Special Feed: Monitoring Jonas
w2lie, Sat Jan 23 2016, 05:37am

News item posted
thumb_d104_silver_eagle_final.jpgThe "Special" feed is now online streaming some frequencies of interest for the Long Island area during the storm.

You can find the feed listing on our Live Feed Page or via Gordon Edwards' Scanner Apps for Apple or Android Devices.

For those using ProScan, a virtual display of the scanner with audio can be found by connecting to remote.w2lie.net port 5005.  You may download a free version of ProScan at www.proscan.org

The feed is streaming Nassau, Suffolk, and NYC OEM.  Regional Department of Public Works including DSNY.  Also in the feed is NYS DOT, Red Cross, PSEG, and local Amateur Radio nets.

W2LIE.net is always looking to expand our live feed listings, but we need your help to do so.

If you have a computer that is always on and connected to the internet with a sound card, and have a scanner you can dedicate to a live feed, we would love to help you put the radio online.

What is in it for you?? Besides being able to listen to your scanner from anywhere, you also receive FREE PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP at W2LIE.net for as long as your feed is active. ( Feeds must be active for 7 days and remain in 'good standing') If you don't know what is included in Premium Access at W2LIE.net?? Just click here!

Thanks for the help!