Airshow 2011
Frequencies for the Jones Beach Air Show 2011
w2lie, Sunday May 15, 2011 - 04:00:00

Frequencies for the Jones Beach Air show 2011

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{banner=monitoringtimes}This year's list comes thanks to the hard work from the guys over at Monitoring Times. They come out with a great frequency list each year. This year looks to be no different.

My list is basically the MT list, tailored to just the acts performing at Jones Beach.  My list also includes any frequencies I have in my notes that does not appear on the MT list.

Visit Monitoring times, and download this year's PDF, with all the Air show Freqs and information that you'll need.

While you are at the MT website, take a few minutes to check for any updates at the Milcom Monitoring Post

You'll need to stay up to the minute on all the air show performers, schedule changes, and arrival times as well.  Check out for all your up to the minute air show info.{banner=nyasinfo}

The official sponsor of the airshow is the Bethpage Federal Credit Union.

Do you need a new scanner, check my list of new scanners at the bottom of this page for suggestions.
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More info on my live show feed can be found in the forums, at this thread.

Here is the list of freqs that I will be streaming this year.

Most of the civilian performers will be out of Republic Airport.

Republic Airport

118.8000Republic TowerAM
279.6500Republic TowerAM
125.2000Republic TowerAM
122.9500Republic UNICOMAM
126.6500Republic ATISAM
121.6000Republic GroundAM
269.6000Republic GroundAM
127.4000NY ApproachAM
118.4000NY ApproachAM
123.7000NY ApproachAM
132.4000NY ApproachAM
134.3500NY ApproachAM
125.7000NY DepartureAM
123.7000NY DepartureAM
134.3500NY DepartureAM
128.2500Republic ClearanceAM

Is is rumored that the F-22A will be based out of MacArthur Airport

The 106 ANG is based out of Westhampton Gebreski Airport

Air Force F-22A Raptor Team
The following frequencies are "current" as of the 2011 MT List

233.22500F-22A Raptor East Coast Demo Team
236.55000F-22A Raptor East Coast Demo TeamAM
252.77500F-22A Raptor East Coast Demo TeamAM
308.60000F-22A Raptor East Coast Demo TeamAM
375.92500F-22A Raptor East Coast Demo TeamAM
376.02500F-22A Raptor East Coast Demo TeamAM
384.55000F-22A Raptor East Coast Demo TeamAM

More Military Performers:
The following frequencies are "current" as of the 2010 MT List

287.50000106th Air National Guard OperationsAM
251.90000106th Air National Guard TrainingAM
252.80000106th Air National Guard TrainingAM
136.57500A-10 Thunderbolt Demo TeamAM
138.15000A-10 Thunderbolt Demo TeamAM
138.27500A-10 Thunderbolt Demo TeamAM
138.42500A-10 Thunderbolt Demo TeamAM
138.87500A-10 Thunderbolt Demo TeamAM
139.27500A-10 Thunderbolt Demo TeamAM
139.70000A-10 Thunderbolt Demo TeamAM
139.72500A-10 Thunderbolt Demo TeamAM
140.20000A-10 Thunderbolt Demo TeamAM
140.42500A-10 Thunderbolt Demo TeamAM
141.65000A-10 Thunderbolt Demo TeamAM
142.60000A-10 Thunderbolt Demo TeamAM
143.00000A-10 Thunderbolt Demo TeamAM
143.15000A-10 Thunderbolt Demo TeamAM
143.60000A-10 Thunderbolt Demo TeamAM
143.75000A-10 Thunderbolt Demo TeamAM
226.10000A-10 Thunderbolt Demo TeamAM
227.80000A-10 Thunderbolt Demo TeamAM
227.85000A-10 Thunderbolt Demo TeamAM
228.07500A-10 Thunderbolt Demo TeamAM
233.47500A-10 Thunderbolt Demo TeamAM
234.02500A-10 Thunderbolt Demo TeamAM
240.10000A-10 Thunderbolt Demo TeamAM
242.15000A-10 Thunderbolt Demo TeamAM
251.20000A-10 Thunderbolt Demo TeamAM
251.97500A-10 Thunderbolt Demo TeamAM
268.10000A-10 Thunderbolt Demo TeamAM
271.10000A-10 Thunderbolt Demo TeamAM
275.65000A-10 Thunderbolt Demo TeamAM
275.90000A-10 Thunderbolt Demo TeamAM
283.70000A-10 Thunderbolt Demo TeamAM
289.30000A-10 Thunderbolt Demo TeamAM
292.10000A-10 Thunderbolt Demo TeamAM
295.00000A-10 Thunderbolt Demo TeamAM
327.30000A-10 Thunderbolt Demo TeamAM
371.20000A-10 Thunderbolt Demo TeamAM
375.65000A-10 Thunderbolt Demo TeamAM
379.50000A-10 Thunderbolt Demo TeamAM
376.02500A-10 Thunderbolt Demo Team - Primary FreqAM
384.55000A-10 Thunderbolt Demo Team - Primary FreqAM
122.77500Golden KnightsAM
123.15000Golden KnightsAM
123.40000Golden KnightsAM
123.47500Golden KnightsAM
123.50000Golden KnightsAM

