Islip Airport UHF Frequencies
Lynchie22586, Sun Jan 19 2020, 08:45am

I happened to come across these frequencies in a list that I had and was wondering if they are still up to date. I know that they use the Suffolk County 800 MHz TRS just curious if they simulcast on UHF or if they dispatch on the TRS and then use the UHF for ooerations/firground.

McArthur Airport ARFF Alert 477.2125 107.2 480.2125 107.2 25
McArthur Airport ARFF Disp 471.275 107.2 474.275 107.2 25
McArthur Airport ARFF F/g 471.275 107.2 471.275 107.2 25


Re: Islip Airport UHF Frequencies
Dave3825us, Sun Jan 19 2020, 03:39pm

480.2125 and 474.275 are inputs.

471.275 Disp and ops
477.2125 Ops 3
476.3875 Fire and Plows

I am not that close to the airport but believe I have heard uhf activity in the past. Will be over that way later today and will bring my scanner.

Since they are a 3rd division department ( 3-22-x MacArthur Airport ) they would have uhf capabilities. They can receive mutual aid from other 3rd division depts in the area and they have also provided m\a to things off of airport property as well..

Re: Islip Airport UHF Frequencies
thehawk, Mon Jan 20 2020, 02:49am

yes they operate on uhf. 471.275 tpl 107.2 as well as the 800mhz talk group 656. if i remember correctly they are sometimes simulcasted together.