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Posted by Luke on Dec 19, 2008 : 15:53
Troop L Radio Layout
Registered: Mar 14, 2006 : 16:53
Comments: 27
In Mode 1, Channel 9 I see its the Nassau Repeater. Can all State PD traffic be heard over this? If not, do we know what this freq is used for?

Posted by Dispatch on Dec 23, 2008 : 22:11
Troop L Radio Layout
Registered: Aug 02, 2008 : 06:04
Comments: 1
Location: Long Island, NY
It sounds like NYSP Troop L is back on 155.460 MHz simplex... at least for now.

Posted by emslt245 on Dec 24, 2008 : 15:12
Troop L Radio Layout
Registered: Jul 23, 2006 : 02:42
Comments: 2
Location: Suffolk County
At 08:30 this morning, Farmingdale instructed all units over 155.460 to "switch to channel 9"

FDNY*EMS Captain
Posted by SCANdal on Dec 25, 2008 : 05:15
Troop L Radio Layout
Registered: Nov 17, 2005 : 15:10
Comments: 1
Location: Hudson Valley, NY

Please be aware that the PLs shown for F3 (state, 154.695), F5 (statewide, 155.370), and F6 (nationwide, 155.475) are all on transmit only. The mobile radios rx in CSQ on these channels.


Posted by k2epm on Jan 18, 2015 : 18:12
Troop L Radio Layout
Registered: Oct 08, 2006 : 14:56
Comments: 1
Location: Bethpage, NY
Are Parkway ops stil on 155.460? I just put 158.835 in my radio, should I expect to hear anything? Thanks

Big Ed- K2EPM

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