Web Controlled Radio - Using
Using the PCR-100 Web Radio
w2lie, Sunday July 25, 2010 - 04:00:00

The page assumes you’ve installed the PCR Remote software.  If you haven’t please visit the PcrRemote Installation page first.

This how-to assumes you’ve used you’ve installed the PCR Remote software in the default directory.

** Please note, the screenshots are from a previous version of PcrRemote.  The screen layout is slightly different in the current release **

1.    Launch the PCR Remote software by clicking Start -> Programs -> PCR Remote on your computer. 


2.    Click Edit -> My Info (Or press Control-M)


3.    Enter your W2LIE.net Username in the Name field.  Location is optional.  Click Save

4.    Click Edit -> Server Password 
(This information will change MONTHLY and will be given to Premium members on __this_page__)

5.    You must now enter the host name.
Please enter:  remote.w2lie.net in the server box directly below the channel/frequency selector buttons.


6.    Finally – Hit “Power” to the right of the server


7.    Watch the server message and Display on the top left to verify you’ve connected


8.     Users should now be connected.  Please open up the Chat window built into PCR Remote and make sure no one else is using the software.

You will now need to run a second program to listen to the audio from the PCR-Remote Software.   We recommend using Mumble.  The Mumble audio is in real time, so your PCR Remote session will align with the audio you hear.   :  To learn more on the Mumble Setup, click here

If you want to use your built in MP3 player to connect to the live feed to listen, you will have a 30 second delay.  This method is easier if you are not comfortable setting up and installing Mumble.  Please click here for the live feed

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