News Item: ProScan Feeds back in service
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Posted by w2lie
Sunday November 05, 2017 - 21:26:38

thumb_d104_silver_eagle_final.jpgThe ProScan feeds ( NCFD-East, SCFD-West, SCPD, and NCPD) are now back in service
I replaced the power supply thinking that it was the problem but that was not the case here.  After the replacement, I still had issues keeping the computer online.
After a day idle, the computer was restared with the BIOS screen up and I watched the temperature climb to 180F before shutting down.
A new tube of thermal compound was ordered and a pea sized dab was all it took to bring the computer back in service.
It has been over 12 hours and the computer is still running.
I am hoping this issue is solved.
Thanks for your patience.

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