ProScan Feeds Updated
w2lie, Wed Jan 20 2016, 11:28am

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bc898t.jpgAt, we are using Proscan software to source the NCFD-East, NCPD, SCPD, and SCFD-West audio feeds. In addition to listening to the audio, uses can see a virtual scanner on their desktop if they use either the licensed copy of Proscan, or the Free Client only Viewer.

The ability to stream audio, as well as locally archive, playback, and log the data, as well as adjust the radio from a remote location is making ProScan one of my favorite pieces of software to have on my computer.

This past week, Proscan released version 8.9 of their commercial software, and the free version is now at 7.7. We skipped update 8.8, so here are the changes from 8.8 and 8.9:

Version 8.9  Newest Version 01/13/16
  • Added - UID Logging - Talk Group ID column.
  • Added - Option to turn off checking computer font setting upon program start.
  • Added - Custom Specifier "%U2 = UID After Lookup".
  • Changed - Custom Specifier "%U = UID" changed to "%U1 = UID Before Lookup".
  • Changed - Editing UID Logging After Lookup column disables new rows until after editing.
  • Fixed - UID Logging - Copy / Move Selected Rows to UID Lookup wasn't updating the "LOGTEXT=" field with the UID After Lookup column.
Version 8.8
  • Added - UID Logging grid.
  • Added - Audio - Mp3 Bitrates of 56, 64, 80, 96.
  • Added - Broadcast Lockout file for the Web Server & Source Client now can specify system for TGID lookup.
  • Added - Button to view the application and data folder located in the Test & Extras tab.
  • Fixed - BCDx36Hp Virtual Display - PRI wasn't showing when scanner in Priority Scan mode.
  • Fixed - Web Server - Safari browser was unable to log in for Remote Control.
  • Fixed - When the Virtual Scanner Detached Window was showing and program minimized, the Detached Window was minimizing.
  • Monitoring - Memory leak fixed.

To download a copy of Proscan, visit [link] . The full version of Proscan is available as a 30 day free trial. If you like the software, please support future releases by purchasing a copy of the software. A single license will work on two computers. For those looking for the free version, look to the bottom left corner of your screen for the download link.

** Monitor Long Island, Inc and have no affiliation with Proscan software. We are simply just big fans of their product. **