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Counter v1.01
Author w2lie
Author email -email-
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Description This program reads tones coming off of your soundcard.
Usefull for decoding Pager Tones.

This is freeware. Use at your own risk.
Image no image available
Filesize 100.71 kB
Date Wednesday October 11, 2006 - 23:56:02
Downloads 369
Download (, FALSE, Array)
Not rated 
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Posted by Capt22 on Aug 05, 2007 : 13:44
Reply to this Counter v1.01
[ Just Joined ]
Registered: Feb 12, 2006 : 17:56
Comments: 1
Is there a help file available for this program?

Posted by w2lie on Aug 06, 2007 : 01:58
Reply to this Counter v1.01

Comments: 133
Location: Long Island, NY
You may be able to google it. The file is 'freeware', and all i have is what is in the download.. sorry

Phil / w2lie

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