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Press Releases: Nassau's New TRS

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Print View Posted: Fri Nov 04 2005, 03:51am

Posted by: w2liePosts: 2802

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Old Display Name: w2lie
Location: Long Island, NY
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Joined: Fri Nov 04 2005, 03:28am

From NassauCountyNY.gov

October 20, 2005

Suozzi and Fire Officials Detail Plans for New State-of-the-Art 911/Fire Communication Center

Mineola, N.Y- Nassau County Executive Thomas R. Suozzi was joined today by Chief Fire Marshal Tom Tilley and representatives from the Nassau County Fire Commission to detail plans for the construction of a new, state-of-the-art 911/Fire Communication Center that will modernize and improve the County's emergency response systems.

The plan calls for $13 million to be allocated in 2006 for the construction of the new Communication Center and is part of the $50 million included in the County Executive's Capital Plan.

"The new center will help ensure that our residents continue to receive the highest quality of emergency 911 service for years to come," said County Executive Suozzi. "Our 911 dispatchers and emergency personnel save lives everyday in this County and they deserve the latest equipment and a working space that reflects their importance."

In addition to $13 million included for 2006, funding will be provided in the out-years (2007 and 2008) for the completion of this project ($32 million and $5 million respectively). Further, the Nassau County Police Department has initiated efforts to design its new Radio System with this location included.

The current facility, operating since 1971 within the Bunker at Police Headquarters and home to 230 employees, has been criticized due to its antiquated physical condition.

Presiding Officer Judy Jacobs (D-Woodbury), who was instrumental in securing the funds, said she is extremely pleased that this initiative is moving forward. "This is a quality of life issue for the 911 staff," Legislator Jacobs said. "The new location will go far toward improving the health and welfare of these vitally important employees. I am pleased to be a part of the initiative which ensures they are treated with dignity and respect."

During the last five months, Real Estate and Department of Public Works officials have been examining various alternate sites throughout the County, as well as determining if it makes sense to renovate the existing site. County Executive Suozzi selected the King Kullen facility in Westbury as new site in consultation with the Fire Commission and the Nassau County Police Department. Construction is expected to begin in early 2006, with the facility opening in early 2008.

"In addition to providing a safe and healthy workplace for our Communications Technicians, this state of the art communications center will greatly enhance the ability of Nassau County's Emergency Responders to quickly and efficiently respond to emergencies in the County," said Chief Fire Marshal Tilley.

The current 911 center will serve as a back-up site in the event of any system failures at the new Fire Com center, providing a new redundancy capability for the 911 system that does currently exist.

[ Edited Sun Dec 03 2006, 10:13pm ]

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Posted: Sun Dec 03 2006, 10:10pm

Posted by: w2liePosts: 2802

User Buff Group ID
Old Display Name: w2lie
Location: Long Island, NY
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Joined: Fri Nov 04 2005, 03:28am

From: [link]

Suozzi Announces Motorola As The Recipient Of The Nassau County Two-Way Radio Contract

Project Will Address Post - 9/11 Concerns of Interoperability between
State-wide Public Safety Agencies and the Antiquated Police Radio System

Mineola, N.Y. - Nassau County Executive Thomas R. Suozzi joined by Nassau County Police Commissioner James H. Lawrence, Motorola Vice President Richard Polulak, members of the Nassau County Police Department and the Contract Selection Committeetoday announced, the County?s selection of Motorola to provide the Nassau County Police Department with a new state-of-the-art radio system. The projected capital budget for the project is approximately $40 million and will meet the needs of both the County?s public safety agencies and residents.
County Executive Suozzi examines one of the new radios that Motorola will provide to the Nassau County Police Department as part of a new state-of-the-art radio system. To the left is Nassau County Police Commissioner James H. Lawrence
"I would like to thank the members of the Contract Selection Committee, Technical Evaluation Team, Cost Evaluation Team and other advisors for their exhaustive 18-month effort on this procurement,? said County Executive Suozzi. The installation of this new radio system and the safety improvements it will provide are invaluable for our first responders, including law enforcement personnel, fire districts and public safety users of the Nassau County DPW system and to the residents of Nassau County

"Accurate and timely communications is a key component to effective law enforcement practices. This new system will enhance our efforts to serve our community and communicate with multiple agencies, said Nassau County Police Commissioner James H. Lawrence.

