Darkstar350, Mon Oct 28 2019, 01:25pm

Anyone here catch any shortwave activity?
Recently i have been monitoring a little bit of shortwave
This is what i got so far -

7.35 Spanish
7.49 Possibly southern US area "coin collecting"
9.47 Opera music
15.14 Data noises similar to FD pager beeps
15.61 Washington DC station (Religious program heard)

Using just a small portable AM/FM/SW radio with a telescoping antenna

Re: Shortwave
Darkstar350, Tue Oct 29 2019, 03:26am

The Spanish station on 7.35 i actually pick up anywhere from 7.35 to 7.38

And a few more catches -

6.00 Music (either brazilian or spanish language)
6.09 Christian talk show - possible mid western accents
6.18 Possibly Japanese
7.41 Unknown language (this freq also supposedly used by the Federal Highway Administration)
7.78 British accents
9.39/40 Music station from Florida
9.45/46 Christian talk show - South Carolina
9.69 Very repetitive instrumental music

Re: Shortwave
Darkstar350, Fri Nov 08 2019, 05:41pm

So i have also been trying this shortwave plugin for SDR which supposedly allows the R820 dongle to receive freqs down to about 4mhz
I dont think its working however - or perhaps i just need to change some settings
Anyone else try something like this?

Re: Shortwave
Dave3825us, Fri Nov 08 2019, 10:49pm

Can you send a link to the plug in? All I could find was a plug in that tries to id the station.

Then I ran across NEW EXPERIMENTAL R820T RTL-SDR DRIVER THAT TUNES DOWN TO 13 MHZ OR LOWER. Only problem I see with this is that its from 2014 and might not work with the latest sdr#.

Either way, post a link to what you saw or have, If it turns out to be the one from 2014, I have some archived sdr's that it might work on that I would share if needed....

Re: Shortwave
Darkstar350, Fri Nov 08 2019, 11:36pm

Sounds like it may be the same one you found - i got it from the site

It said to just put the DLL in the SDR folder which is what i did but again i dont think its working or working properly
I also tuned the portable shortwave to a music station and i tuned the SDR to the same freq but heard nothing but static so maybe its just the dongle itself is limited
Which leads me to another question - if it really wasnt working at all would i hear absolutely nothing(even static) on the shortwave freqs? Or the fact that i hear static means it does work to a degree?

Re: Shortwave
Dave3825us, Sat Nov 09 2019, 12:14am

I just downloaded the dll. Did you get any text to add to the plugins.xml file? Usually, the dll needs to be referenced in the xml or it will not do anything.

Re: Shortwave
Dave3825us, Sat Nov 09 2019, 01:28am

Dave3825us wrote ...

I just downloaded the dll. Did you get any text to add to the plugins.xml file? Usually, the dll needs to be referenced in the xml or it will not do anything.

Ok I found this and will try it hopefully tonight when I put my son to bed.

"To use the modified dll, simply download it from this link, rename it to rtlsdr.dll, and replace the original rtlsdr.dll in the SDR# folder. Then connect an HF antenna to the normal antenna port and in SDR# tune to a frequency between 0-14.4 MHz. Next turn ON the RTL AGC option in the configure menu. Jengal replaced the function of the RTL AGC option with the direct sampling mod. He found that best reception occurred when he set the gain to 48 dB."

Re: Shortwave
Dave3825us, Sat Nov 09 2019, 12:01pm

Tried the dll and it did not seem to work with the latest sdr# Later today, or tommorow, I will swap my antenna out and fire up my spyverter and find some good signals in latest sdr#, then fire up an older sdr# and try on the same freqs.

Re: Shortwave
Darkstar350, Sat Nov 16 2019, 11:12pm

I did all the steps and the same thing with the handheld - still nothing

Another possibility is the radio itself may be a bit off frequency therefore when i tune the SDR to the same frequency it does not receive anything
That also would explain why i sometimes receive the same thing across multiple nearby frequencies

Re: Shortwave
Darkstar350, Sat Jan 04 2020, 04:28pm

If anyone is interested there is quite a bit of traffic now probably due to the middle east activity
Hearing alot of radar/data type noises and numbers stations...

Re: Shortwave
Darkstar350, Sun Jan 26 2020, 12:03am

Heard what sounded like either aircraft comms or possibly one of those "numbers stations" on 18.45 the other nite
According to this list [link] 18.17 to 18.74mhz is federal

I also know that NYPD recently got a license [link] that they may use if they are near the suffolk airports but the radio i am currently using only starts at around 5.95mhz