The following frequencies are not on 2010 MT List, but I included them:

122.47500A-10 Thunderbolt Demo TeamAM
123.15000A-10 Thunderbolt Demo TeamAM
123.47500A-10 Thunderbolt Demo TeamAM
138.05000A-10 Thunderbolt Demo TeamAM
138.10000A-10 Thunderbolt Demo TeamAM
138.12500A-10 Thunderbolt Demo TeamAM
138.20000A-10 Thunderbolt Demo TeamAM
138.25000A-10 Thunderbolt Demo TeamAM
138.30000A-10 Thunderbolt Demo TeamAM
138.47500A-10 Thunderbolt Demo TeamAM
138.50000A-10 Thunderbolt Demo TeamAM
139.62500A-10 Thunderbolt Demo TeamAM
139.67500A-10 Thunderbolt Demo TeamAM
139.80000A-10 Thunderbolt Demo TeamAM
139.90000A-10 Thunderbolt Demo TeamAM
139.97500A-10 Thunderbolt Demo TeamAM
140.12500A-10 Thunderbolt Demo TeamAM
140.15000A-10 Thunderbolt Demo TeamAM
140.40000A-10 Thunderbolt Demo TeamAM
141.67500A-10 Thunderbolt Demo TeamAM
142.20000A-10 Thunderbolt Demo TeamAM
142.30000A-10 Thunderbolt Demo TeamAM
142.62500A-10 Thunderbolt Demo TeamAM
143.70000A-10 Thunderbolt Demo TeamAM
143.82500A-10 Thunderbolt Demo TeamAM
225.50000A-10 Thunderbolt Demo TeamAM
236.85000A-10 Thunderbolt Demo TeamAM
269.90000A-10 Thunderbolt Demo TeamAM
305.40000A-10 Thunderbolt Demo TeamAM
327.70000A-10 Thunderbolt Demo TeamAM
341.50000A-10 Thunderbolt Demo TeamAM
343.00000A-10 Thunderbolt Demo TeamAM
32.30000Golden KnightsAM
32.40000Golden KnightsAM
122.57500Golden KnightsAM
124.87500Golden KnightsAM
126.20000Golden KnightsAM
142.80000Golden KnightsAM
238.00000Golden KnightsAM
284.90000Golden KnightsAM
367.70000Golden KnightsAM