The new T-band, digital, turnkey radio system will replace the out-dated system initially installed in 1982. The old system shares the UHF band with other users in New Jersey and provides limited channels for access. As a result Nassau County has been forced to transmit calls at levels that do not interfere with these co-users and limits the system?s capacity to handle radio traffic, leaving officers without an efficient and effective means of communicating.

"We are honored to be able to service Nassau County and move them forward in modern police communications,? said Motorola Vice-President Richard Polulak.

The new radio system will operate on 500 MHz, a newly acquired Nassau County only frequency that will operate without interference and with the capacity to handle not only the police department but other public safety users. Implementation of the system will be 24 months including the coverage acceptance test plan.

The radio replacement project was the result of a 1996 PBA grievance regarding

the County's antiquated radio communications network. PBA members participated in every step of the selection process as well as law enforcement personnel from other jurisdictions, including Suffolk County, Garden City, New York City, and MTA.

Key to the new system is an interoperability component that will provide seamless communications for public safety users from New York City to Suffolk County. Funding for this component was provided by a $6 million federal COPS grant which was obtained in 2004 with the help of Senators Charles Schumer and Hillary Clinton, and Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy and Congressman Peter King.

A Request For Information (RFI) was issued on November 13, 2003. Numerous vendors attended. As a result of the RFI, two vendors offered to install demo systems on the 500MHz frequencies and illustrate interoperability. The systems were demonstrated successfully on October 19, 2004.

In response to the Request For Proposal issued on July 7, 2004, Motorola will provide a system that guarantees 97% portable radio on-street coverage, 95% portable radio in-building coverage, along with inter-operability with local village and city police agencies and Nassau County's DPW system including 71 fire districts.

The Motorola system design provides for site acquisition and preparation, fixed and user equipment, new mobile and portable radios, dispatch equipment, project services and network management and the system warrantee necessary to construct a modern radio system for Nassau County. The final contract with Motorola is subject to approval of the Nassau County Legislature.

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Posted: Wed Dec 06 2006, 02:48am
Posted by: LukePosts: 305
Old Display Name: Luke
Donating Member
Joined: Tue Mar 14 2006, 04:53pm

I saw nothing in this article about the system being digital or analog nor if it will be encrypted or not. Anyone have further info?
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Posted: Fri Mar 30 2007, 02:43am
Posted by: scantonePosts: 35
Old Display Name: scantone
Joined: Fri Feb 09 2007, 01:52am

The system WILL have encryption capability and is designed to be apco25 so lets see how long it will ACTUALLY take to see that transition??!!!
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Posted: Thu Aug 23 2007, 12:47am
Posted by: ipfd320Posts: 1864
User Buff Group ID
Location: Martin County Florida
Account terminated as requested
Joined: Sat Mar 31 2007, 02:05am

does anyone know where the new ops are being built/
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Posted: Wed May 13 2009, 04:43am
Posted by: esu2422Posts: 4
Old Display Name: esu2422
Joined: Tue May 23 2006, 02:09am

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Posted: Wed May 13 2009, 09:16pm
Posted by: ipfd320Posts: 1864
User Buff Group ID
Location: Martin County Florida
Account terminated as requested
Joined: Sat Mar 31 2007, 02:05am

the link thats posted is good and all but theres no location given....does anyone have a clue what town this monsterous bldg is in 1---and 2 more waste of money the county now realizes the origional size of the bldg needs a 90,000 sg ft 2nd floor for the coms center...to me they should stay in the disp center there in now
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Posted: Fri Jun 26 2009, 03:21am
Posted by: W3MOTPosts: 36
Old Display Name: KC2SGZ
Joined: Mon Feb 25 2008, 07:57am

I guess their outlook on it is that it would just be smarter if they built the new dispatch center with the new radio system, instead of gutting the one they have now and redoing it with all of the new equipment. And, in a way, their right. It would be too much work uninstalling all of that old equipment and then installing the new equipment. It's more effective to just do it in the new building. But you're right in a way!
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