Nawton!, Wed Oct 19 2016, 05:58pm

Rather than starting a new thread every time a department starts being toned out on 453.875, I thought we could use this one in the future.
I recently started hearing Franklin Square and Munson FD toned out on 453.875. By my count that makes 7:
Pt. Lookout-Lido
Carle Place
Franklin Square and Munson

Note that some of these departments continue to simulcast their toneouts on VHF (46.10), while others have made a clean break to UHF.

Re: 453.875
RADIOTECH, Thu Oct 20 2016, 02:19am

Is this freq simulcasted off multiple towers, or are time outs site specific to what dept firecom is activating like they do on 46.10?

Re: 453.875
swker98, Mon Oct 24 2016, 03:43am

@Radiotech: I believe it it similar to 46.10 except controlled by PL tone. It is transmitted on 458.875 and the different PL turns on whatever tower they want to shoot it off of.
@Nawton: For the depts that are now using this channel, what are they doing for truck to truck so the members can hear signal 12,13,additional info. Ss far as I know, Firecom doesn't rebroadcast 46.12,20,32 on UHF although there are "unofficial"lcross-bands that may or may not work depending on where you are. I know Carle Place, Roosevelt, Floral Park, Woodmere and Malverne have fixed cross-band repeaters but the range is somewhat limited to surrounding areas.

Re: 453.875
Nawton!, Mon Oct 24 2016, 12:08pm

Inwood, Roslyn and FS&M have their own UHF freqs for operations. Mineola has a cross-band repeater. (These are all in the frequency list on this site.) As far as I know, the others that are toned out on 453.875 still use 46.XX for ops. I'm not familiar with the cross-band repeaters for the departments you mentioned.

Re: 453.875
RADIOTECH, Mon Oct 24 2016, 06:28pm

Thx swker

Re: 453.875
Nawton!, Fri Dec 02 2016, 11:32pm

It sounds like Uniondale is now toning out on this frequency.

Re: 453.875
Darkstar350, Tue Mar 10 2020, 07:19pm

I actually just heard Uniondale on the other "new" Xband 453.325

Also looks like they changed the PL - for a while it was 136.5 now its 100.0

Been hearing more and more departments on there(453.325) recently - however the signal seems a bit weaker for me than 453.875

Re: 453.875
deviltim, Wed Mar 11 2020, 09:27am

453.875 is fire comms uhf dispatch channel. 453.325 is a xband for 46.10 and also hewlett Fd dispatch (136.5)

Re: 453.875
RADIOTECH, Sat Mar 14 2020, 02:36pm

I thought Inwood, Woodmere, LCFD were all being alerted on that 3rd Batt UHF freq by Long Beach?

Re: 453.875
deviltim, Sun Mar 15 2020, 01:10pm

Yes they are, you are correct