Republic Airport
w2rfa, Fri Sep 27 2019, 09:42pm

Anyone catching any military air action this week due to UN Week? Over at Republic there have been 3 or more large helicopters from US Customs that I assume are providing support for UN Week. Today I saw from the distance what looked like an Osprey aircraft take off from Republic. I was too far away to see any type of markings on the aircraft. Also by the terminal there have been what looks like 737 aircraft parked for the week. 737’s do land at Republic but they are few and far between. Unusual to see 2 parked side by side. Today only one remained.

Re: Republic Airport
w2rfa, Sat Sep 28 2019, 01:12pm

Passing Republic this morning (Saturday) I can see across the way several Osprey aircraft parked on the tarmac. Again I guess it’s UN Week related but haven’t caught any comms.

Re: Republic Airport
PFD Mike, Tue Oct 01 2019, 05:55am

Funny you mention that, last Thursday I saw two Black Helos that looked like they were going towards Farmingdale. Later that day I saw what I thought was an Osprey heading in the same direction from the south shore (Wantagh Seaford area).