Chieftaz, Mon Oct 07 2019, 01:04pm

Can anyone give me the frequencies and ctcss codes (if used) on the UHF east and west paging?

Re: SC FRES UHF Paging
Dave3825us, Mon Oct 07 2019, 01:26pm

I have the following,

East Dispatch 453.875 Lock out pl 100.0. Freq also being used by Nassau County.
West Dispatch 462.9875 Dont remember why, but I have 192.8 locked out also.

I have them running in sdr# right now and will post if tones in use come up. It was reported at some point that tones were not always coming up. That may have changed by now.

Re: SC FRES UHF Paging
Darkstar350, Mon Oct 07 2019, 06:29pm

Not sure where its coming from but i get a decent signal on 460.300 PL 67.0 which seems to repeat some of the Suffolk tone outs
The signal is strong in Suffolk cty

Re: SC FRES UHF Paging
Dave3825us, Tue Oct 08 2019, 12:28am

I have 460.300 in sdr# as Babylon CENTRAL WQJF221 link to license [link]

If the tone outs are for the following, then it's most likely Bab central

Deer Park
East Farmingdale
North Amityville
Babylon UHF East 
Babylon UHF West 
Wyandanch-Wheatley Heights Volunteer Amb

I will let it run tonight and see if I catch anything..

Re: SC FRES UHF Paging
RADIOTECH, Thu Oct 10 2019, 03:52am

Suffolk firecom new uhf paging freqs are in CSQ. For the most part, the William Floyd parkway is pretty much a good gauge on the dividing line. The county also has new tones for each township and a countywide tone, which is pretty cool.

Re: SC FRES UHF Paging
RADIOTECH, Fri Nov 08 2019, 11:29pm

460.300 is paging for Babylon Central Fire Alarm, simulcasted off a few different sites.