Cold Spring Harbor neighbors fume over 99-foot tower built without proper permits
Dave3825us, Sun Nov 24 2019, 12:56pm

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Town officials in Huntington say the fire department erected a radio tower without the proper permits, and neighbors claim the project was done without their knowledge.

Residents in Cold Spring Harbor say the 99-foot tower was put up in May and is ruining their views of the water, even lowering home values by as much as 20 percent.

The tower is in a historic district, requiring even more approvals, according to Huntington officials.

"We had two or three people who were basically interested in (my) house but decided not to purchase it because of those towers and the antennas," says Eugene Miretskiy, of Cold Spring Harbor. "So it's clearly had an impact on this."

Attorney Andrew Campanelli says the fire department built the tower without proper permits or public review. Campanelli represents a homeowner whose water view is now blocked by antennas. They claim the home's value has dropped by $200,000.

"We immediately served notice on the town to ask them to enforce the zoning code," says Campanelli. "The fire district should have to comply with the zoning code just like every other property owner."

Aside from the current antennas, neighbors are also concerned that the fire department could lease space to cellular companies that would install their own antennas.

The Town of Huntington confirms no permits were filed and served the fire department with a violation. The town added that it is now waiting for the department to file necessary applications.

Campanelli warns that his client still may sue.

"If they try to take the easy way out by simply legalizing it, especially without a public hearing, we will definitely end up in litigation," says Campanelli.

The fire department has not responded to News 12 for comment.

Re: Cold Spring Harbor neighbors fume over 99-foot tower built without proper permits
Darkstar350, Sun Nov 24 2019, 01:40pm

"First world problems"
But yes it is important to comply with codes and be transparent with the community even if it is a Fire dept or other public service agency

Re: Cold Spring Harbor neighbors fume over 99-foot tower built without proper permits
RADIOTECH, Fri Nov 29 2019, 10:16pm

They honestly didn’t need that 100ft eye sore. Hq is in the low point of town, the valley. For years, CSH has had their primary radio equipment located on the Turkey Lane school, as It’s the high point in town. They didn’t need this tower.

Ps. I always assumed or thought emergency services were exempt from permits for towers, which is why some many Fd’s erect cell towers on their properties without any problems.