Cablevision freqs
Dave3825us, Tue Jun 21 2016, 02:38pm

For anyone who might listen to Cablevision freqs, the sale of Cablevision to Netherlands-based cable and telecommunications company Altice N.V. was completed

Not sure if fcc licenses will change or not. Just a heads up..

Re: Cablevision freqs
Darkstar350, Fri Jun 24 2016, 01:12pm

If anything there may be just some admin/contact info updates on the licenses
I dont think they use 2 way much if at all - or maybe they use the freqs for some type of data ,etc something along those lines
That being said the other day i actually saw a cablevision truck with about 3 antennas on it

I havent heard anything pertaining to cable service on any of their frequencies
Most of them are licensed for DMR but ironically the freqs in question happen to be part of other systems...

WPMM936 - CSC Holdings LLC

Re: Cablevision freqs
Dave3825us, Fri Jun 24 2016, 02:39pm

The three licenses you posted are all Cablevisions. On those 3, the addresses all come back to the same address, the cablesvision hq in Bethpage.


Re: Cablevision freqs
Darkstar350, Fri Jun 24 2016, 04:48pm

The one im not certain of is the Brookhaven 464.850
I get a DMR burst on there every now and then but i havent logged any voice yet

Also im not sure if this is related

KIU751 - NMDL Enterprises, LLC

Comes back to the Media Crossways office which cable is also out of but if it is related it looks like they were using Nextels at one time or another...

Re: Cablevision freqs
Dave3825us, Sat Jun 25 2016, 12:55am

The brookhaven one reflects dmr. The second one Media Crossways office is not cablevision and does not reflect dmr. It lists them as Limited Liability Company But then again, town of islip does not reflect dmr, but they are.

Re: Cablevision freqs
Darkstar350, Tue Jun 28 2016, 04:18pm

I actually have a few of the freqs in with tones for whatever reason
464.8500 PL156.7
471.6625 PL123.0

Havent logged any activity there but I guess i heard somewhere that they were using those tones at one time or another...

Also i wouldnt rule out them using GMRS or "dot & star" channels for on scene work

Re: Cablevision freqs
Darkstar350, Fri Sep 29 2017, 09:22pm

Still getting the DMR on a couple of those freqs but havent confirmed anything
Also i have the following cable freqs down as analog but could not confirm exactly what the comms were about -

451.6875 DPL 423

462.1125 PL 69.3

463.6625 PL 206.5

Re: Cablevision freqs
Darkstar350, Tue Jul 24 2018, 07:07pm

Recently i picked up what seemed to be some type of utility work on 466.0625 PL 114.8 could be possible cable crews licensed for statewide mobile use [link]

Also i recently picked up News 12 crews/chopper on 450.6375 DPL 464 [link] - ive seen that posted somewhere as having a 103.5 PL

Re: Cablevision freqs
Darkstar350, Mon Dec 30 2019, 09:10pm

I can confirm that optimum is using DMR on 464.5875 in some form - close called this right outside of HQ in Bethpage
As far as what CC or slot - i am not sure...