-31 Assist civilian (All calls, other then medical calls; i.e. good intent, stuck elevators, lockouts)

10-37 Medical assignment not associated with fire operation. Definitions of codes 1, 2, and 3 remain the same. Add Code 4: Medical assignment where the unit is 10-84, has no patient contact and EMS is on scene. This includes when a unit is assigned to protect EMS by diverting or blocking traffic at a highway incident.

10-91 Medical emergency with no FD action required. (i.e. First Responder run canceled or downgraded).

I'm not sure where the 10-88 came from. All the other codes are more or less correct.

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Posted: Sun Oct 10 2010, 11:45pm
Posted by: ipfd320Posts: 1864
User Buff Group ID
Location: Martin County Florida
Account terminated as requested
Joined: Sat Mar 31 2007, 02:05am

scandal....all these codes listed were updated upon posting from the fdny directory direct from dispatchers office......where are you getting your info from im curious........shoot me a pm on what you got.....thanx
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