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800 MHz Rebanding Impact on Uniden Scanners

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Print View Posted: Thu Mar 30 2006, 01:11pm

Posted by: w2liePosts: 2802

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Old Display Name: w2lie
Location: Long Island, NY
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Joined: Fri Nov 04 2005, 03:28am

From the Uniden Website:
800 MHz Rebanding Impact on Uniden Scanners
March 21, 2005

Background Information

Beginning in the late 1990's, the FCC and industry began studying interference problems on public safety communications systems in the 800 MHz band. The root cause of most of the reported issues was interference from high-powered business radio systems on channels adjacent to relatively low-powered public safety radio systems.

In early February 2005, the FCC issued a Report and Order directing that certain actions be taken to reduce or eliminate the conditions that have resulted in this interference. These actions include:

? Moving current non-public safety licensees out of the 806-809/851-854 MHz band.

? Moving public safety licensees into the 806-809/851-854 MHz band.

? Changing the current 800 MHz channel plan.

The relocation of licensees should help to isolate critical public safety bands away from interference-creating services, but will require that users reprogram their scanner with the new frequencies.

The change to the 800 MHz channel plan will have the greatest effect on scanner operation. Most scanners use this channel plan to determine the voice channel frequency for Motorola Analog or mixed systems. Users with scanners that rely on this channel plan will need to reflash their scanner in order for it to continue to properly track Motorola Analog or mixed systems. Scanners that cannot be reflashed will need to be replaced.

These two changes (relocating licensees and changing the channel plan) are together referred to as 'Rebanding.'

More information on Rebanding can be found at http://www.800ta.org and from the links on that site.

Impact on Scanning Receivers

Rebanding is a mixed blessing for scanner users. The same interference sources that have affected public safety users have also affected the use of scanners, sometimes to a greater degree. Rebanding should greatly improve scanner operation for the same reason that public safety radio operation will improve: less interference from unwanted sources.

However, as rebanding occurs on a system, scanners will need to be replaced, reflashed, or reprogrammed in order to continue to track the trunked systems in the 800 MHz band. The following table summarizes this impact on Uniden's current product line.

ModelMotorola APCO 25Motorola AnalogEDACSLTR
Older ModelsN/AReplacedReprogrammedReprogrammed

End users will be able to reflash the indicated models using a PC cable and a software download from Uniden's web site. All future Uniden trunktracking models are expected to either incorporate the Rebanding requirements or be flash upgradeable to do so.

The first public safety systems could be rebanded as early as April 2006. Uniden's goal is to have a firmware update available for each compatible model by this time, but final testing and release of the update will depend on the actual implementation of these changes. Uniden plans to announce firmware updates for each model as they become available.

This statement is based on the current rebanding plan, as accepted by FCC and industry. Future changes to this plan could affect Uniden's response or its ability to respond. Nothing in this statement should be construed as any type of promise or warranty. Uniden reserves the right to make changes to its rebanding response policy at any time.

[ Edited Tue Feb 27 2007, 06:54pm ]

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Posted: Tue Feb 27 2007, 06:22pm
Posted by: LukePosts: 305
Old Display Name: Luke
Donating Member
Joined: Tue Mar 14 2006, 04:53pm

For older models, does this mean that you will no longer be able to listen to trunking systems?
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Posted: Tue Feb 27 2007, 06:54pm

Posted by: w2liePosts: 2802

User Buff Group ID
Old Display Name: w2lie
Location: Long Island, NY
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Joined: Fri Nov 04 2005, 03:28am

The way I understand it, this will have the most effect on the Motorola system.
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Posted: Wed Sep 14 2011, 07:56pm
Posted by: FDNYDanPosts: 18
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Old Display Name: FDNY Dan
Location: West Babylon, NY
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Joined: Mon Nov 07 2005, 08:29pm

Any updates on this issue. It's been a few years... I have a BC780xlt
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Posted: Wed Sep 14 2011, 08:35pm
Posted by: LI_Scan_GuyPosts: 255
Premium Member Premium MemberJoined: Tue Jun 01 2010, 06:34pm

I think the only updates would be that if the scanner is sold today it will work. Any scanner on the list that says replace will forever need to be replaced. There is no way in the scanner to upgrade the flash.
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Posted: Wed Sep 14 2011, 08:46pm

Posted by: PFD MikePosts: 431
Old Display Name: PFD Mike
Donating Member - 2008-2010
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Joined: Wed Aug 02 2006, 12:31am

The 780 is a great radio and will still follow EDACS and LTR trunking after you program the rebanded frequencies - but not Motorola systems.

[ Edited Wed Sep 14 2011, 08:48pm ]
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