Web Controlled Radio - Installing
Installing the PCR Remote software
w2lie, Sunday July 25, 2010 - 04:00:00

In order to use the PCR-100 radio, you need to download and configure the PCR Remote software.

Currently, the software is only available in Windows.  As the user develops the java version, we will migrate to that system.

1.    Download the PCR Remote software from the following location:
(You will have to scroll down to see this download)


Click on the “Download PcrRemote 0.99.069 Installer”  (Note the file version may change )  Your looking to download the PcrREMOTE not the PcrSERVER!

2.    Download, Unzip, and click on Setup.exe from where you unzipped the files


3.    The following video may help:

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