Centereach FD Frequencies
CFD justin, Sun Apr 02 2017, 02:48pm

Anyone have the frequencies for Centereach FD? Specifically looking for the Mall Repeater. Tried plugging in the one listed on this site, and it doesn't work. Thanks.

Re: Centereach FD Frequencies
RADIOTECH, Tue Apr 04 2017, 01:39am

Mall is covered by centereach and nesconset. Not sure of the mall repeater freq.

Re: Centereach FD Frequencies
TommyR518, Tue May 25 2021, 07:41pm

Does anyone have the tone set for the Centereach FD dipatch? I am trying to program a Minitor VI. Have the frequency of 470.50000

Re: Centereach FD Frequencies
innokuous1, Thu May 27 2021, 10:57am

I have 460.265 MHz , 100 Hz PL for the mall repeater in some notes that I dug up.
(It's close to what is listed on this site).

I did a ULS search and I don't see a license for it.

I don't recall where I got that from nor have I verified it. If it turns out that's correct
(or not), could you post that on this thread?

Can't help with the dispatch tones.

Re: Centereach FD Frequencies
RADIOTECH, Thu May 27 2021, 07:14pm

460.2625 Centereach Mall Repeater

No sure of PL.

They do use the mall repeater when inside the mall. Not sure if they always do, or just once in a while.

Re: Centereach FD Frequencies
nyscan00, Thu May 27 2021, 10:09pm

Mall repeater is confined 460.2625 pl 100.0
The repeater is used for all calls in the mall and the immediate vicinity

Re: Centereach FD Frequencies
RADIOTECH, Fri May 28 2021, 02:16pm

Is the signal decent?

This is a CFD freq, but I'm sure Nesconset and maybe a few other surrounding depts. have this in their radios

Re: Centereach FD Frequencies
nyscan00, Sat May 29 2021, 12:45pm

The system was designed to work for portable coverage inside the mall so the range is limited to the immediate mall area. All mutual aid depts to the mall were provided this repeater info .

Re: Centereach FD Frequencies
RADIOTECH, Tue Jun 01 2021, 09:17pm

Ok thank you