Darkstar350, Wed Aug 08 2018, 01:05pm

Lately i have been getting activity on 160.830 in CSQ
It seems low powered or distant but i do hear voice
however with the audio so low/static i cannot hear the traffic
I know this freq was used by New Jersey Transit at one time with a PL of 123.0
The MTA has one license for this freq for 75 watts at the Babylon yard [link]
Perhaps anyone near the babylon yard can confirm this

Re: 160.830
Dave3825us, Wed Aug 15 2018, 06:08pm

Was over there today and did not hear anything. Was only in the area for 30 minutes

Re: 160.830
Darkstar350, Thu Aug 16 2018, 05:24pm

Thanks Dave
I did hear that NJT was doing some radio work recently so it may have had something to do with that
Also 160.830 is licensed as a nationwide freq for Conrail/CSX [link]
Im not sure if CSX operates on any of the MTA/LIRR lines however...

Re: 160.830
ipfd320, Sat Aug 18 2018, 06:29am

New York & Atlantic Railways Operates on the LIRR Track Systems Not Sure of the Radio Frequencies--Tried a Look-Up But FCC Site was Real Slow and Did Not Process my Search by Name



Re: 160.830
Darkstar350, Sat Aug 18 2018, 10:09pm

oh ok so NY Atlantic basically handles all cargo ops on LIRR lines - but may CSX operate in or around the city?
Their a huge company but i cant say i have seen a CSX train even around NYC lines
It could just be NJT radio techs or something that im hearing

Re: 160.830
ipfd320, Sun Aug 19 2018, 03:33am

Here is a Map I Found for CSX--Looks Like they Have an Agreement to Use Certain Rails in the Bronx / Brooklyn / Manhattan

On the Map do a Close Up for the Road Areas it Runs Thru

Map Link

CSX Rail Site Link



Re: 160.830
Darkstar350, Sun Aug 19 2018, 12:58pm

Good stuff - Thank you
I will also check Railroad.net to see if they have anything on CSX operating in NYC
But yes NY Atlantic is generally the main cargo carrier for the area

I will continue to advise what i hear on 160.830
It could have very well been CSX come to think of it due to alot of work being done in Queens,etc so they may have been delivering something
So far still the name thing on and off low audio/no tone..