Misc Military Frequencies

138.15000Common FrequencyAM
138.20000Common FrequencyAM
138.25000Common FrequencyAM
138.50000Common FrequencyAM
138.55000Common FrequencyAM
138.57500Common FrequencyAM
138.60000Common FrequencyAM
138.62500Common FrequencyAM
138.67500Common FrequencyAM
138.75000Common FrequencyAM
138.82500Common FrequencyAM
138.95000Common FrequencyAM
139.00000Common FrequencyAM
139.22500Common FrequencyAM
139.30000Common FrequencyAM
139.52500Common FrequencyAM
139.60000Common FrequencyAM
139.70000Common FrequencyAM
139.90000Common FrequencyAM
140.20000Common FrequencyAM
140.30000Common FrequencyAM
140.50000Common FrequencyAM
141.15000Common FrequencyAM
141.25000Common FrequencyAM
141.30000Common FrequencyAM
141.40000Common FrequencyAM
141.55000Common FrequencyAM
141.60000Common FrequencyAM
141.65000Common FrequencyAM
141.95000Common FrequencyAM
142.30000Common FrequencyAM
142.60000Common FrequencyAM
142.70000Common FrequencyAM
142.80000Common FrequencyAM
142.90000Common FrequencyAM
143.00000Common FrequencyAM
143.15000Common FrequencyAM
143.20000Common FrequencyAM
143.25000Common FrequencyAM
143.55000Common FrequencyAM
143.60000Common FrequencyAM
143.62500Common FrequencyAM
143.70000Common FrequencyAM
143.75000Common FrequencyAM
143.82500Common FrequencyAM
148.12500Common FrequencyAM
148.15000Common FrequencyAM
149.00000Common FrequencyAM
150.15000Common FrequencyAM
150.25000Common FrequencyAM
150.30000Common FrequencyAM
225.17500Common FrequencyAM
226.42500Common FrequencyAM
227.67500Common FrequencyAM
228.57500Common FrequencyAM
229.17500Common FrequencyAM
230.15000Common FrequencyAM
235.12500Common FrequencyAM
238.35000Common FrequencyAM
238.57500Common FrequencyAM
234.25000Common FrequencyAM
252.12500Common FrequencyAM
255.15000Common FrequencyAM
259.37500Common FrequencyAM
265.95000Common FrequencyAM
266.25000Common FrequencyAM
271.75000Common FrequencyAM
273.37500Common FrequencyAM
281.85000Common FrequencyAM
294.52500Common FrequencyAM
298.35000Common FrequencyAM
308.07500Common FrequencyAM
316.22500Common FrequencyAM
326.90000Common FrequencyAM
328.07500Common FrequencyAM
335.75000Common FrequencyAM
341.65000Common FrequencyAM
348.50000Common FrequencyAM
356.95000Common FrequencyAM
364.05000Common FrequencyAM
371.80000Common FrequencyAM
372.07500Common FrequencyAM
379.37500Common FrequencyAM

DoD VHF Band

Is was reported in MT's March 2011 issue on Page 53 that the DoD uses 138.000 - 150.800 Mhz (minus the Amateur Radio area of 144-148 Mhz) with 12.5kHz spacing using Amplitude Modulation (AM). An airshow is a great place to discover frequencies in use in this range.


Civilian Performers - Main Frequencies

122.75000Geico SkytypersAM
123.15000Geico SkytypersAM
122.77500Geico Skytypers - DiamondAM
123.42500Geico Skytypers - FormationAM
123.45000Geico Skytypers - SolosAM
120.60000John KlattAM
123.47500John KlattAM
118.70000Sean TuckerAM
122.87500Sean TuckerAM
122.95000Sean TuckerAM
123.15000Sean TuckerAM
123.45000Sean TuckerAM
123.47500Sean TuckerAM
135.92500T-34 AerobaticsAM
122.77500T-6 Aeroshell Aerobatics TeamAM
123.15000T-6 Aeroshell Aerobatics TeamAM
118.75000Tora Tora Tora WarbirdsAM
122.42500Tora Tora Tora WarbirdsAM
122.85000Tora Tora Tora WarbirdsAM
122.87500Tora Tora Tora WarbirdsAM
123.15000Tora Tora Tora WarbirdsAM
123.45000Tora Tora Tora WarbirdsAM
469.50000Tora Tora Tora WarbirdsNFM
469.55000Tora Tora Tora WarbirdsNFM

