News Item: Archived audio in Jeoparday .....Again
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Posted by w2lie
Friday July 07, 2017 - 00:01:59

theft.gifThere is a pretty popular saying out there about failing to learn from history and being doomed to repeat it.    Well, I do believe this one has happened yet again.

Back in 2014, we lost our audio archive drive.  It was a 3TB Seagate drive that was powered off of a RaspberryPi.    The plan was to start backing up all the audio and serving the data forever.

It seems that 3 years later, the replacment audio drive has failed.  Just as it was the last time, I cannot get the drive to mount.   For a long time, a little birdie kept chirping - buy a 2nd drive and mirror the first.  

At this time I've decided to retire the Pi.   It was a great little solution, but the drives seem to be the problem.  Since I needed to start over and run two drives, I opted to buy a true NAS solution.   I'll now have a full mirrored backup, thanks to RAID, and I hope that history no longer repeats itself.

If I can recover the data, I'll try.   But what have we learned thus far?

That bird should have chirped louder, or maybe I should have listened.

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