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Repair Shop @ w2lie.net
The Repair Shop at w2lie.net

Have an old or new radio that doesn't seem to work right anymore?
Get a new antenna that you want to have checked out??

The Radio Repair Shop at w2lie.net what you are looking for.

The Repair Shop is run by a fellow ham and coworker.
When I need my gear checked out, or when my power supply wouldn't work, Joe was my go-to guy.

Joe holds an Extra Class Amateur Radio License, and enjoys building his own "War-Era" radios, using "authentic" parts from the time. He also reconditions old, non-working radios, and brings them back to "collector status".

Joe is just as comfortable behind his QRP rig pulling CW DX contacts as he is behind a soldering iron tracing schematics!

Just like the Programming Services, drop-off service located at TheCopShop in Massapequa!
Click on the Banner Above for Location and Directions

  • All Repairs and pricing are handled by "The Repair Shop."
  • If you wish to drop off your radio, please let me know, so I can pick it up and deliver it to Joe.

Send an e-mail if you have any questions, or for a quote!
Please put 'repair' on the subject line!

  • If you choose to ship your radio, you must supply a return postage via your choice of carrier with the radio.
  • Pick-up and drop-off service is available for local residents. Extra charges may apply
  • Pricing may change without notice or warning.
  • w2lie.net cannot be responsible for damages caused to your radio via shipping or repairs.

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