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Nassau County Police have terminated UHF Simulcast

nassaucopcar-300x16912.jpgIt is a sad day for Nassau County residents who love to monitor the police traffic.  On the afternoon of June 10th, 2013, Nassau County Police shut down their UHF transmitters, leave those who enjoy listening to NCPD in the dark.  All NCPD operations are on the County's new P25 system, and all talk groups are encrypted.  Unfortunately, there will no longer be any way to monitor Nassau County Police, without actually having a radio assigned by CB.

If anyone has any contact within NCPD that I can talk to about getting an official feed up and running, please let me know.  We have the ability to "time shift" our live feeds by as much time anyone requires.   So if NCPD would like a 1 hour delay on their radio traffic, we can accommodate them.  Radios can be housed at any location they choose.

The other question that needs to be raised is what we should do with the NCPD Feed on W2LIE.net.   At this time, I'll plan on including the Village Police departments in Nassau County, but that will also be short lived.  Nassau plans to have all the village police departments encrypted on the P25 trunk system.

NCPD isn't the first county to go encrypted, and certainly won't be the last.

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Posted by w2lie on Monday June 10, 2013 - 19:42:40Bookmark and Share  printer friendly create pdf of this news itemLAN_431; LAN_432; LAN_433;
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