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Posted by w2lie
Sunday July 02, 2023 - 22:33:38

thumb_d104_silver_eagle_final.jpgLive feeds have been a staple at since the site was launched in 2005.
We started with just Nassau Fire, and then added Nassau PD, Suffolk Fire, and Suffolk Police, all from my basement.
Some have generously donated their radios so that we could expand the offerings beyond what we could support or hear from my location.
Well, after 20 years of living in this house, it's time to make some upgrades and really make it our own.
Part of these changes includes where the radios are located.
While things here are going under a facelift, the Suffolk Fire and Suffolk PD feeds will be down.   
The NCFD-East will fallback to the NCFD-West feed.
All other feeds will remain unchanged and uneffected by the activities at home.
Once things are normalized here, the NCFD-East, SCFD-West, and SCPD feeds will resume service.
18 years of service is a good run!   This is just a small blip and those feeds will be back soon.

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