Hurricane Sandy Feeds
w2lie, Mon Oct 28 2013, 01:34am

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thumb_coastguardstormsignal-copy.jpgIt is hard to believe that Hurricane Sandy hit Long Island just a year ago this week.  Many of us were glued to the TV and were monitoring weather reports trying to keep track of where the storm might track.  

Nobody could guess just how hard this area would be hit.  Nobody expected the storm surges would be so great.  Nobody expected lines at the gas station, or to be without power for so long.

To mark the anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, we will be replaying the NCPD, SCPD, NCFD-East, and SCFD-West feeds in "real time".  The feeds will begin at 1200hrs on Oct 28 and run through 23:30hrs on Oct 31.    The feeds will run in time sequence as they would have been broadcasted in 2012.

The four feeds will be running as follows:

You will be able to listen to the feeds on your computer by using one of the links on our Live Feed Page, or via the Scanner Radio app on iOS or Android Platforms.

We hope all of those who have been hit hard by this storm have recovered, or are on the path back to recovery.

Re: Hurricane Sandy Feeds
345, Tue Dec 28 2021, 10:31pm

FYI, Suffolk County Fire West regularly transmits with distorted audio. Seems multiple departments broadcasting at the same time. Audio is undescernable.