Darkstar350, Fri Nov 02 2018, 01:01pm

searching the bands i got hits on a few 819mhz freqs
I didnt think those freqs were used for anything other than some type of paging or data

819.9875 - these 2 seemed to be DMR control channels

819.775 PL 100.0 possibly some type of security?

I also havent found anything conclusive in the FCC database so i could just be picking up "Images" of other 800mhz freqs...

Re: 819mhz?
Dave3825us, Fri Nov 02 2018, 06:44pm

When do you hear activity on those listed above? Had them in for 1/2 hour out here in East Islip and not a peep. Gonna leave them longer as I am not really listening to much. Must be close to you, or west of you.

Do you scan fed bands at all? Lots of activity in Massapequa today. Dont want to list the agencies by name but they are listed in this story. [link]

Re: 819mhz?
Darkstar350, Fri Nov 02 2018, 10:37pm

i pick these freqs up at and around jones beach but i get good 7/8/900mhz reception there so im able to pick up most activity on those bands from NYC out to Suffolk
Activity on the freqs i listed is around late morning/early afternoon