Civilian Performers - Generic Frequencies

122.72500Civilain Acts - Common FreqAM
122.75000Civilain Acts - Common FreqAM
122.77500Civilain Acts - Common FreqAM
122.82500Civilain Acts - Common FreqAM
122.85000Civilain Acts - Common FreqAM
122.87500Civilain Acts - Common FreqAM
122.92500Civilain Acts - Common FreqAM
122.95000Civilain Acts - Common FreqAM
122.97500Civilain Acts - Common FreqAM
123.02500Civilain Acts - Common FreqAM
123.05000Civilain Acts - Common FreqAM
123.07500Civilain Acts - Common FreqAM
123.15000Civilain Acts - Common FreqAM
123.17500Civilain Acts - Common FreqAM
123.30000Civilain Acts - Common FreqAM
123.32500Civilain Acts - Common FreqAM
123.35000Civilain Acts - Common FreqAM
123.40000Civilain Acts - Common FreqAM
123.42500Civilain Acts - Common FreqAM
123.45000Civilain Acts - Common FreqAM
123.47500Civilain Acts - Common FreqAM
123.50000Civilain Acts - Common FreqAM
129.65000Civilain Acts - Common FreqAM
129.92500Civilain Acts - Common FreqAM
136.57500Civilain Acts - Common FreqAM
136.97500Civilain Acts - Common FreqAM

More frequencies that may have some activity:

148.12500Civil Air Patrol Nationwide Repeater Pair (R63)
143.55000Civil Air Patrol Nationwide Repeater Pair (R63)
148.15000Civil Air Patrol Nationwide Repeater Pair (R64)203.5NFM
143.70000Civil Air Patrol Nationwide Repeater Pair (R64)203.5NFM
149.27500Civil Air Patrol Simplex Air 1141.3NFM
149.27500Civil Air Patrol Simplex Air 2151.4NFM
141.57500Civil Air Patrol Simplex Command Control 1123.7NFM
141.00000Civil Air Patrol Simplex Command Control 2131.8NFM
149.27500Civil Air Patrol Simplex Guard 1162.2NFM
149.27500Civil Air Patrol Simplex Primary Talkaround100.0NFM
149.27500Civil Air Patrol Simplex Secondary Talkaround100.0NFM
149.27500Civil Air Patrol Simplex Tactical173.8NFM
143.75000Civil Air Patrol (pre 10/2007)
143.90000Civil Air Patrol (pre 10/2007)
148.12500Civil Air Patrol (pre 10/2007)
148.13750Civil Air Patrol (pre 10/2007)
148.15000Civil Air Patrol (pre 10/2007)
148.53750Civil Air Patrol (pre 10/2007)
148.97500Civil Air Patrol (pre 10/2007)
149.53750Civil Air Patrol (pre 10/2007)
138.01250Civil Air Patrol (post 10/2007)
140.63750Civil Air Patrol (post 10/2007)
142.22500Civil Air Patrol (post 10/2007)
143.72500Civil Air Patrol (post 10/2007)
143.90000Civil Air Patrol (post 10/2007)
148.17500Civil Air Patrol (post 10/2007)
148.77500Civil Air Patrol (post 10/2007)
150.16250Civil Air Patrol (post 10/2007)
150.56250Civil Air Patrol (post 10/2007)
150.63750Civil Air Patrol (post 10/2007)
396.87500Inter-Squad Radio Ch 1
397.12500Inter-Squad Radio Ch 2
397.17500Inter-Squad Radio Ch 3
394.37500Inter-Squad Radio Ch 4
397.42500Inter-Squad Radio Ch 5
397.47500Inter-Squad Radio Ch 6
397.55000Inter-Squad Radio Ch 7
397.95000Inter-Squad Radio Ch 8
398.05000Inter-Squad Radio Ch 9
399.42500Inter-Squad Radio Ch 10
399.47500Inter-Squad Radio Ch 11
399.72500Inter-Squad Radio Ch 12
399.92500Inter-Squad Radio Ch 13
399.97500Inter-Squad Radio Ch 14

Even More Frequencies:

Here is a list of standard aviation frequencies

You may also want to check out my FRS/GMRS/MURS page. Those frequencies are reported to be in use at Airshows

Finally, there may be some activity on LPRS (Low Power Radio Services) frequencies. I'm not going to paste all 260 frequencies here, but it has been reported that the Thunderbirds use these frequencies, and I would think maybe some other military jets have LPRS systems. Here is a link with all the info you'll need.

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Enjoy the Show!

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