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Frequency Menu (A Work in Progress)
LinkDescription Feed Status
Nassau Fire DepartmentsList of Frequencies Used by Nassau FDsNCFD Feed
Nassau Police Departments
List of Frequencies used by Police Departments and other Public safety in Nassau
Suffolk Fire Departments
List of Frequencies Used by Suffolk FDs
Long Island Air Show 2006Freqs in use at the Long Island Air Show
H.E.L.P. TrucksD.O.T. Help Truck FreqsSpecialty Feed
MediaAll freqs "Media" - More than your average ListSpecialty Feed
GMRS and FRS Freqs and uses

This section will have the frequencies that are programmed into the scanners, as well as some other miscellaneous frequencies.

This will not be a copy and paste of frequencies and talk groups from other message boards, web sites, or other sources. This will be frequencies from a list that I put together, by using the more popular scanning sites, and publications.

I will be posting links to my sources online as well.

This section will also have files ready for you to import into your scanner. I am currently working the Uniden scanners, so I will be supporting that format first. If some one can send me other formats, I will convert my scanner files into those as well.

Scanner Feed FAQ can be found here.

Don't forget, you can always ask questions and get help in the forums

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